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From: SPANKY (Sat 21 Feb 2004 09:02:36 PST)
The Evaporators LIVE. It is a dream come true. They make you feel 12 years old and HAPPY.
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From: (Sat 06 Mar 2004 16:31:10 PST)
The big night was here...The Clash were to make their world debut with the world-famous Evaporators! In the weeks before the show, people had been telling me over and over again that there was already a band called The Clash, but I just KNEW I got the name first. One way or another, these naysayers pressured me to bill myself as THEE Clash, and I went along in the end just to keep with the theme of the show.

From: (Thu 22 Jun 2006 02:26:12 PDT)
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After the gig at thee Parkside. San Francisco, CA!
After the gig at thee Parkside. San Francisco, CA!  
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From: (Fri 20 Feb 2004 00:42:15 PST)
Jack from Harold Ray Live in Concert here. Hope this fits on your web page!

WOW! What an honor to have shared the stage with the Evaporators -- doubless, one of the most entertaining bands on the planet. If we had the socialized health care that those wily Canadians have, 1/3rd of the band would've been admitted for mild neck injuries, the by-product of having been a human keyboard stand - ailments, that ultimately, were alleviated by the aural ointment that is THE EVAPORATORS.

Who knew the crowd at 924 Gilman would've given a hoot about the Harold Ray sound? The most receptive, energetic audience of the tour. The Evaporators fed off this energy, like, uh, Ontario feeds off of Niagara Falls. (Sorry. I'm stretching for metaphors here -- Like most of us ignoramii, don't know much about the Canadizuuh.) It was marvelous to hear Nardwuar's most verbose set-ups for each song before they played 'em.

We played in an aptly named venue called The Smell. It was in skid row, and we weren't sure we had the right place! Thee Goblins from Canada were fantastic, and the Nardwuar vids were amazing. The crowd didn't know what to make of us, ...? It was awkward. The Evaporators, using their supernatural powers, were able to crack this tough nut of a crowd.

Spaceland was run with Swiss precision, and as the opening band, starting on official time, we began playing to .. uh .. two people. Literally. Two people. Thankfully, the crowd quickly amassed, and about 5 songs into our set, a man enthusiastically emptied the currency from his wallet onto the stage. Upon conclusion of our set, Nardwuar asked me: "DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT WAS?!" "No..?" "That was Daniel Lanois, the record producer!" Daniel produced U2, and the mighty Brian Eno, and many many other things. Charlie (Sax player / HRLIC co-founder w/ me) went to talk to 'em: as it turns out, Daniel enjoyed us, but he also was under the impression that we were impoverished and Canadian, and he being Quebecois, thought he'd kick down a little charity for his fellow countrymen. The extra funny part? He thought he was throwing hundreds of bucks at us, but it turned out to be $41. HAH! It still helped. Oh, the other funny part about playing in Silverlake: We saw Ben Stiller at the 7-11.

San Diego for us was a breath of fresh air - drunken hipsters, just dying to shake their handsomely preened booties. It was awesome. Props to the Licorice Quartet and the Viewmasters. I crave San Diego-style Mexican food. MMMMMMMMMH.

Thee Parkside was our homecoming. We love Thee Parkside. Thee Parkside loves us. Thee Parkside loves The Evaporators. It was a love-fest.

Can't wait to see these guys again in Austin! We can't wait to play in Vancouver with them some day!

From: (Mon 26 Jun 2006 18:14:27 PDT)
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From: Rupert Pupkin (Thu 21 Oct 2004 10:55:26 PDT)
What? No Jell-o for dessert?
From: (Thu 29 Jun 2006 08:45:12 PDT)
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From: win now (Wed 20 Sep 2006 03:28:03 PDT)
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From: (Tue 07 Nov 2006 17:53:13 PST)
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From: Theresa (Sun 03 Dec 2006 17:53:14 PST)
Jello's french fries are making me hungry.
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