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At Philippe's French Dip, Los Angeles.
At Philippe's French Dip, Los Angeles.  
Upload Date: 07/02/04

From: Administrator (admin) (Sun 14 Mar 2004 14:35:03 PST)
Whenever Nard, Dave, John and Scott come to town, this is the agenda: RAWK and EATS. On Saturday night, The Goblins, Dublins and Evaporators RAWKED The Smell like nobody's business! The kids were chanting along to United Empire Loyalists ("Civil War! Not Rev-o-luuuu-tion!") and the sneaky costume change blew everyone's mind! The Smell is located behind a mysterious Japanese movie theater in the heart of downtown LA with the world's most articulate homeless people working the alley entranceway. Mr. Paolo Davanzo of The Echo Park Film Center projected Nard Vids on the big screen while I worked the merch table and scored myself one of those highly-coveted Evaps tote-bags in the process. A mighty fine time was had by all! On Monday, we reconvened for EATS at Philippe The Original, across from beautiful Union Station. The eternally delightful Senor Amor added to our merry band of discerning diners. As an ongoing honorary member of The Evaporators and a participant in many a Tomahawk pig-out, I knew I had to provide my boys with a legendary local dining experience. Philippe The Original has been serving up the French Dip for almost 100 Years, claiming to have invented this tasty treat when a beef sandwich accidentally fell into a vat of soup! About two miles away on Skid Row, Cole's Buffet also claims to have invented the French Dip Sandwich and the owner will kick your ass if you dare even whisper the word "Philippe" in there! As someone who's sampled the wares at both establishments, I can't say which is the true original originator, but I can tell you that Philippe's food is most delicious. After your French Dip (cheese: 25 cents extra!), try the banana cream pie (mmmmm!) and then weigh yourself on the old-fashioned scale! Gained five pounds? Yep, I thought so. After lunch, we enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the charming Mexican marketplace at Olvera Street, site of the first settlement in what we now know as The City of Angels. Nardwuar and Senior Amor bought matching scorpion belt buckles. Sooooo sexy! And don't forget, we always take two!!!!
-Lisa Marr, The Lisa Marr Experiment,
From: phyraq (Sun 20 Feb 2005 02:30:41 PST)
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With Ronnie of the Muffs and Ronn of Benway Record, at Benway Records, Venice Beach, Venice, CA!
With Ronnie of the Muffs and Ronn of Benway Record, at Benway Records, Venice Beach, Venice, CA!  
Upload Date: 07/02/04

From: Ron Benway is a jack-ass (Sat 09 Dec 2006 19:05:43 PST)
that guy (Ron Benway) Is a complete jerk-off. What an asshole.
From: (Fri 29 Dec 2006 16:08:04 PST)
Love the calendars! Hate the Ronn Benway
Patrick, who took care of us (bg time!) in San Diego, on the set of Fox Rox!
Patrick, who took care of us (bg time!) in San Diego, on the set of Fox Rox!  
Upload Date: 07/02/04
Upload Date: 07/02/04

From: (Tue 17 Feb 2004 17:15:14 PST)
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On Fox Rox Tv Show, San Diego, CA!
On Fox Rox Tv Show, San Diego, CA!  
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