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Me and Jamie
Me and Jamie  
Upload Date: 05/11/01
Upload Date: 05/11/01

From: dead bunny (Mon 07 Apr 2003 13:32:44 PDT)
hey sarahhhhhh me likie the hot hot hak:)
From: deaf bunny (Mon 07 Apr 2003 13:33:06 PDT)
hawk i meant not hak lol
Franny & Kate
Franny & Kate  
Upload Date: 05/11/01
Upload Date: 05/11/01

From: me (Mon 30 Dec 2002 22:18:02 PST)
nogoodnix are the best band to ever come out of nanaimo.
Brian Foss, Bloodhag, The Evaporators and the Un-natural helpers at Gibson's, Seattle, WA
Brian Foss, Bloodhag, The Evaporators and the Un-natural helpers at Gibson's, Seattle, WA  
Upload Date: 30/10/01

From: Brian Foss/Seattle, WA (Wed 31 Oct 2001 21:15:39 PST)
Gibsons Bar and Grill, Seattle Wa
Tuesday April 10th, 2001

Tuesdays are not normally thought of as a "rock" night but this tuesday FELT
different.....and it was!
The Evaporators were playing Gibsons! Chinese restaurant by night, a punk
rock dive by night, Gibsons is fondly referred to by the locals as the
'Gibson House'.
And as the house filled up things just felt right.....
First on the bill was the Un-Natural Helpers, a one off band put together
when the A-Frames had to cancel. Lars, an A-Frame & just about the hardest
working punk musician in Seattle, put together this group with Dean (Subpop
employee & drummer) & the might Jed Swank (X-Valentine Killer) on bass.
Deans old band, Double Fudge, had broken up & he had some songs left over
that were never played out before, so -a couple of practices later- we have a
Lars's bands are known for their angular new wave herky jerky dissidence with
great melodies somehow screwed on, and while these songs were written by
Dean they still had that "Lars" sound. Think "Warsaw" era Joy Division mixed
with early Gang Of 4, force it through a PlayDoh Fun Factory built by
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and you have the Un-Natural Helpers.
Up second were the Evaporators. This was one of the most stripped down &
lean Evaporators gigs I've ever seen. Nardwuar didn't engage in as much
silliness as he does in a regular Evaporators show - no Goblins opening set
and less audience participation.
There was an attempt at holding up his keyboard & letting Nardwuar "surf"
the keys, but one of the helpers in the audience must have had one too many
beers & blew it, dropping his end of the keyboard and tumbling Nardwuar to
the stage. Nardwuar bounced right back, luckily unhurt!
One image from the show sticks in my head - Nardwuar joyously pogoing, mike
cord whipping around, a huge grim on his face! GODDAMN!! Sometimes rock 'n
roll IS life!
After their full set was over it seemed like no time had passed, which
should tell you how strong most of the Evaporators material is - they're a
great garage pop band!
The final act of the evening took the stage, 4 men dressed in black suits -
instruments in one hand, a sci-if book in the other. BloodHag, Seattles only
Edu-Core band, began their set with all 4 members reading passages telling
the stories of distopias & aliens that have comforted many an alienated
soul. Then, the carnage began! Bloodhag play pounding death metal. Their
songs are all written about science fiction authors. They blazed through
songs like "Harlan Ellison", "Phillip K. Dick" and many other scholarly
works. Fresh off a tour of Washington state Libraries, Bloodhag finished off
the night.
Hmmmm...this show makes me rethink tuesdays!

Brian Foss/Seattle, WA
From: Jessie (Mon 23 May 2005 01:40:16 PDT)
Brian...this is Jessie as in you are my uncle....Email me bihotch!!!
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