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With Chris Murphy of Sloan (and a few NardNesters such as These Hands, Parmz, Julia, Patapan) outside a  Strokes/Sloan gig, Oct 20 2002, The Orpheum, Vancouver, BC, Canaduh.
With Chris Murphy of Sloan (and a few NardNesters such as These Hands, Parmz, Julia, Patapan) outside a Strokes/Sloan gig, Oct 20 2002, The Orpheum, Vancouver, BC, Canaduh.   
From album: NardPics!
Upload Date: 08/11/02

From: the kiddie (Thu 21 Nov 2002 15:36:41 PST)
hey john, look right to the left of chris murpheys head, you see the guy with his tongue sticking out??? thats me ! your brother mark!!
From: louis-somethingorother (Fri 02 Dec 2005 08:31:59 PST)
i see ya mate
Notice that Fred really decorated his pad for the Hotnights! That screen behind him was even playing Ingmar Bergman's 'Seventh Seal' !
Notice that Fred really decorated his pad for the Hotnights! That screen behind him was even playing Ingmar Bergman's 'Seventh Seal' !  
Upload Date: 08/11/02

From: Rob (Tue 07 Jan 2003 23:03:03 PST)
Fred looks like a tool.
From: Rob (Tue 07 Jan 2003 23:07:45 PST)
Fred is NOT...I repeat NOT a Tool.
He's a very nice man. I was just kidding about that tool thing.
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At Fred Thorsen's (left) place, in downtown Vancouver, where the interview occurred. Fred kindly provided the band with all sorts of tasty home-cooked Swedish treats!
At Fred Thorsen's (left) place, in downtown Vancouver, where the interview occurred. Fred kindly provided the band with all sorts of tasty home-cooked Swedish treats!  
Upload Date: 08/11/02

From: Prophecy Outcasts (Mon 16 Dec 2002 13:44:59 PST)
Fred is sexy
From: Rob (Tue 07 Jan 2003 23:04:52 PST)
Figs and other goodies?
What a jerk Fred must be....
From: Rob (Tue 07 Jan 2003 23:05:56 PST)
Well...Fred does look nice.
From: Moogs (Sun 03 Oct 2004 10:53:21 PDT)
Fred looked sooo cuuute in highschool... very...blond and spiky... very Duran Duran...what happened?? *sigh*
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Andrew WK, Nardwuar, at Scratch Records, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Andrew WK, Nardwuar, at Scratch Records, Vancouver, BC, Canada  
From album: NardPics!
Upload Date: 08/11/02

From: annaoj (Mon 25 Nov 2002 18:41:20 PST)
i love that cut on his head
From: ? (Wed 30 Nov 2005 15:38:36 PST)
he is 1 hott emo!!!
From: ? (Wed 30 Nov 2005 15:39:11 PST)
he is 1 hott emo!!!
From: me (Wed 05 Jul 2006 21:10:03 PDT)
dude,hes not a fukin emo
From: Jess (Mon 14 Aug 2006 17:46:44 PDT)
how is Andrew W.K. emo...?
Upload Date: 03/11/02

From: jolene pleasurebaby (Sun 03 Nov 2002 20:51:29 PST)
this is one hell of a jerry pic i think this guy is the best.
From: Kyle (Fri 04 Jul 2003 09:36:30 PDT)
Jerry is pretty rad but the band was a lot better when Danzig was still lead singer.
From: Andrea (Fri 04 Jul 2003 09:38:26 PDT)
Hes so hot look at his nipple. Id screw him any day.
From: (Wed 09 Jul 2003 13:20:19 PDT)
Danzig Is My Hero He Was The Best Singer Of The Misfits But The Misfits Still Fucking Rock
From: (Sat 12 Jul 2003 11:39:26 PDT)
Doyle is
From: munky_662000 (Mon 14 Jul 2003 15:42:49 PDT)
misfits are freken sick
its real hardcore punk!
From: poop face (Tue 15 Jul 2003 17:20:34 PDT)
man i think that dogs should be inside the house ensted of outside
From: v4nd41 (Fri 18 Jul 2003 18:43:32 PDT)
they arent hardcore punk....granted they kick fuckin ass...they arent hc punk...
From: SAM HAiN (Thu 24 Jul 2003 04:59:02 PDT)
Jerry ............good!
butt i can do a jig! doo di doo di dooda doo
From: American Psyco 138 (Wed 30 Jul 2003 09:50:05 PDT)
Misfits are the fuckin shit, i mean when they had Glenn Danzig, it sux that he left, them, i mean from 77-83 those were the best fuckin years they had,
From: the other guy (Sat 02 Aug 2003 11:48:41 PDT)
misfits arent really punk ya kmow there like goth rock does any one agree? but dont get me wrong misfits are the greatest
From: (Sat 02 Aug 2003 20:40:37 PDT)
hi, my name is mario, i have a punk rock band (misfits style)and misfits rules, check my web page
see ya, write to me guys!!!!!
From: (Sun 17 Aug 2003 19:17:19 PDT)
so, remember me? the guy from argentina who have a punk rock band misfits style...well ,girls you too can write to me and visit my web page
From: matt (Mon 25 Aug 2003 07:51:18 PDT)
Danzig left and now he's a fucking wash out and a prick, Graves should still be there because he gave his all to the misfits, in short, stop putting down on them because they're still around! They are the FUCKING MISFITS!!
From: Amanda C. (Fri 12 Sep 2003 17:57:47 PDT)
Dude you guys are right danzig kicked ass but the FITS still kick major ass! i saw them at thunder dome last month it kicked so much god damn ass!
From: (Fri 12 Sep 2003 19:01:14 PDT)
i dont care what anyone says, the misfits were and still are the fathers of punk!
keep on rocking guys
From: (Sat 13 Sep 2003 12:40:15 PDT)
dude the msifits fuckin rock. for the person disscusing what genre they are, i think they are core punk, ( i havnt got a fuckin clue tho) if you got msn messenger add me to your contacts or some shit
From: muffin man (Wed 17 Sep 2003 16:27:43 PDT)
Theyre Horror punk o.o
From: (Thu 18 Sep 2003 15:11:39 PDT)
I have to say that Jerry is the hottest band member...hands down. The misfits are the best, even without Glenn. My life would be complete if I were to ever see Jerry live.
From: munky_662000 (Thu 25 Sep 2003 17:04:15 PDT)
misfits are fuking hardcore punk dipshits!!!!!!fucking lost souls.
From: Graves (Sun 26 Oct 2003 09:59:39 PST)
The misfits fucking rules, and yeah maybe they have changed there style, since mike graves became the lead singer, but he is just sssooooooo awesome, his voice goes right to your brain.... they have always ruled... horror punk forever
From: God (Sun 26 Oct 2003 17:22:30 PST)
misfits arent fuckin hc punk stupid fucks. if they were to be classified, which most music shouldnt, i believe horror punk would best describe them
From: rokrdood223 (Wed 29 Oct 2003 19:49:05 PST)
Jerry is my hero! I'm being him for halloween! Best holiday in the world! The misfits are one of the greatest bands ever to exist! their music is unique, and to some extent they are punk.but who cares? MISFITS RULE!
From: 4skins (Sat 01 Nov 2003 12:16:13 PST)
you fucken retards the misfits are horror punk shut the fuck up gothic rock? you faggot
From: God Himself (Mon 03 Nov 2003 07:44:15 PST)
Wow I never thought I'd hear the Misfits be called Hardcore Punk or Gothic Rock to the person that said "misfits are fuking hardcore punk dipshits!!!!" You my very stupid fiend make me mad... not just any mad you make me the kind of mad where I want to go outside and shoot little puppies in the face with a 20mm Howitzer then move onto a massive Genocide that makes the holocaust and Stalin's reign look like the battle of wounded knee
From: bum fuck (Fri 07 Nov 2003 05:43:20 PST)
Brittany Burke is slut im gonna fucken slit her throat and watch her bleed to death ....
From: MisfitsOrDie (Sat 15 Nov 2003 16:12:52 PST)
Hay, I know some of yall are pissed "Zing" left but there still here, and you should respect them more for that!
From: Scottie (Sat 15 Nov 2003 22:35:20 PST)
Wow...a very thought-provoking picture.Yum. Wish I could get that close! O.O
From: dayplanner@hotmail (Wed 19 Nov 2003 07:59:13 PST)
misfit kick ass and are the best hc punk band out there.
From: i like my pinky (Wed 19 Nov 2003 21:31:38 PST)
Dude the misfits fucking rock they are the best band ever.
From: antiskinhead (Tue 25 Nov 2003 15:19:40 PST)
Misfits suck my 2 inch long six feet wide dick. holy shit there shit is soo easy to play they take no talent and they get all this credit.
From: meh (Tue 25 Nov 2003 18:10:39 PST)
fuck you antiskinhead you probably cant play any of there shit misfits are wick fiends for ever
From: Scott (Thu 04 Dec 2003 16:06:46 PST)
Yeah,'re just jealous. What's not to be jealous of? It's perfectly human.
From: scream (Tue 09 Dec 2003 10:28:43 PST)
jerry only is fuking sick. man the fits have beeen around longer then i ahve and theyr still fuking going! they may have lost a lead singer, but the gained a new member..and if u ask me there is no fuking difference its still hard fuking scary punk, now if u got a prob w. the fits just fuck off!
From: (Wed 10 Dec 2003 20:01:51 PST)
The MISFITS are the best band ever, i wish i could meet them in person,its sad to know that there are people out there that havent heard of the misfits.
The band was alot better with danzig but graves is still awsome.The greatest horror punk band ever the MISFITS.
From: candace (Sun 21 Dec 2003 23:00:22 PST)
to tell you the truth.. i dont really know much of the misfits history.. but ive been listening to the for about 2 months now and they kick so much ass.. yeah i wish Danzig wouldn't have left because old misfits sound a little better than the new ones.. but thats okay cuz they fuckin rock
From: onehitwonder421@yahoo (Thu 01 Jan 2004 12:57:51 PST)
the band was better off with danzig but there good now not to mention danzig WAS pretty hot
From: TheMisfitsArmy!!!!! (Sun 04 Jan 2004 13:04:25 PST)
The Misfits were and still are one of the greatest punk bands and are my favorite. But the days Danzig the were the best...if ya wanna talk punk with me AIM me on my screen name: MIZFIT 1300
From: (Mon 19 Jan 2004 07:27:16 PST)
Misfits is a pop band they make beautiful love songs
From: FiendwithoutaFace (Thu 22 Jan 2004 23:00:09 PST)
first of all, the misfits kick ass, second of all they were good with danzig but they are better with graves, dr. chud, doyle and jerry. and lthirs of all the misfits are horror punk, not hardcore, their horror and they kick the biggest fuckin ass in the fucking world
From: Death Angel (Fri 23 Jul 2004 16:14:41 PDT)
With or without Danzig ilike them ...they fucking rock....Misfits forever..i think graves...Only..doyle and chud r the fucking Best
From: THE MISFIT (Fri 27 Aug 2004 21:07:37 PDT)
Heres an idea for all those people trying to classifie the style of music the misfits are how about we call misfit music or something then they have the own freakin style YAH MISFITS FUCKING ROCK
From: !!!! (Thu 16 Sep 2004 15:57:27 PDT)
misfits fucking rock they are the fucking best band ever!! and i hope they play in skyreach center in edmonton!!! that wood fuckin rock and you ppl r gay woo r tryin to say wut kinda stlye they are i agree with this dude^^ there style is the misfits!!
From: (Tue 28 Sep 2004 07:39:13 PDT)
Look the Misfits were great in their time but with the whole project 1950s thing it isnt cool, Im not trying to bad mouth Only but it isnt the misfits anymore, its a Misfit Dez and a fucking ramone, all were great but they ,make NO MISFITS and shouldnt be named that, All Jerry is trying to do is relive what the Misfits were. And Im not saying he cant cause he is awesome but the Misfits were the Misfits from 77 to 1997 not them now, anybody wanna share some thoughts im me sometime.... sbrubymosessp thats at aim
From: i_was_looking_at_the_stars_when_i_realized_i_had_n (Sat 02 Oct 2004 10:01:07 PDT)
danzig was an amazing singer when they were more hrdcore i personally think michale was better not saying danzig wasnt good bt misfits kick fucking ass
From: (Mon 18 Oct 2004 13:51:11 PDT)
How do you get to meet them? At the concert the other day I was carried ONSTAGE crowdsurfing and I ended up next to Jerry Only! OMG I was so happy but I wish I had gotten to talk to him...
From: (Thu 28 Oct 2004 13:56:58 PDT)
Heh heh...hardcore punk I think not!
Misfits are legends and Balzac are awesome too. Oh what I wouldn't give for some kind of gig with an old Misfits line up and Balzac as support.
From: (Thu 11 Nov 2004 01:11:42 PST)
i hung out with jerry for like 15 minutes at the murderdolls show in corona california before he went onstage and sang a cover of Devils whorehouse with the murderdolls.
From: to all (Mon 29 Nov 2004 23:20:12 PST)
jerry is a good friend of mine , and i know that he does what he thinks is best for the continue of this band...IT IS STILL A FUCKING BAND!!! and what alot of people who cant get off of danzigs dick dont realize is that
From: CHUD_LOVER78 (Mon 13 Dec 2004 19:00:34 PST)
misfits are horror punk.AND THEY KICK ASS!
From: Fiend4Life138 (Sun 02 Oct 2005 11:32:20 PDT)
antiskinhead, your a fucking idiot.. so stfu. and fuck danzig too.. he was good then but he sucks now... WE ARE THE FIEND CLUB
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