Nardwuar vs. E-40


Nardwuar The Human Serviette vs Nardwuar vs. E-40

Nardwuar: Who are you?

E-40: I go by the name a’ E-Feasible-Bellafonte-Bearweather-Bellagiano, y’understand me?

Nardwuar: E-40, welcome to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

E-40: Right on, thank you for having me, man.

Nardwuar: E-40, what’s the importance of the Beverly Food Center?

E-40: Beverly Food Center? That’s in my neighborhood, that’s on the hillside, that’s not there no more, it’s another, it’s called something else, but yeah, that man do, that’s one of them days when, shoot, I’m thinkin’ three thou-wow-wow with you, y’understand me. Mums, mums used to make me go get like, when I was a kid, I had to go… go pick up embarrassing stuff for her cos we had a credit over there, like, “Go down to Mr Jimmy’s and get…,” y’understand me, “go get me um… uh… some tampons or something,” you know what I mean. I was a kid so I had to go do it! But you, you’re pride in a way, but I say, “But mum, I don’t wanna do that,” but I had to do it, you know what I mean, stuff like that, I mean… shoot man, Beverly Food Center was… it was the hood, man, that’s the soil, you know, and Mr Jimmy and his hot tamales, that’s what he had down there.

Nardwuar: Some of the Macks hang out down there too, right?

E-40: Yeah, yeah, a lot of people hang out there. Some of the, you know, all the OGs, you know, used to hang out there, you know, when I started, y’understand me, drinking, kids, don’t do this, but I used to slide, y’understand me, a OG little bread there, give me 40 ounce, y’understand me, when I was under-age, little bit, but don’t do that dow, don’t do dat, don’t do dat.

Nardwuar: E-40, Bay Area Old School, what can you tell the people about Calvin T and Magic Mike?

E-40: Oh, whee, the rawest rappers you never heard of, ever in life, from Richmond, California, yeah, you dig. And man, I went and psyched Calvin T, probably ’96, something like that, and um, my partner, y’understand me, he got caught up y’understand, he had to do some time, but I got a little form to this day, man, you know, that dude was… he still got gas, y’understand me. You can find him on the block where sure four, five, or six albums that I’ve come with in March two-thou-wow-thirteen, y’understand me, so… man, c’mon man, it was the people I grew up on, Calvin T and Magic Mike, Too Short, Freddie B, Ice T, KRS-1, Run DMC…

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