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After the Evaporators show at, "The Smell" in L.A. (April 2001) Gary Pig Gold, Lisa Mychols and
Robbie Rist (aka one Toronto fanzine legend, one former Brady Buncher, and two actual Masticators)
   help bring their favo(u)rite Human Serviette back down to earth. Also please note Fred and Katy
                             lurking in the background!
After the Evaporators show at, "The Smell" in L.A. (April 2001) Gary Pig Gold, Lisa Mychols and Robbie Rist (aka one Toronto fanzine legend, one former Brady Buncher, and two actual Masticators) help bring their favo(u)rite Human Serviette back down to earth. Also please note Fred and Katy lurking in the background!  
Upload Date: 30/10/01

From: Gary Pig Gold/Jersey City,New Jersey (Wed 31 Oct 2001 21:25:02 PST)

As one proud Mississaugian-in-exile (currently atop the heights of New
Jersey), I have long been championing Nardwuar's own particularly brand of
Canadianess to any and all who'll sit still long enough to listen, look, and
even learn down here on my newly adoptive side of the Pine Curtain.
Consequently, upon finding out that Those Evaporators Themselves would be
invading Southern California just in time for April Fools, I immediately
rearranged a bizness trip to the Left Coast in order that I could pop up as
well when Thee Goblins et al finally made their Los Angeles debut.

Luckily, I was easily able to coax along not one, but TWO actual members of
the L.A. Masticators (debut ceedee due soon in my Home and Native Land via
Bullseye Records, you know) to witness this momentous occasion beside me.
Namely Lisa Mychols, and her trusted partner-in-pop Robbie "Cousin
Oliver/Mary Tyler Moore Show/Mutant Ninja Turtles even" Rist.

The venue was one of those cavernous
we're-trying-real-hard-to-ape-that-New-York-loft-vibe-you-know performance
spaces called The Smell, and one peep after masticating our Chinese dinner
down its back alley surely revealed Nardwuar, his trusty cell phone, and his
van-du-jour all abuzz in their respective pre-show jitter-buzz. Realizing
this was indeed The Only Place To Be, Lisa and I quickly pulled up choice
floorspace right near Stage Right just in time for the Nardwuar Video Show to
begin (Ms. Mychols particularly appreciated the way Our Hero quickly put H.
Rollins into his place). Then Robbie made it in too -- he had seven other
gigs to play that night first, down the road down the road apiece -- just as
the REAL shenanigans (as in Evaporators) began.

Now, unlike catching this band previously in the aforementioned Big Apple,
where audiences are much too fearful of creasing their all-black-wear by
moving or even thinking too much, I was SO happy to see L.A. immediately
taking to the human circus atmosphere, and Robbie I was especially pleased
to find not only gamely holding Nardwuar's mic stand aloft at one crucial
point, but immersing himself absolutely in the multitude goings-on as the
show carefully erupted towards its full-on audience-perspiration climax.
"He's truly The Real Thing, isn't he?" marveled The Man They Call Rist on his
freeway later back to the valley. No faint praise indeed.

And I hear Lisa's still busy telling all and sundry about how artfully
Nardwuar put that old Black Flag guy right where he belonged.

All in all then, from my studied perspective at least, Mission Accomplished
...but NEXT time you're Hollywood-and-Vine-bound though, Nardwuar, gimme a
bit more notice so we can set up a guerilla show or two directly atop the
Capitol Records lobby, ok?

Gary Pig Gold/Jersey City,New Jersey
From: Gary Pig (Thu 13 Dec 2001 10:36:27 PST)

Better chest wig than Barry Gibb anyday!!!!!

Come back to L.A., ok??
From: Ken Burke (Wed 24 Apr 2002 20:08:05 PDT)
There is no one quite like Nardwuar the Human Serviette -- seen here having his regularly scheduled nipple adjustment. Of course once upon a time there existed a man known as Detloff the Human Beer Sponge, but he didn't have his own rock'n'roll band, interview necessary musical personages, or talk in the same pitch as Dr. Demento. Long Live Nardwuar, Canada's answer to drip dry laundry and stick deoderant.
From: (Fri 05 Sep 2003 16:15:24 PDT)
Nardwuar, my city's campus radio station (CFMH 92.5 FM Saint John New Brunswick Canada) is in trouble! Almost half our time slots are being filled with pre-recorded and syndacate material!

What advice have you to restore moral to the city, and get people to want to sign up for shows? I've tried telling them that the CRTC is a joke, and they have freedom and the whole nine yards! If anyone can do it Nardwuar can!

I've believed in you since the early days, and you still amaze me! Keep at it!

(PS - I can help with East Coast booking of the Evaporators)
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At Ye Olde Pizza Jointe, Oakland, CA
At Ye Olde Pizza Jointe, Oakland, CA  
Upload Date: 30/10/01

From: davo (Sat 27 Aug 2005 11:26:53 PDT)
it aint fucking oakland dude, it's hayward, get it right moron
Portland ,OR
Portland ,OR  
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Sun Records Rulez!
Sun Records Rulez!  
From album: NardPics!
Upload Date: 23/10/01

From: (Tue 28 Feb 2006 14:59:18 PST)
From: SaN DeathSoMe (Wed 29 Mar 2006 08:26:34 PST)
Very nice indeed! :)
Miek! and Hugh Baker (aka - comet61)

(Photo by: Randy Iwata)
Miek! and Hugh Baker (aka - comet61)

(Photo by: Randy Iwata)
Upload Date: 21/10/01

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