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Mick Mucas getting some from the kegger in Davis. CA
Mick Mucas getting some from the kegger in Davis. CA  
Upload Date: 30/10/01

From: Mick Mucus/Anal Mucus/Davis, CA (Wed 31 Oct 2001 21:09:05 PST)

Davis, CA maybe the laffin stock of the national evening news with
our snoring tickets, toad tunnels and radio active beagles, but Peter
Jennings (a Canadian) has no idea what he missed out on this past April.
While other Davisites were busy stickin their grubby hands in the
fistulated cow, I was preparing to host one of of our monthy underground
blowouts. Heres kinda how it went.
Wake up to find the PA would not be coming. Break into old house and
"secure" use of alternate pa, Spend some duckets on bar-b- que for 80 and
pick up......
KEG #1
People begin to show up.
J. Howell (EX-SHOVE) Sulley and Todd drink Pabst and are inspired to work on
the backyard sofa sculpture.
J. Graham is named official bar-b-que chef.
The Evaporators arrive and immediatly need replacment underwear. We loan
them bikes and skateboards to expedite the trip to longs.
Nardwuar fills a water bottle with beer.
Alicia is amazing on the trampoline.
Todd is a father and must leave, he drives away with a tree branch stuck up
his tail pipe.
Nardwuar loves his cheese.
The Pattern rocks the charred dog house.
Afterward it starts to rain and every body heads for the love shack,
Nardwuar suggests that we put a towel by the door so the floor wont get too
The Evaporators are almost ready to play, but the keg is empty. Sakura is
sober, and offers to drive.
WE Return with...
Emmett is nice but not good looking.
HIS HANDS. Nardwuar is very hairy and leaves a "snail-trail" on the cieling
as he is crowd surfed around the living room.
Davis loves the Evaporators.
I find some guy shooting up in my bathroom. He says "this bar of soap has
seen places it has no business going."
Sakura makes pot brownies.
Anal Mucus are old and drunk but we wrote the song when we were young and
drunk, so we manage to speed thru a pretty tight set.
Somebody in the pit steps on my leg.
Someone writes "don't piss here" over the bathroom sink.
Jeff is flirting with some girls and falls in the fire.
Staight-edgers accidently eat the still cooling pot brownies. HA!
Alicia is still amazing.
Bye East bay People.
Corpse fucks Corpse is from Sacramento. They play the most spastic set I've
ever seen them play.
They show slides, they dress nicely.
The rest of the night is spent drinking beer and eating whats left of the
Chanel, my girlfriend, pukes at 3am. Rienhard leaves at 4 am.
I finaly crash 6 am, very happy to know the happy truth about

Mick Mucus/Anal Mucus/Davis, CA
From: NardWebMaster (Wed 21 Nov 2001 14:23:29 PST)
For more pictures from this party check out: The Evaporators, Anal Mucus, Mick's House, 4/08/01, Davis, CA
From: anon (Mon 10 Dec 2001 12:28:16 PST)
i'm so lame-o i have yet to attend a kegger.
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With thee Lookout Recordz crue, Oakland, CA
With thee Lookout Recordz crue, Oakland, CA  
Upload Date: 30/10/01

From: justkidding (Mon 17 Dec 2001 20:13:28 PST)
"ok everyone, HOW MANY IQ POINTS YA GOT?"
From: Portland (Fri 27 Jun 2008 22:52:46 PDT)
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Click here for a chronological list of   everything the Evaporators ate during their March 23 2001-April 11 2001 West Coast Spring tour.
Click here for a chronological list of everything the Evaporators ate during their March 23 2001-April 11 2001 West Coast Spring tour.  
Upload Date: 30/10/01

From: The Evaporators (Wed 31 Oct 2001 21:39:56 PST)

The following is a chronological list of what the Evaporators ate during their March 23 2001-April 11 2001 West Coast Spring tour.

*Gordito's (March 23-Seattle, WA)
*Chips 'n' Cheese 'n' Salsa
*Taco Bell
*Cobalt Lounge Pasta (Portland)
*Mozza 'n' Cheese
*Taco Bell
*Dairy Queen (Everyone that worked here was Punk!)
*McDonalds (Nard only-no spoon given for Fruit Parfait!)
*Grant Galbraith's Rice 'n' Beans (Sacramento, CA)
*Chips 'n' Cheese 'n' Salsa
*Grant Galbraith's Pancakes w/ Strawberries and Blueberries!
*Taco Bell (Poor-except for Grilled Burrito)
*Carl's Jr
*Rincon Mexicano Restauraunt (Yukka Valley)
*Chips 'n' Cheese 'n' Salsa (Phoenix, AZ)
*Melted Cheese 'n' Beans
*Waldo BBQ (Ribs, half chicken)
*Pizza Slice
*Taco Bell
*Subway (Gila Bend, AZ)
*El Zarape Burritos (San Diego, CA)
*Hershel's Deli
*Tacos (At Lisa Marr's and Ronnie Muffs in LA, CA)
*Pizza Slice (Scott only)
*Fruit (From Senor Amor's Mom's 60's Birthday party)
*Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles (Los Angeles, CA)
*Lucy's Drive-In(dinner) (Nard-Hamburger, Dave and John-Chicken Burrito and Chicken Taco)
*Lucy's Drive-In (2 am) (Nard-Milkshake, Ham and Egg Sandwich, Dave and John- Chili Relleno Burrito and Chicken Burrito)
*Lucy's Drive-In (Dave and John-Chicken Burrito and Chili Relleno Burrito,)
*House of Pies (Nard-Chicken Sandwich, Soup, Blueberry Pie. Scott-Chicken Strips, Blueberry pie)
*Koo Cafe's Pasta
*Lucy's Drive-In (1 am) (Nard-Strawberry Milkshake, Cheese Quesedilla Scott-Chocolate Milkshake)
*Tortilla in Venice, CA (Dave-Chicken Taco Salad, Scott-Chicken Burrito, John-Fish Burrito, Nard-Chicken Caesar Salad)
*McDonalds (Nard-Big 'n' Tasy, Scott-Mcflurry and Fries)
*Lucy's Drive-In (Cheese Hot Dog, Cheese Quesedilla, Chicken burrito, Milkshake)
*California Adventure Pizza (Nard only)
*California Adventure Hot Dogs
*Pinks Hot Dogs (Nard, John, Dave)
*Lucy's Drive-In (Scott only)
*In-n-out Burger (Nard only)
*Taco Bell (Dave-Steak Taco, 7-layer, John-2 Tacos)
*Pizza Hut (Scott Only)
*Pacific Coast Brewing Company (Oakland, CA) (Nard-Lasagna, Dave-Bangers + Mash, John-Chicken Caesar)
*Cactus Taqueria (Berkeley, CA)
*Intermezo Sandwiches
*Chips 'n' Cheese 'n' Salsa
*Taco Bell (Oakland, CA)(Nard and Scott only-this was the worst 'Bell' of the tour)
*Cactus Taqueria
*Taco Bell (Dave-7 layer, John-2 Tacos)
*In-n-out Burger(Davis, CA) (Nard only)
*Grant Galbraith's Pancakes
*Taco Bell
*Subway (Nard only)
*Skipper's (Grant's Pass, OR) (Nard only)
*McDonalds(Nard-Sundae, John-Big Mac, Scott-Fries)
*Shari's Restaurant (The 'Skillet' gave Nard a terrible 'gut bomb')
*Red Mill Burgers (Seattle, WA)
*Chips 'n' Cheese 'n' Salsa
*McDonalds (April 11-Bellingham, WA) (Nard-only)

Endnote 1: Chips 'n' Cheese 'n' Salsa is when you buy a bag of corn chips, a chunk of cheese, a jar of salsa and then shove said items into your mouth!

Endnote 2: It's hard to find good 'sharp' 'aged' chedder. Like lots of stores have it, but it just isn't sharp or aged 'enuff' for us Evaporators!

Endnote 3: Dave Carswell's comments on thee food 'list' :

I made only one correction to the list. It was one of the times at Lucy's Drive-In, post show, post LA freeway, post dinner, where I had the chile relleno burrito and John Collins had the chicken burrito. We loved them so much that the next morning we went back and had the same thing but in
reversa/visa-versa. Now, the list showed us eating the items in the opposite
order but I just kinda felt proud about taking a chance and ordering some
weird eggy cheese stuffed pickle item especially with us coming from a town with no
mexican food.

Dave Carswell/Guitar player/The Evaporators/Vancouver, BC
From: anon (Mon 10 Dec 2001 12:31:34 PST)
do the other evaps not like in and out burger?
isn't supposed to be the best! why was nard the only one to partake?
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These things have cheese in them! The Evaporators love cheese!
These things have cheese in them! The Evaporators love cheese!  
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International Cheese Summit Day 2!
International Cheese Summit Day 2!  
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