Nardwuar vs. Chi Pig

Nardwuar The Human Serviette vs. Chi Pig

On June 24, 2005, I was honoured to do a phone interview with Chi Pig for my Radio Show on CiTR Fm 101.9 in Vancouver, BC Canada.

R.i.p Chi Pig of SNFU

Nardwuar: Who are you?

Chi Pig: I’m Mr. Chi Pig. And I come from nowhere.

But you found CiTR thank you for finding CiTR Chi Pig. I appreciate that.

Oh no problem.

You’ve been trying for an hour at the wrong number but finally we got ahold of you.

It was meant to be, you know how it is.

And you are Chi Pig of SNFU and Chi Pig we also played, while waiting for you, some Malibu Kens!

Oh rad! The single, I imagine?

No not the single, the track from the “It Came From InnerSpace” compilation album.

Oh what was the name of the song you played?

“Party’s Over” by the Malibu Kens.

Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah…I went to high school with the Malibu Ken that wrote that song and who turned out to be Blake Cheetah, who became the bass god for Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra.

Were the Malibu Kens also related in some way to Jr. Gone Wild?

Malibu Kens became Jr. Gone Wild later. Mike McDonald was cursed with that name at birth. Mike McDonald not to be confused with Doobie bro, Mike McDonald. Mike McDonald was the singer of Malibu Kens and he called himself Mike Sinatra, at the time. And actually Mike Sinatra, claims that Frank Sinatra’s people claimed to break his legs if he didn’t change his name. So he changed his name.

Did you do the cover artwork for the Malibu Kens seven inch?

No, no I laid out their posters for them on the inside.

Ah well I’m glad you were able to clarify that because I was saying you did the cover art. So I’m so happy that you phoned in, and again we’re speaking to Chi pig from SNFU.

If you look down in the corner you’ll see I signed with my real name. What was I thinking back then?

Read the whole interview!

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