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With o and and Gabrielle at Hershel's Deli in San Diego
With o and and Gabrielle at Hershel's Deli in San Diego  
Upload Date: 30/10/01

From: O/Fluf/San Diego,CA (Wed 31 Oct 2001 21:56:34 PST)

Mullets have been a long tradition with the Canadian Border Police hence the term "Canadian
Passport." I can't for the life of me pass that border without a hassle! (Unless I cut my hair into a
mullet!) How the hell did the Evaporators pass the U.S. border? Without looking like a cop!
Nonetheless, I'm so glad they did, because the Casbah (in San Diego, CA) was indeed kicking ass
tonight! These 4 lads don't come here enough! This makes me sad, with so few bands in the States
that have fun when they play (Which in turn means fun to watch ) This band is a must see act! POP up
the ying yang! Sing-a-long songs that make you reach for you nuts! Lets face it, we are both losing fun
if you don't go see them live!!! Like a good movie you don't want to know what happens in the end so i
will just toss your salad with some sprinkles of goodness. First off everyone likes a deal, right! With this
band you get 2 for the price of 1: Thee Goblins and The Evaporators smuggle you with loads of charm!
If you dont leave the gig minty fresh you need to pull your head out of your ass! Thee Goblins have
audience participation in the set that would make a Muslim become a Christian! A good Christian to
boot. What Thee Goblins lack in sex appeal the Evaporators pack in mass appeal! Nardwuar is the
Canadian "Prince," the artist formaly known as. Do all Canadians have a carpet attached to their back?
I had the pleasure of having breakfast at Hershel's Deli with the band the next day and what a bunch
of sillys, someone in the band ordered Canadian Bacon, what the hell is that! I wonder if they ever
have to deal with stress, I dont think so! Long live the Canadian Rock Scene!!! O/Fluf/San Diego,CA
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Chris, Nardwuar, Jess at Anal Mucus HQ, Davis, CA
Chris, Nardwuar, Jess at Anal Mucus HQ, Davis, CA  
Upload Date: 30/10/01

From: Christopher Appelgren/The Pattern/Oakland, CA (Wed 31 Oct 2001 20:57:54 PST)

Recently, I had the double-edged pleasure-sword of hosting the fabulous
Evaporators on the middle-northern California leg of their recent tour of
Western USA as well as my group, The Pattern getting to gig with them at
two of the four bay area shows. The gang rolled into town Thursday for a
show in San Francisco at Stinky's Peepshow which I had the fortune of
attending. Then it was back to my apartment for some video games and late
night chips and cheese. The next day a neighbor told me she had a bedroom
in the front of the building and didn't appreciate me making noise late at
night on the porch. I replied I didn't hang out on the porch late at night,
to which she retorted, "well there was people here last night and I think
they were yours!"
The next night, The Evaporators played the excellent Portlite bar in
downtown Oakland. A tiny little place with an excellent and eccentric
promoter, Emmett and highly expensive drinks. Sadly I touched Nardwuar
during the set and had to miss a song washing his scent off my hands and
Next was a grand Saturday when I lassoed some Evaporators for a trip down
to the suburbs south of Oakland where we dined on pizza at a great classic
tradition, the pizza'n'pipes palace. This particular one was called Ye Olde
Pizza Jointe and had been run by the same family since 1953. Inside are
wooden tables and benches, napkins for plates, pitchers of beer and pop,
and incedible pipe-organ ambiance. The organist sadly wasn't playing that
day so we couldn't make the requisit requests of, "the theme from 2001! The
theme from Pink Panther! The theme from Star Wars! The Long and Winding
Road!" The pizza'n'pipes phenomenon is a favorite of my youth and few
places still keep the flame alive. I was shocked and overjoyed that the
Evaps had never had such an experience and that I could give it to them!
The Pattern gigged with The Evaporators that night at Gilman Street and
what fun it was. The Goblins - the spooky band that follows the Evaporators
around and forces promoters to let them play - also amazed and frightened
one and all. Afterwards we again retired to cheese and chips at my
apartment then some sleep.
Sunday was our final day together and The Pattern again was set to
rocknroll with the Evaporators. We drove up to Davis just northeast of the
SF bay area and found a great Spring barbeque in the rain that wanted our
bands to gig with greats like Corpse Fuck Corpse and Anal Mucus! There was
free food, a keg and loads of people trampolining in the rain. Also there
was Jess Hilliard ex-Hi-Fives! He and I examined Nardwuar's back hair for
dandruff and all the bands played to enthusiastic tens of people in a
cramped living room!
Afterwards, The Pattern bid our adieu to the Evaporators and there were
hugs and tears all around. We drove home to the bay area for a night of
rest after such an action packed weekend and the Evaporators continued on
their ragged journey to rock'n'roll supremacy. One day at a time, sweet
music machine....

Christopher Appelgren/The Pattern/Oakland, CA
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From: Clone (Sun 05 Nov 2006 12:46:30 PST)
My dad had a hair cut like that?
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Chris and Jess examining Nardwuar's back hair for dandruff
Chris and Jess examining Nardwuar's back hair for dandruff   
Upload Date: 30/10/01

From: juan from Argentina (Wed 23 Nov 2005 17:28:26 PST)
That's disgusting.... dude get waxed.unless u have a hot girl who's into back hair.
From: Matt (Sat 03 Dec 2005 14:47:19 PST)
i wish i had back hair like that!!!
From: ChristianHill (Thu 01 Mar 2007 20:05:49 PST)
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With Erin Yanke in Portland, OR. (Erin's band Nowhere will only play gigs they can travel to by boat!)
With Erin Yanke in Portland, OR. (Erin's band Nowhere will only play gigs they can travel to by boat!)  
Upload Date: 30/10/01

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Outside Roscoe's Chicken, Los Angeles, CA with Senor Amor, Senor Amor's belt buckle, Joey and Jones
Outside Roscoe's Chicken, Los Angeles, CA with Senor Amor, Senor Amor's belt buckle, Joey and Jones   
Upload Date: 30/10/01

From: Jones/Los Angeles, CA (Wed 31 Oct 2001 21:54:52 PST)

When I heard that the Evaporators were coming to town I got all excited. I
was so looking forward to seeing them at Spaceland in LA. But alas I was duped! A
friend of mine, whose name shall also be withheld, told me that they were
going on at 11:30. I arrived at precisely that time and managed to miss the
entire set. Oh pooh, But I did get a chance to hang with the guys and watch
a couple other very cool bands. Third Grade Teacher really kicked ass! And
one of the guys (here we go with the nameless stuff again- I don't want to
cause any girlfriend friction) and I agreed that the singer is really foxy.

The next day more than made up for missing the band. Besides, I still had
two more chances to see them. More on that later. First let me explain
Sunday morning. As per tradition (twice so far) we met at Roscoes Chicken
and Waffles. Think of that! Chicken AND Waffles. As anyone who's anyone
knows, they go together very well indeed. Delicious! Our waiter was
especially fascinated with Nardwuar's video camera. But he declined Nards
offer to get behind the camera and become the DP. I think Nardwuar got him
on tape though. It was cool none the less. We left there satisfied and
ready to take on the city of Los Angeles (The Angels).

Next it was on to Remix, a groovy little store that specializes in dead
stock. They usually have a great selection of unique merchandise and it's
Senor Amor's favorite store. Paul, one of the owners, lives an alternative
lifestyle. He's really flamboyant and loves to freak people out. He really
did a number on Nardwuar! Imagine that, Nardwuar was pretty shaken. I
arrived a little before the rest of the Evaporators and Senor Amor. Paul
made me try on a Hawaiian print ladies pant's suit and a pair of leopard
skin pumps. The rest of the guys got there just in time to see him spanking
me with a long shoe horn. I wish I could say this was just another one of my
crazy mid-morning dreams. When his attention finally turned to Nardwuar, he
attempted to pinch Nards nipples with the clips on a skirt hanger. Nardwuar
tried to explain his hairiness and that the clips would hurt him but Paul
would have none of it. So Nardwuar decided to just let it all hang out right
there in the store in hopes that Paul would understand. Wrong. It just got
him excited. He started chasing Nardwuar with the shoe horn, admonishing him
"Don't you come out here runnin' 'round like a little baby gorilla! Tryin'
to be all sexy turnin' me on..." John, Dave, and Scott were in tears with
laughter, clutching their sides trying to keep the veins in their eyeballs
from a poppin'.

Later, I got to go to the Evaporators Tour Van to dig through some of the
goods. I was particularly interested in the jacket worn on the new
Evaporators 7" single "Honk the Horn." It is a blue windbreaker with red
trim and a patch on the back with a snow mobile. Very stylish. I wear it all
the time. I even fell asleep in it once.

That evening I saw the Evaporators at The Smell Club. There was a cool
opening puppet show act called "Barney and Imaginary Bear." Then Thee
Goblins played and got the crowd warmed up. During one particularly groovy
disco style tune Thee Goblins, by then in the form of the Disgoblins, lead a
dance that one girl mistook to be a conga line! She started off through the
club and Nardwuar had to chase her down and return her to her position on the
dance floor. Then the Evaporators took the stage and shook the stank right
out of The Smell! After the show I shared a warm Michelob with John and Dave
in the Evaporators Tour Van.

The next day at Al's Bar I got the thrill of my entire Evaporators
experience! I got to hoist Nardwuar onto his organ during "Your Instrument
Does Not Affect Me." Since I've seen the boys a few times I knew exactly
what to do when I noticed that Nardwuar was in trouble. The crowd just
wasn't getting it so I stepped in and took over. I motioned everybody into
place and lifted Nardwuar up by the seat of his pants. I'm sure I would have
had Paul's envy. As Nardwuar prepared to dive into the crowd I tried to warn
him not to jump too high for fear that he'd knock his noggin on a ceiling
beam just above. But Nard's a true professional. He didn't need my help. He
leaped off the organ, cleared the beam like Robbie Kineval and floated into
the waiting arms of the Al's Bar patrons. A perfect landing. A perfect

Come back soon Evaporators!

Jones/Los Angeles, CA
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