Nardwuar vs. Steve Ignorant of Crass

Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Steve Ignorant of Crass!

Nardwuar: Who are you?

Steve Ignorant: Well, I’m the usual bloke you see who is leaning up against the bar and people say ‘who are you’ and I go ‘I’m Steve Ignorant’.

Nardwuar: For merchandise regarding Crass, were there really Crass alarm clocks?

Steve Ignorant: Well I think if you go on the internet there’s probably all that sort of stuff yeah, you know I’ve seen you can get training bras and underpants with the Crass symbol on, so it wouldn’t surprise me if you could get toilet paper with the Crass symbol on, which would be pretty ironic.

Nardwuar: That’s amazing.

Steve Ignorant: Yeah which just goes to show you know that punk is dead, that song that Crass wrote. Yeah, punk is dead, mate. You know, look, if you want a training bra with a Crass symbol on it, do it yourself, you know? If you want toilet paper with the Crass symbol on do it yourself, otherwise punk is dead. Otherwise wipe your backside with it.

Nardwuar: How popular were Crass? Like you sold 1.5 million records, you were like up there with AC/DC, right?

Steve Ignorant: Oh yeah, at one point, not that we was ever in a competition but as far as we knew at one point we were selling more records than AC/DC, yeah. Yeah, very strange.

Nardwuar: And you were playing youth clubs, like AC/DC was playing big stadiums, but you were playing youth clubs.

Steve Ignorant: Yeah. I know. Yeah, but you know we were playing very small places but people still come to me, you know, 30 years later saying they remember those gigs.

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