Nardwuar vs. Prime Minister John Turner

Nardwuar interviews Canadian Prime Minister John Turner. 1988. Student Union Building, UBC, Vancouver, BC Canada ! CiTR is a non-profit, non-commercial radio station in Vancouver BC, Canada ! All DJs are Volunteers. I have been volunteering since 1986. Tomorrow (Feb 7) marks the start of CiTR’s annual Fundrive . If u are into supporting independent Campus/ Community Radio you won’t hear anywhere else feel free to donate at Please indicate your gift was Inspired by ‘Nardwuar the Human Serviette’ Thanks so much for your support and doot doola doot doo… doe-nate !

Nardwuar vs. Elements Magazine (Part Two)

Part Two of Nardwuar’s interview with Jay Swing and Flipout editors of ‘Elements Magazine’ CiTR’s Hip Hop publication that lasted for 8 issues in 1995/1996 ! Jay and Flipout are putting out a coffee table book ( with some new stuff added! ) to celebrate the mags 25th anniversary ! Doot doo !

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