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No cheese summit is complete without the Taco Hat!
No cheese summit is complete without the Taco Hat!  
Upload Date: 11/11/01
A Goblin leads Thee Disgoblins at Ozone Records in Portland, OR (Photo by *Shea*)
A Goblin leads Thee Disgoblins at Ozone Records in Portland, OR (Photo by *Shea*)  
Upload Date: 11/11/01

From: *Shea*/Portland, OR (Mon 12 Nov 2001 23:25:40 PST)
Going through the trials of puberty while living in Alaska can really
make a person squirmy. Being surrounded by miles of snow, moose, kids wearing
the same shirt, and heaps of large trucks with not-so-large men driving them,
you have to find means of occupying your time, or else go crazy. I had lived
seven miles from the nearest bus stop down a frozen valley in Eagle River
(just outside of Anchorage, Alaska) and I guess I could of hung out with the
neighborhood kid(s), but my idea of fun did not include shooting soda cans
with 33-cal. rifles or throwing old microwaves and refrigerators off of
Thunderbird Falls. I knew there had to be more in the world than just trees,
and somehow I kept myself afloat.
      I had followed my big sisters's trail, like a good little sister, into
the world of punk rock. She was a volunteer at 88.1 KRUA, the local college
station, and after spending numerous hours drooling over the soundboard with
her as she played her records, I discovered that I wanted a piece of the
action, too. I heard groups such as Bikini Kill, the Subhumans, and Nomeansno
, and I started feeling not only awe and inspiration but almost sheer
jealousy! Soon, I had a desire to improve upon my elementary knowledge of
spoon and kettle banging, and in the tenth grade I began beating up a Sonor
drum kit and singing along with my sister, who would play imaginary chords on
her geetar! We were Alaska's one and only all girl band, and we were called
the Betty Crocketts. To our luck, our audiences were seldom imaginary; mostly
because the elite groups of Alaskan punks were so bored they would go to any
show! (Hell, I saw a few mohawks at Dee Snider!) Anyhow, by my senior year in
high school, I had a firm grasp on what I was missing out on in The Lower 48'.

  I've always had a drool spot for a handful of bands on Lookout! Records
, and one day while walking through Mammoth Records in Anchorage, I saw a
video called Turn On, Tune In, Lookout!. Since I had a liking for the Mr. T
Experiences's new bass player, Joel Reader (and the gritty Joe Queer as
always), I decided to buy the video! Although it was entertaining and packed
with energy, my favorite parts were the voice-overs done by the one and only
Nardwuar! To my pleasant surprise, a clip of TheEvaporator's song 'I Gotta
Rash' was hidden at the very end of the video,and seeing the Nard himself
scratch his hairy chest and flop all over his formerly innocent keyboard
entranced my feminine inclinations and I was officially an Evaporators's fan.
Who was that Joel Reader guy, again?
I am currently working at Ozone Records in the puddles of downtown
Portland, Oregon, and I recently had the privilege of meeting thee Nardwuar
and his Goblins/Evaporators, as they slathered their sugary rock and roll all
over our un-mopped floors for one whole hour! They were playing at a bar that
night(Cobalt Lounge), so the show was especially for the kids born after the year 1980
(including myself). The Goblins were not guised as Skablins, but as Disgoblins
, and their antics were charming as ABBA in a wet polyester! Not only are
those plucky Canadians considerate of their underage fans and unceasing in
their riotous humor, they put on one of the best shows I had ever seen! I
can't wait to catch them at the Yo Yo A Go Go festival next year in
Olympia,Washington. Thanks again for a great show, boys!!

*Shea*/Portland, OR

From: (Thu 27 Dec 2001 13:43:47 PST)
hey! that's me in the middle (next to my wife)!! wow! i'm famous!
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A is for Anthony: with Anthony of the Moon and Sixpence outside of California Adventure!
A is for Anthony: with Anthony of the Moon and Sixpence outside of California Adventure!  
Upload Date: 11/11/01

From: Anthony (Thu 15 Nov 2001 12:54:51 PST)
The Evaporators love Disneyland. One time I think Dave was
almost brought to tears by the 10:30 presentation of "Fantasmic."
It was a very touching moment. This year, California Adventure
was a little less exciting... It was mostly uneventful, except for
maybe the tortilla factory attraction. Free tortilla's!! It was great
for everybody because there were no sudden drops or scary
turns (like on the river rafting ride...) so Nardwuar could join in
on the fun too!
From: (Thu 22 Jun 2006 02:23:27 PDT)
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...and after!
...and after!  
Upload Date: 11/11/01
Jones and Senor Amor...before...
Jones and Senor Amor...before...  
Upload Date: 11/11/01

From: (Mon 26 Jun 2006 16:45:24 PDT)
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