Nardwuar: Is their any way to stop a Gwar show? Is their any way to stop a Gwar show?
Oderus Urungus: Yes. Don't go.

Tell me about your influences. Wendy O. Williams, how important is she?
I've been influenced by insulin.

Oderus, what are the similarities between Gwar and pirates?
Parcheesi and four rows over on the Jeopardy board.

Oderus, did Gwar once do a show with absolutely no music, just acting it out?
Yes. I would do my interpretive mime. Would you like to see it?

Yes please.
[Silence then sounds of a beating/struggle] That was JonBenet.

Are there any challengers to Gwar at all, Oderus?
Yes. Marilyn Manson is obviously a very, very powerful force. Limp Bizkit and Slipknot and Mudvayne. Oh my, yes. We're in awe of their power.

Are you mad about the song "Gwar, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Gwar!"
[sings] "Gwar! What is it good for, absolutely nothing!"... and that's fine with me!

DOA sang that and also from Vancouver, Skinny Puppy, Skinny Puppy!
You are the most annoying human I've ever met! [Oderous then grabs Nardwuar by the neck]

Thank you Oderus, thank you I appreciate that. Now, what was it like playing with Thor tonight?
Thor is a little heavier than he used to be, but very, very, fun, funny... but he should get rid of the chick.

Oderus, golf. What are the perks of being in Gwar? You play celebrity golf with Tommy Lee?
Aren't you interviewing any of them? [Points to other bandmates]

Well okay, tell me which one I should talk to?
No, shut up. Just interview me, I'm the funny one.

Now tell me about playing golf with Tommy Lee?
I didn't play golf with Tommy Lee. He wouldn't get in the same party with me, he wouldn't ride around in a golf cart. But, I did go to his house and we went to the hot tub, and drowned a child.

Oderus please tell me about the rest of Gwar, the role-playing game. I wanna play with Gwar. Is there a role-playing game?
No. There's no role-playing game or is there? I don't know. Look at those guys over there looking at me like I'm crazy. There's games, there's products, there's merchandise. Be assured we sell millions of them and we never see a fucking penny. I'm paid in crack.

Were you a spokesman for Circuit City Mr. Oderus of Gwar?
Yes, yes. There's no level to the degree of prostitution I will whore myself out to in order to continue my existence as a fucked-up drunken piece of shit.

Oderus of Gwar, did Disney fake the moon landing? Did they fake the moonlanding?
It's a fake. There isn't even a moon! Everyone knows it's made out of cheese.

Oderus, why did you sink Atlantis? Why innocent people?
Because I needed to usher in the era of the railroad.

What exactly does the future hold for Gwar? What does the future hold?
Pain, death, suffering, torment, uh, Ouiji boards, uh flamingos, plate mail, flying 747s.

But you've been in a lot of movies. Empire Records, you were in Empire Records!
So what? We raped Liv Tyler in the bathroom, and it's not rape if she enjoys it halfway through.

What about being in 30 Something that TV show, that was pretty good eh Oderus?
Oh my God, what are you on anyway? 30, 40, 50, 70, 80, a million, who gives a shit?

Now which member of Gwar ate Jerry Springer?
I don't know the world maggot okay? I've got a show to do, could we fuckin' hurry this up and finish this shit?

Last question for you Oderus.
Thank you. [Oderus takes Nardwuar's hat and puts it on his head]

You hate hair farmers. Gwar was formed as a reaction to the hair farming bands right?
Well actually the hair farmers were using way too much hairspray and the ozone there opened up and as a result we were born, and as much as we hate them, we still love them.

So why did you have did you have Sebastian Bach of a hair metal band in your video?
You said that was the last question! [Oderus grabs Nardwuar's neck again... screaming ensues]

Ahh! Oh! Oh! Oh Oderus! Doot doola doot doo...
Doot doot! Bye Ca-nanananana-da!