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At Gilman, Berkeley, CA!
At Gilman, Berkeley, CA!  
Upload Date: 12/02/04

From: (Tue 17 Feb 2004 14:33:35 PST)
Nardwuar asked me to review the show so....
Friday, January 23rd, 2004 904 Gilman Street, Berkeley, California....The Evaporators along with System and Station, Clarendon Hills, Harold Ray Live in Concert & Rock N Roll Adventure Kids.
The Evaporators(as well as the other bands)put on a great show. Nardwuar proved that he is one of the greatest Rock N' Roll frontmen of all time. He: gave history lessons between songs, had a couple of audience members hold his microphone during one song while he sang into it, had the audience hold him and his keyboard up over their heads while he played, had the audience hold hands and skip around and around in a circle and during the last song had the whole place squat down(including me while I was videotaping the show)and jump up at the proper times in the song 3 times.
The rest of the band(John, Scott and David)were tight musically and during the choreographed parts of the show.
All and all, it's what I would call a complete, fun, great, professional, raw Rock N' Roll show.
I even got to interview Nardwuar(on the same videotape as the show)after the show. Nardwuar loved my questions and told me that my research was great and that this is how he would interview himself. He, like myself was glad to finally meet up in person(he had been recieving my comic book, Super Shark in the mail for a couple of years).
The band were all friendly.
What else can I say but, Canadian Rock and Canadian Rockers Rule!!!!
Oh yeah, I saw the girl in the middle of this picture during the show and wondered if she was the girl from Sleater-Kinney. Now, after seeing this picture, I am almost convinced it is.
I hope all is well.
Caw-ruff, caw-ruff,
Robert A. Medeiros
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The Rock n Roll Adventure Kids!!!
The Rock n Roll Adventure Kids!!!  
Upload Date: 12/02/04
At Christeen's House in Portland!
At Christeen's House in Portland!  
Upload Date: 12/02/04

From: (Mon 23 Feb 2004 11:23:50 PST)
"Stay Awake All Night" was the theme song for the Evaporators' unholy hootenanny at the Twilight Lounge in Portland, OR, on Jan. 21, 2004.

That's booking guy Dave Twilight at the far right, with Pat from PDX band The High and the Mighty on the other side of me, Christeen Aebi (aka Canada Jones), the one in the Stretch Marks T-shirt. I got that shirt when I ordered their 7-inch through Maximum R'N'R, when I was doing scene reports in 1983 or so.

The Pointed Sticks flyer in back of us was given to me way back when, before I was allowed to go see bands like the Subhumans (B.C.) and D.O.A. 'Course, now I would KILL to see that lineup: Pointed Sticks, the Wipers, and the infamous Cleavers??? Holy-moley! I LOVE rock and roll. And Canada Rules, OK!

Waiting for the beer to get cold ...

Love, Christeen Aebi (Canada Jones Jett)
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One of the many places the Evaporators ate. See the very end of this album for a detailed list of everything we ate!
One of the many places the Evaporators ate. See the very end of this album for a detailed list of everything we ate!  
Upload Date: 12/02/04
Upload Date: 12/02/04

From: SPANKY (Sat 21 Feb 2004 08:56:16 PST)
I will never let go of Nardwuar he is the BEST!!!!!!!!!
From: (Wed 28 Jun 2006 10:38:47 PDT)
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