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The Burning Ring of Fire: Moulin Rouge Sock Puppet, Zooey, Nardwuar, and Fergo after Sloan at Croation Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC. 11.09.01
(Submitted by Fergo)
The Burning Ring of Fire: Moulin Rouge Sock Puppet, Zooey, Nardwuar, and Fergo after Sloan at Croation Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC. 11.09.01
(Submitted by Fergo)
Upload Date: 19/11/01

From: m. rotten (Mon 17 Dec 2001 19:14:10 PST)
skinny chick with puppet is cute
From: zooey (Sat 05 Jan 2002 11:11:22 PST)
ok, such admiration is rare in my life, so who wrote this???
i'll take a certain, but only if that is the truth.
From: mike rotten (Thu 24 Jan 2002 00:45:30 PST), i must admit, it was me
who wrote that. the cute skinny chick comment. so if you want to attack me for it do so at percysong@hotmail. com
or give me a call at 847-724-4703. hahaha i am delusional.
From: fergo fat chick without puppet is ugly (Tue 29 Jan 2002 19:09:50 PST)
Mike Rotten, you are lucky if she DOESN'T call you. She be a feisty handful.
From: mr. rotten puppet (Wed 30 Jan 2002 19:51:22 PST)
egads, i suppose i should be worried??
From: r guy (Thu 24 Mar 2005 21:19:17 PST)
i take that back, skinny chick is not that cute or that nice, apparently. a little socially demented.
Alicia soars at Anal Mucus Headquarters!
Alicia soars at Anal Mucus Headquarters!  
Upload Date: 19/11/01

From: Alicia Peterson/Berkeley, CA (Wed 21 Nov 2001 18:33:59 PST)

As a result of years of bad luck, bad timing, or just plain unfortunate geographical circumstances, for the
first 24 years of my life I was still obliviious to the joys of witnessing an Evaporators show in the flesh. But
my patient waiting was finally rewarded when the Bay Area was graced with an entire weekend of
Evaporation, if you will. I could tell you about the Oakland bar they played on Friday night or being in
awe of Nardwuar's ability to bring even the jaded Gilman kids to their knees on Saturday, but for me the
highlight of the whole weekend was Sunday afternoon at a house party in quiet Davis, California.
There's just something to be said for being crammed into a stranger's living room and having your ears
blown out by the RAWK that is commencing before your very eyes, don't you think? Not to mention the
Nardwuar-sweat that you are bound to get flung onto you... Now, specific details of all that happened on
Sunday are a bit hazy for me, due to the copious amounts of beer flowing freely that day...but in no
specific order, here's what went down: Hamburgers. Bonfire. Beer, lots of beer. Friends. Strangers.
Nardwuar with a video camera, documenting. Beer. Sun. Rain. Hail for about a minute. Beer. Someone
stomping on a ketchup bottle (BLASPHEMOUS!!!). Someone baking up special brownies in the kitchen.
Beer. Crazy fun loud sets from the Pattern and the Evaporators. Audience participation. Nardwuar being
hoisted above the crowd whilst playing his organ, and John, Dave and Scott never missing a beat. And
oh yeah, did I mention there was beer? But perhaps the single defining thing that made the day so
memorable for me was the trampoline in the backyard. As soon as my friends and I arrived, I made a
beeline for it, in all its banged-up, slightly rickety glory. And I spent a fair amount of time there, making an
ass out of myself as the sole jumper until Jim, Drummer Extraordinaire for the Pattern, joined me. Turns
out he's not only a maniac on drums but on the trampoline as well...the dude does BACKFLIPS, fer
Chrissakes! Puts my lame splits to shame...But after a while of jumping far too high and laughing way too
hard and having a few too many close calls of falling off the edge, it was time to stop. It came down to a
choice between more beer or more trampoline (if i had chosen both, I'd be sitting here in a full body cast
right now), so you can guess which won out. But still, it was the icing on this proverbial Perfect Day Cake:
fun bands, making new friends, and bouncing around like an idiot on a trampoline...what more could a
girl want? Except I did miss out on those brownies, drat... Alicia Peterson/Berkeley, CA
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International Cheese Summit Day 1!
International Cheese Summit Day 1!  
Upload Date: 11/11/01

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International Cheese Summit: The Evaporators(Canada) and Lottie Collins (Japan) chomp down on massive chunks of Taco Bell at Bob Schriner's place,Tempe, AZ (USA!)
International Cheese Summit: The Evaporators(Canada) and Lottie Collins (Japan) chomp down on massive chunks of Taco Bell at Bob Schriner's place,Tempe, AZ (USA!)  
Upload Date: 11/11/01

From: Bob Schriner/Tempe, AZ (Tue 13 Nov 2001 00:28:11 PST)
It was a cool desert night when a '77 Dodge maxi-van pulled into the parking lot of Eastside Records and changed the way we thought about rock and roll. This would mark the meeting between the Evaporators and us Phoenixians.

The show wasn't until the following day, but there was plenty to do in the meantime. Ryan and I closed up shop and headed back to our luxurious abode. Awaiting us was an assortment of food and enough beer to float the place. Yet according to Nardwuar there was one crucial ingredient missing: cheese! So off to market we go. Upon our arrival, we discover that we're kindered souls and cheese helped us make this realization. It was Nardwuar's insistance that the cheddar must be sharp, while we were adamant that there cound be no such thing as too much cheese. After all we were dealing with a man who was once so excited to cut the cheese that he broke the knife! Back at the house, we discussed and devoured Canadian and American nachos. All the while exchanging tales of mischief and merriness well into the morning.

"Oh shit it's morning already," was my first waking thought after letting my slumber go on a little too far into the afternoon. I was worried since we had so much to see and even more to eat! After ingesting just the right amount of coffee and donuts we hit the town, for thrift stores. Our itinerary was Scottsdale, we were going to shop our way to some delicious BBQ. A few different shops proved to be more miss than hit. However I did find a bowling ball named Ray and Nardwuar got an incredible woman's sports coat that was covered with musical notes.

 The time had come to take the gang to savor the most succulent rib known to man, courtesy of Waldo's BBQ. What a crew we had Ryan, Jessica and myself were joined my The Evaporators and the fantastic Japanese instrumental band, The Lottie Collins. There were 11 of us in all, but accommodations were not a problem for this benevelent wellspring of baby backs. The food was plenyful and fantastic, Dave and John ate a whole chicken! If that wasn't enough, the Evaporators were made to feel even more at home by our waitress Heather, a fellow Canuck from Calgary, Alberta.

 We made a brief pitstop at Tempe's premier vendor of non-alcoholic beverages; Pop the Soda Shop and returned home again. Our bellies were full and everyone felt like taking a nap. Sleepy time didn't come though. At Ryan's request the Lottie Collins learned the classic 'Shimy-Shake' to play later that night. Our house was blessed with the rocking goodness that only those guys can bring. With spirts revived the Evaps, Jessica and I took off to climb a mountain. Located conveniently in downtown Tempe, "A" Mountain offers a fantastic view of the Phoenix area while only requiring a brief hike. At the mountain's peak and at Nardwuar's request, I pointed off the vague direction of the numerous celebrity homes in the area. The hike did us wonders and really got us ready to rock.

Our arrival at the Cannery Row came with a bit of a shock. There were a ton of people waiting there at 8:30! There were more people than the club could even hold. There were a few reasons other than the appearance of the Evaporators that accounted the tremendous pre-show hype. First off, the Lottie Collins played a rockin' house party their first night in town. Tempe was eager to get another dose of these fellas. The worthy reputations of locals The Billy-No-Mates and The Screenz also brought folks out from the hills. Let's not forget the fact that people know that when I throw a shindig, it's gonna be GREAT!

With as many people waiting outside the club as inside, the first band began. It was the first show for The-Billy-No-Mates, but you wouldn't have guessed it. They even did a cover of Kim Wilde's "Kids of America." The Screenz were up next and they were also playing their first show in their present line up. These guys floored me, I watched them play their whole set with my mouth hanging open like a big ape. Then The Lottie Collins took the stage and everybodys hearts, ass and feet. The place was jupming with heart-felt enthusiasm all through their songs, especially during shimy-shake featuring Ryan O. There was a little problem before the Evaporators set, Nardwuar's keyboard got broken. There was an ensuing delay and a little bit of panic, as the "promoter" I was concerned, but didn't know what to do. Then the Evaporators came running out of their van in matching maple leaf sweaters and take the stage. My mind was on show maintenance more than rock, but this changed quickly. The Evaporators broke into 'Mercury Outboards Have Plastic Propellers' and I suddenly remembered that I was winessing one of my favorite bands. Rushing to the front, I was surrounded by great friends singing and dancing like tomorrow was tax day. Nardwuar's running all over the place like a mad wasn't enough either. He made the crowd do it to, making an enormous ring-around-the-rosies circle with the audience. Then during Oh Happy Day he feaverishly worked the crowd to crouch down to it's knees, only to jump up all at once on que. He did this not once, but three times. By the time they stopped we were all so exhausted. We returned back to the house again to recoup from being so pooped. Nardwuar suggested we get a "snack". Ryan and I agree that a snack is a good idea and return with $50 dollars worth of quality Taco Bell tacos, burritos and so much more. And once again drank and ate ourselves to the sunrise. Shortly after that everyone went their separate ways. Yet I cant help but to think that we'll all be reaching for the same block of cheese again sometime soon.

Bob Schriner/Tempe, AZ
From: (Tue 07 Sep 2004 00:03:26 PDT)
I have been trying to get ahold of one RObert Bobcat Schriner I have alienated tempesians (no sense of any humor or love of humans.) in such search. Is it possible that canadians could make some sort of communication possible? Because, I bet we have a bunch to talk about. Or maybe I'm the bigger jerk.
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The Evaporators and Lottie Collins in Tempe, AZ with our "hosts" Bob and Ryan. Oh, and check out that Taco Bell doormat!
The Evaporators and Lottie Collins in Tempe, AZ with our "hosts" Bob and Ryan. Oh, and check out that Taco Bell doormat!  
Upload Date: 11/11/01

From: Makito/The Lottie Collins/Japan (Tue 13 Nov 2001 00:23:20 PST)
Heeeey!Hullo Nardwuar!
Thank you for everything.We had really fun time.
I would like to thank,Grant,Bob,you,and email.
Canadian,American,and Japanese = cheese,right?
Taco-bell was soooo nice.Nacho was great!I like Evaporators style.
Yes,I can write the Evaporators and the Lottie Collins.
Have a great lunch.
Makito/The Lottie Collins/Japan
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