Nardwuar vs. Corey Feldman (Part one)

Nardwuar vs. Corey Feldman (Part One !) Originally from June 4, 1999 !

Nardwuar: Who are you?
Corey Feldman: Mmm. Who am I? A very complex, diverse, strange kind of cat.

You are Corey Feldman!
That’s correct.

Corey, I was totally surprised to learn that music was in your blood. Like,
you, your dad was in the Strawberry Alarm Clock! That’s incredible!

Well, he was actually in like a second or third generation of the
Strawberry Alarm Clock. It wasn’t the actual Strawberry Alarm Clock that
had the hit. But it doesn’t matter; he was still a musician.

Did you steal any of his clothes out of the cupboard?
(laughs) No, I don’t think so.

Because your new CD has a very psychedelic feel to it. In fact, you
describe it as the Pink Floyd of the ’90s, and I just wondering, Corey
Feldman, if you like ever went into your dad’s cupboard and taken any of
his old incense and peppermints stuff, because the Strawberry Alarm Clock –
even if your dad was in a later version of it – were a pretty cool band!

Right, at their time, right, right. Well, you know, I’m into that whole
scene, you know, but unfortunately he didn’t dress like, you know, one of
those guys who was into the whole trippy scene, you know. It wasn’t like a
Lenny Kravitz or a Jimi Hendrix or, you know, that kind of a look. It was
more of like a Saturday Night Fever type look that he was into. He was more
into the disco look, I guess you would say.

Corey Feldman, are you related to Marty Feldman, you know, I-Gor from Young

Not at all.

Because that would have been cool! Marty Feldman, from those Mel Brooks movies!
Right. No, not in any way.

Now, your brand new CD, Corey Feldman’s Truth Movement “Still Searching for
Soul” is amazing!

Thank you.

It’s amazing, Corey. I was kind of scared what I learned about you!

Are you okay? Are you okay?
I’m doing just fine. What scared you exactly?

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