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Nardwuar , Coco Austin , Ice T . Tom Lee Music Hall, Vancouver, BC , Canada!
Nardwuar , Coco Austin , Ice T . Tom Lee Music Hall, Vancouver, BC , Canada!  
From album: NardPics!

From: pimpin (Wed 13 Dec 2006 15:49:13 PST)
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From: ??? (Sun 13 Jul 2003 23:16:58 PDT)
Jason Ritter is probably thinkin' "What a freakin' weirdo...."
From: none (Thu 24 Jul 2003 22:25:09 PDT)
how does a ass like this get to hang out with cool people such as robert&kane you'd think they would have a law about that kinda shit
From: ---- (Sat 16 Aug 2003 13:41:10 PDT)
lol yea I know seriously, look how homosexual that gaylord is. lol, id be so embarrassed
From: nobody (Sat 30 Aug 2003 08:14:33 PDT)
i know what Jason Ritter is thinking:

ok......If i don't move...maybe he'll leave
From: Nardwuar fan (Wed 03 Sep 2003 12:49:43 PDT)
Nardwuar funny and cool but why is he hanging with that gay kid?
From: lol (Sat 06 Sep 2003 13:55:25 PDT)
jason probly thinking "man i could use a nice fine bitch to stop by and slide my gay cock into so i can make gay babbies like my dad did
From: AzzuriBlu (Sun 21 Sep 2003 17:26:14 PDT)
I think all those people that are calling some 1 else GAY need to take a trip into self discovery.What is of your buisness that u feel u need to know his life no matter what he is,its not your concern.Why don't u try and star in a movie.
From: ShanoMax (Tue 23 Sep 2003 14:01:35 PDT)
Jason Ritter isnt gay, he has a girlfriend, but Nardwuar? He sure acts like a frickin fag...
From: lol (Wed 24 Sep 2003 15:55:07 PDT)
ok ok that jasonj kid cant act wroth crap and narward is a hommo like the rest of you
From: dude u suck (Tue 30 Sep 2003 13:32:13 PDT)
ok lol your a dumb ass so dont talk any more
From: Your worst nightmare (Mon 06 Oct 2003 13:48:20 PDT)
Alright look: I know all you Jason fans think hes so great cause he got Freddy in the end, but don't you se why they made Jasom win?!? Because he was the fucking underdog! You saw how Freddy had him bashing up against the walls like a fucking game of pinball and crying like a little pussy! He could've fucking killed him when he wanted to! He lost because he was having so much fun that he didn't kill him quick enough! Freddys still way better. You saw how the kids wanted Jason to win. Why? Because Freddys much scarrier and deadly than that pissed off goalie!
From: jason number one fan (Mon 06 Oct 2003 17:03:03 PDT)
Your worst nightmare ok lisen up jason wasnt the one yelling out "why whont u die?!". jason is the shit, yeah sure he got his ass kick trown around in dream wolrd only becuase freddy owns it and any thing gose for him u dumb ass jason dosent need a world hes kills his own way while freddy cant kill un less hes in dream world. Face it freddy sucks and jason rules. oh and one more thing freddy woundn't last a week in the real world
From: freddy vs jason soundtrack (Fri 31 Oct 2003 14:12:35 PST)
yo the movie was good and so is the soundtrack but slipknot SANP! song would make a good theme song
From: dragonfly (Tue 30 Dec 2003 20:33:38 PST)
i think Freddy is the scariest and couldn't you see he was kicking way better ass even in the real world the only reason he lost was because that girl made him turn around he would of ate Jason for breakfast. And about jason ritter and john ritter being fags that is wrong you shouldn't talk about him like that John ritter is dead and he was a really good actor and Jason isn't a bad one you people who bitch about stupid shit and talk about people are children and need to grow up!!
From: Jason's Lawyer ( (Wed 31 Dec 2003 13:59:33 PST)
From: Jason's Lawyer ( (Wed Dec 31 04:11:31 2003)
Look, here's the facts: Freddy was giving all he got to Jason in the Dream World, Freddy's world. And Jason shook it off! And threw Freddy across his own boiler room. In the real world, Jason was slower, but he took everything Freddy gave him and handed it back to him in a huge shitpile of pain. Jason only died because he fell in the water again. He was tired from fighting Freddy and decide to just go ahead and drown again instead of trying to swim out, since he would just come back. Freddy died from Lori cutting his head off, but he was going to die anyway. Jason shoving the glove back through Freddy's body pierced his heart. It was fatal. Lori just made it quicker for him by getting a little revenge. Freddy was already going to die. And, in Hell, Jason came out of his water section of Hell with Freddy's head. Now Freddy is probably stuck for eternity in Jason's closet. It does not matter how smart or fast or powerful Freddy is, Dream or Real world, Jason can survive anything he takes. That's why I don't understand how anyone can vote for Freddy. Don't get me wrong, I like him just as much as Jason. But he's just no match. Read the official Freddy vs. Jason magazine from Fangoria, Robert Englund, the fucking Fredman himself, said that Jason would kick Freddy's ass in the real world if in a pure brawl. And fuck Michael Meyers. He's just a regular human wearing a mask. Nothing supernatural about him. He only survives because nobody is giving him any real hits. I don't see him coming back to life like Jason, because I don't see him even being hit fatally by those terrible actors who try to kill him (not Jamie Lee Curtis, she's cool). Freddy and Jason could both beat Michael into a dead pile of shit. Jason and Freddy are the only guys who can ever fight each other. All the other's are simply too weak or too human. Meyers, Leatherface, Chucky, Candyman, Leprechaun, all of them. Maybe Freddy and Pinhead could go at it for a while, but since Pinhead doesn't sleep, and therefore doesn't dream since he's a demon, I don't think its in the cards. It should only be Freddy and Jason fighting each other and every time Jason will triumph because he can't die. Freddy can. He always finds a way to come back, but he has to try hard to do it and he needs help every time. Jason doesn't. Besides, Jason's killed the most people of all the horror icons in the history of movies, and while he is the least evil, he's still the most destructive. The king. And no, fellow Jason fans, Jason is not about being evil. That's Freddy. Jason is about revenge. He's the embodiment of vengence, while Freddy's the embodiment of evil. So I hope that clears up all the issues. Jason wins every time. But don't worry Freddy fans, he's the only guy who can beat the Gloved One.
From: Jason's Lawyer ( (Wed 31 Dec 2003 14:03:35 PST)
P.S. The movie ended in Jason's water Hell. He was not alive, he did not walk out of Crystal Lake and Freddy's head did not wink in the real world. His head is laying at the bottom of the lake. They were both dead at the end, Jason drowned, Freddy was impaled and decapitated. When Freddy gets in Jason's head we see the water Hell and Jason's house on an island made of dead bodies. Some are asking how Freddy could wink with his head off. It was his Hell head. He was dead and so was Jason. So don't base the fact that Jason walked out of the water with Freddy's head as your way of saying Jason won, because he's dead too. Jason won because he didn't die from Freddy, while Freddy would have killed Lori and Will if Jason hadn't impaled him and Lori cutting his head off only speeded up his death, which was brought about from the impalment caused by Jason.
From: Jason's Lawyer ( (Wed 31 Dec 2003 14:08:12 PST)
One more thing. Freddy and Jason will never team up, ever. They hate each other. They were not fighting to see who was the best or anything like that. They were fighting because they both desperately wanted each other dead. Think about it: Freddy is the son of a hundred maniacs. He was born a killer, a psycho. He needs to kill, to feel young peoples' fear, to hear they're screams of pain. He needs it like a crack addict needs his crack... and Jason killed a whole bunch of people in the movie, people Freddy wanted. He only go one. That had to be a major offense to him. Freddy used the image of Jason's mother, had her yell at Jason, brought back a lot of Jason's bad memories by trying to drown him in his dreams, was the first person to walk up to him and pick a fight without being forced to do it in self defense, and since Jason kills adult sinners, your sex crazies, your profanity users, all that stuff, that's Freddy a thousandfold and he's also a killer of children, the worst possible evil. All of that stuff, all the reasons that Jason had ever killed a person for, Freddy did all of it. It had to have stirred unthinkable hate in Jason. So they will never work together. They are both out for each other's blood. Notice that once they got into it they both ignored their other victims unless they got in the way? They wanted each other dead first. They hate each other with a passion so deep that they both want to see each other destroyed, I can't stress that fact enough. Any chance they ever had of working together is down the drain in a spill of blood. They hate each other's guts and each will try kill the other before they think about killing someone else. You know how much the Israelis and the Palastinians hate each other, that's how much Freddy and Jason hate each other. So don't ask anymore about why they don't team up. It will never happen now. They want each other dead at a personal level. Pure hate, baby!
From: dumb kids (Mon 12 Jan 2004 16:19:25 PST)
seriously the peopel who are dissing nardwuar shut the fuck up because hes maybe cooler than u
From: dumb kids (Mon 12 Jan 2004 16:19:25 PST)
seriously the peopel who are dissing nardwuar shut the fuck up because hes maybe cooler than u
From: jason da man (Fri 13 Feb 2004 17:59:25 PST)
dude what kind of pussy comes after you in your sleep i mean come on hes not even scary but jason is the only killing machine lengen wroth watching and his hocky mask is a lot more scarier then freddy ugly ass face and there for jason is way better because jason dosent need people to fear him jason kills them even if there not scared of him but freddy can only get you if you fear him so think about it. Jason Voorhees is and all ways will be a legend.

From: blah (Thu 26 Feb 2004 15:03:51 PST)
this post isnt about JASON Voorhees, it's about Jason Ritter, yeesh.
From: (Sat 28 Feb 2004 04:08:43 PST)
the post is about your mom blah
From: lol (Tue 04 May 2004 12:49:03 PDT)
i own this post mother fuckers!!!!!!!
From: alexandra (Tue 28 Sep 2004 11:15:31 PDT)
heyyyy hootttttiiiesssssssss fredy rulessssssss huuh cccuse you people helped jasssson he dont haveeeeee feelinnnnnnngssssss whhhhhyy diiiiddddddd yyyyyoooooou heeeelp him he killlled your nega friend while she was protecting jason the fucker
From: TYLER TERRY (Mon 25 Apr 2005 17:51:20 PDT)
From: jason is gay (Fri 05 Aug 2005 01:01:46 PDT)
Ahh jason is a retarted baby! Have u seen his face? Omg
From: lol (Sat 06 Aug 2005 03:49:14 PDT)
jason won up urs hahahhahah freddy suks ass hes a pedo
From: Freddy is not a bloody pedo (Sat 06 Aug 2005 22:51:29 PDT)
Ummm there is no evidence Freddy is a pedo! It said he loved children, espitally little girls. um that ment he loved killing them! Ive seen all his movies and, he didnt shag a kid in one so shove it up ur arse!
From: lol (Sun 07 Aug 2005 14:06:31 PDT)
ive seebn all of his movies tooo he is a pervert loser fuk u go find ur bf freddy loser
From: Lmao (Sun 07 Aug 2005 23:04:44 PDT)
Umm ive seen them too. He never touched a kid in that way. So u can go fuck yourself. Go to hell hes not a pedo and yea he is my bf and i will fuck him if i want too.
From: hahha (Mon 08 Aug 2005 13:58:41 PDT)
the only reason hes ur bf is cuz he mistook u for a lil 8 year old blone sissy girl u gotta admit u had me fooled
From: tom (Mon 08 Aug 2005 14:00:39 PDT)
yep i agree freddy is a pervert jason beat him the freddy fans are just upset and try to make out it was a draw well it wasant hahaha go cry in a corner u sad losers
From: Omg! (Fri 12 Aug 2005 04:36:20 PDT)
Freddy is not a pedo! Ive seen his movies! He doesnt ever touch a kid like that. Its a draw! They both died! And thats pretty good for Freddy coz jason is double him and has a giant machete! Lmao! I am very much 16 and me and Freddy r getting married next next week :) LMAO!
From: what makes Jason win? (Fri 12 Aug 2005 04:37:39 PDT)
umm freddy died by Lori. Jason got himself drowned. Jason didnt kill freddy! Freddy didnt kill Jason! Watch it again mate u have got it wrong!
From: lol (Fri 12 Aug 2005 07:11:58 PDT)
ok even though jason was the closest one to winning may i add i did watch the film again and its a really really even fight. i duobt freddy would want to marry someone who knows fuk all about him idiot how does he and jason die dah!
From: stupid asshole (Fri 12 Aug 2005 07:33:21 PDT)
ive wached jaosons films and freddys for years bicth and im not gonna be fakin told what happend bye some loser who prob only wached freddy vs jason dah.
From: ive seen all his movies (Fri 12 Aug 2005 16:39:58 PDT)
Umm ive seen all of them and i do know stuff. So shut ur mouth.No i dont watch Jasons movies and ive only seen 1 but anyway learn how to spell "bicth"
From: Umm (Fri 12 Aug 2005 18:27:09 PDT)
Read what bloody jasons lawer said! Jason died so dont tell me im stupid and all this shit! Fuk u! No one really knos what happened coz it didnt have a ending. It kept u guessing and theres no right or wrong answer! So dont tell me im stupid coz anything could of happened!
From: *Lawyer (Fri 12 Aug 2005 18:28:04 PDT)
From: lol (Fri 12 Aug 2005 18:54:58 PDT)
jasons Lawyer if jasons sooo dead then how come only a voorhees can kill him hmm and also wasant that jason lake he was coming out of at the end hm plus who said there dead emm only stupid assholes not new line or owt.
From: lol (Fri 12 Aug 2005 18:57:51 PDT)
yea i bet you have seen all of them and if you went to the cinema i bet ur one of them anoying idiots who keeps sayin to the person next to him so what he gonna do why i fought he was dead and so on dah loser.
From: lol (Fri 12 Aug 2005 19:00:49 PDT)
plus i bett you dont have a singal vhs or dvd of em since you prob can barely offord a pee pot.
lol well thats what happens when your unemployed and live in a rented card bored box behind a safeway. not tesco far to posh for you lol
From: gg (Fri 12 Aug 2005 22:18:37 PDT)
From: Umm whateva (Fri 12 Aug 2005 22:20:32 PDT)
yea im poor and thats why i own my own laptop and have a computer. I didnt even go to a fuking cimema to see TCM so shove that up ur arse. Jasons Lawyer seems to understand the movies more than u so y should i believe ur story?
From: Umm ur the poor one (Fri 12 Aug 2005 22:22:05 PDT)
U dont even know how to spell u dickhead. So dont tell me im poor if u dont even go to school, or unless u do and ur just mentally retarted! LMAO
From: lmao (Sat 13 Aug 2005 04:45:44 PDT)
i no fuk more than jasons lawer plus im 14 m8y and yet i have the comon sense to know that you prob dident go to the movie yea u prob got it cheap on copy dvd and played it in a cafe where u can go on a comp for like 10 p
From: lawyer dude (Sat 13 Aug 2005 04:52:55 PDT)
how is jason dead ive seen jason goes to hell plus he did come out of the lake at the end and could you tell the guy who Fantasizes about owning a pc that jason can only be killed bye jessica or her kid i tried but hes to dumb
From: Fuk you (Sat 13 Aug 2005 20:41:04 PDT)
Y the hell do u think im poor? U cant even get a computer for that cheap but if u can i guess u would know coz u have one. I Bought the fuking Jason DVD for 20.00 so dont
From: .... (Sat 13 Aug 2005 20:42:46 PDT)
If u kno more than Jasons lawyer why dont u write a decriptive story like he did. Hmm u cant be stuffed? More like u cant! Or unless u cant becoz ur mentally retarted
From: lolololol (Sun 14 Aug 2005 06:15:33 PDT)
I have About 7 comps in my house boy ans there not all mine most of ems my dads for work but hey you wouldent no cuz your dad is dead he died of cancer or aids i hope its aids then theres a chance you may get them and die oh how nice it would be
From: its did not (Sun 14 Aug 2005 06:20:41 PDT)
it did not end with jason in hell he cant die bye freddy bye fackin water he can be taken out for a long time but he can never be killed propally unless its bye a relative i wish Fantasize boy would realize that but hes to dumb
From: umm im not a boy (Mon 15 Aug 2005 01:02:35 PDT)
yea bitch! Im not a boy! And my dad is still very much alive and even if he was dead, was that ment to make me cry? Ur the stupid one. U didnt even know what sex i am. So dont shit me.
From: Umm i didnt mean he died permanently (Mon 15 Aug 2005 01:05:03 PDT)
Umm i ment he died like Freddy. Both of them come bak everytime. I dont see the point of ppl killing them coz they just come bak. Jason went to water hell with freddy.
From: yea (Mon 15 Aug 2005 08:23:53 PDT)
well that the thing ur a both arnt u a bloke and a women u tranny lol and there not in hell just realize that u idiot so stupid its unreal
From: Lmao (Tue 16 Aug 2005 01:13:09 PDT)
Um have u bin perving on me? Do u kno who i am or where i live? NO! so stop all this crap like ur not a man or a women. And if i am half n half then u have bin looking and that makes u by! Lmao
From: God i can believe what i think (Tue 16 Aug 2005 01:15:17 PDT)
Bloody hell err there not dead...i can believe what i think and more ppl believe Jason Lawyers side than urs so just fuk off. Ur the stupid one how thought i was a boy. ITS UNREAL! lmao!
From: lol (Tue 16 Aug 2005 04:07:12 PDT)
yea i have been looking t you i mean its not hard to miss you is it when god said let there be light he told you to move your fat ass lol fatty lay off the pie i bet your one of them fat womene with 6/7 kids that live in a cheap flat sitting on ur ass all day lol
From: What the fuk? (Wed 17 Aug 2005 01:12:55 PDT)
Omg. How many times have i told u. U dont fuking listen. Im 16! And im not fat so fuk u. ur probly the fat one. Stop trying to ridicule me about my image..bloody hell!
From: What the fuk? (Wed 17 Aug 2005 01:13:08 PDT)
u dont even kno what i look like
From: well (Wed 17 Aug 2005 06:06:18 PDT)
well you can tell bye the way you type it looks like your fatty fingers are having trouble getting there.
lol no wonder i mistook you for a man lol as i said lay off the pie fatty.
From: Omg! (Wed 17 Aug 2005 23:09:39 PDT)
The way i type? Ur the one who keeps making all the spelling mistakes! Ur most likely the fat one. And ur slow. U know wat. U take after Jaosn. No wonder hes ur fave
From: what was that fatty (Thu 18 Aug 2005 06:20:50 PDT)
I tell you what ill give you a cake with chocalate on top so long as i can say this fatty fatty fatty bum bum flabby flabby flabby bum bum get that cakey in your tum tum put on another stone or 2 put on another stone or 2 and have a pork pie to YO!
From: lol (Thu 18 Aug 2005 06:23:14 PDT)
Thankyou thankyou that song was dedicated to a fat lass who every time she passes a window we lose 5 days of sunlight thankyou again your a beatiful audience.
From: Umm that song was shithouse (Fri 19 Aug 2005 15:49:53 PDT)
Thanks for the shithouse song! You didnt even have a comeback so u covered with a song? Omg
From: lmao (Sat 20 Aug 2005 06:58:33 PDT)
yo yo YO motherfucker thinking jasons ma idle eat up all yar pie and fucking cream trifle fucking biggest flab dat ive seen when the ice cream vans in town your on da scene when u go to see a freddy movie u go ahhh gimmie another smoothie fucker make sure its black dammm fool..
From: Omg (Sun 21 Aug 2005 22:57:34 PDT)
Ooo that song was soooo kool please sing it again! Im crying god!
From: lmao (Mon 22 Aug 2005 05:53:10 PDT)
yo yo YO stupid bicth now sucking up to me not like shell get a pie or more cream in her coffee
she was eating her cake and she began to choke i swear looking behind she looked like a bloke dammmmm foool.
From: Lmao (Thu 25 Aug 2005 01:14:06 PDT)
Again plz! Ur really too good!
From: nope (Thu 25 Aug 2005 06:07:57 PDT)
I cant be bothered heres your pie fatty now run along
From: U can be bothered? (Fri 26 Aug 2005 00:15:12 PDT)
R ur fingers puffed from all the typing fatty? I see well u have a rest and ill go get u a nice chocolate cake.
From: lmao (Fri 26 Aug 2005 02:28:38 PDT)
Aint it you thats like been giving the short texts fatty lol yeh so eat that pork pie and have another and get a heart attack for all i care thanx for the choclate cake bye the way to bad you had already eaten the cream inside u pig.
From: Lmao (Sat 27 Aug 2005 00:35:53 PDT)
Im i dont like pork..... and if u want a long text ill give u one. Ur a piece of shit and i hate u. U cant even offend me and keep trying to insalt me when u dont even know what i look like.
From: Lmao (Sat 27 Aug 2005 00:39:41 PDT)
Ive im 55 why do u keep talking to me for? Yea exactly if i am a fat 55 year old stop talking to me and fuck off. ur chode and u look like shit
From: Lmao (Sat 27 Aug 2005 00:40:37 PDT)
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From: Lmao (Sat 27 Aug 2005 00:44:20 PDT)
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From: Lmao (Sat 27 Aug 2005 00:46:33 PDT)
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From: Lmao (Sat 27 Aug 2005 00:46:49 PDT)
There r u bloody happy
From: lmao (Sat 27 Aug 2005 07:20:44 PDT)
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From: lmao (Sat 27 Aug 2005 07:22:13 PDT)
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From: lmao (Sat 27 Aug 2005 07:25:34 PDT)
those songs were in memory of a fat lass who died of a a most painful heart attack i want to kmake it clear that her body will be used as a tug boat to help the tsunami apeal thankyou and good night.
From: ++++++++++ (Sun 28 Aug 2005 16:42:56 PDT)
WO dudes this has got to far way to far this should end now its getting stupid and you man are being very abusive u could get in deep trouble
From: omg (Mon 29 Aug 2005 00:03:21 PDT)
ah so very touching.......but u can save it coz im not fat and im still in school so fuck you. Im still alive u dickhead so shove ur ass so that means u couldnt have bi talking about me
From: lmao (Mon 29 Aug 2005 05:44:07 PDT)
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From: Angry? (Tue 30 Aug 2005 16:10:27 PDT)
Im not angry im telling u knowing. Its quite funny actaully. Umm no im not the school fatty that role goes to Chantele Hanch so dont even try. I write more than you and quicker than u so whats ur fucking problem?
From: err (Wed 31 Aug 2005 14:14:08 PDT)
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From: Oooo (Fri 02 Sep 2005 17:02:55 PDT)
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From: lmao (Sat 03 Sep 2005 03:32:53 PDT)
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From: Lmao (Sat 03 Sep 2005 18:06:52 PDT)
What the? I need a shit? What was that? Umm i wont be getting raped by a devil. u will be and u will be loving it and begging him to do it again.
From: lmao (Sun 04 Sep 2005 05:49:56 PDT)
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From: Lmao (Sun 04 Sep 2005 23:42:55 PDT)
Lmao i dont even like pie so fuck you. I guess it would be the other way around. U would be raping the devil
From: lmao (Mon 05 Sep 2005 03:58:27 PDT)
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From: lmao (Mon 05 Sep 2005 03:58:27 PDT)
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From: Omg (Mon 05 Sep 2005 23:40:15 PDT)
I think i know more about what i like more than u do so shut the hell up. Umm for the last time if i was fat i would be an unaccurate typer. And im not so go fuck a cow. Umm u can get over the fat insalts. U only use them when u have nothing else to say
From: lmao (Tue 06 Sep 2005 03:59:55 PDT)
I did fuk a COW remeber your MUM lololol
hahahahah i no my fat insults piss you off fatty im suprised you can type at all i bet you cant resist thoses keys can you yum yum lolololol fat ugly stupid cow.
From: Omg (Tue 06 Sep 2005 23:03:23 PDT)
im pissed off eh? if i was pissed off i would be calling you alot more. Again u refer to ur fukn gay insalts. If u call them insalts. You fukn dyke
From: lmao (Wed 07 Sep 2005 09:52:01 PDT)
wheres the fukin sarcasasm now aye lol u sound soooo angry whats the matter ur shit not coming out.
From: omg (Wed 07 Sep 2005 23:51:02 PDT)
hell yeah! ive bin eatin to much pie. god u know me so well. LMAO
From: lmao (Thu 08 Sep 2005 04:50:09 PDT)
to right i do eat them pork pies clean fatty.
From: lmao (Fri 09 Sep 2005 00:55:23 PDT)
Hell yea and yep i gave u some sarcasum :P
From: lmao (Fri 09 Sep 2005 05:07:48 PDT)
aww but u injoy them pies so lol.
From: Lol (Fri 09 Sep 2005 19:57:15 PDT)
Hell yea who doesnt?
From: lmao (Sat 10 Sep 2005 03:55:58 PDT)
Well i and many other ppl dont like pork pie filled with cream and ice cream plus more pork yul u sick mother.
From: Omg (Sat 10 Sep 2005 17:32:38 PDT)
u seem to know about so many different pies so i guess ur the one whos eating them! umm no one could eat that kind of pie so dont get ahead of urself
From: lmao (Sun 11 Sep 2005 11:47:50 PDT)
lol what are you doing your sayin this i say call u a cow u go back u must be a cow lol but have i admitted it to u nooooo idiot u have ur 55 u like pie u dumb cow i havent so up urs idiot
From: lmao (Sun 11 Sep 2005 23:20:59 PDT)
haha that made no bloody sence. Umm if u think im 55 stop talking to me then. Yea exactly ur on the computer 247 and u reply like the next day god u must be getting fat if ur on the comp everyday
From: Loser... (Sun 11 Sep 2005 23:21:04 PDT)
Fuck you ya loser stop bring down other ppl get a life
From: Haha (Sun 11 Sep 2005 23:21:44 PDT)
Hey Bub! :D
From: Haha (Sun 11 Sep 2005 23:22:51 PDT)
Hey yoi got something agianst pie? the food or mathimatics by that sentance sounds like ur an idiot who is fat
From: Haha (Sun 11 Sep 2005 23:24:15 PDT)
Hey yoi got something agianst pie? the food or mathimatics by that sentance sounds like ur an idiot who is fat
From: Haha (Sun 11 Sep 2005 23:24:19 PDT)
Hey Bub! :D
From: lmao (Mon 12 Sep 2005 12:35:55 PDT)
yo yo yo fatty thinking she can rap cant even make a ryhme just eat food like a overweight cat just ta mention a word about cats i mayed sure your mamas pussi stayed well intack dammmmmmmm mother fukin piue eating foool
From: Lol (Mon 12 Sep 2005 23:20:23 PDT)
No i dont think i can rap. at least i have friends. Ty for that Ju! haha insalting me? Ur the loner with no friends.
From: lmao (Tue 13 Sep 2005 09:11:31 PDT)
yo yo yo fatty girl thinking im a loner ive more freinds than her then a big ass filled sofa take my advise girl stop eating dat pie and out that door lololol when pigs fly.
dammm ugly fat foool.
From: Lmao (Thu 15 Sep 2005 00:34:34 PDT)
Ive got more mates than u u mofo. Umm u dont rap either u dickhead so stop thinking u can. yo yo yo? Lol u cant get anymore gayer. Lol im fat n ugly? U dont even know what i look like so all u can come up with is visual stuff. Lol u really need to work on ur insalts!
From: lmao (Thu 15 Sep 2005 05:02:49 PDT)
yo yo fatty girl getting dead angry dont get otta line cuz i insult u wit ryhme there u go again wit your admitingggg ur ooooo is gayer it sounds like ur shittingggg my yo yo rules bitch it tells u this u eat pie and it gives u the shits.
From: lmao (Thu 15 Sep 2005 05:02:49 PDT)
yo yo fatty girl getting dead angry dont get otta line cuz i insult u wit ryhme there u go again wit your admitingggg ur ooooo is gayer it sounds like ur shittingggg my yo yo rules bitch it tells u this u eat pie and it gives u the shits.
From: Lmao (Fri 16 Sep 2005 18:15:32 PDT)
im not angry trust me. Its funny actually. You think u can rap but u cant. Ur probly one of those losers are school who thinks u can beat box. Lmao i neva admitted its called sarcasum but of corse u dont understand that. Ur rapping is shithouse so do do wat u do best. Fuk ur mum.
From: Lol (Fri 16 Sep 2005 18:18:03 PDT)
Oooo? Whos got a shit up there arse now! i always knew u were the one who addicted to the pie coz u couldnt stop talking about it. Lmao tell me im constipated try n answer why u do it too oooooo?
From: lmao (Sat 17 Sep 2005 03:49:57 PDT)
yo yo fatty girl upset and constipated tap tap wheres her crap its not very complicated u havent had pie shove one down ur gob yull be shitting like a dog so u aint gonna die all cuz i call u the blob dont mean u should give up on ur day pie eating job ... lol dammm piss face fanny hole fool
From: Lmao (Sat 17 Sep 2005 19:09:40 PDT)
haha u seem angry there lol too easy. Hmm still think u can rap well u can rap all u want coz its shithouse but really funny coz ur trying to hard. Lol
From: lmao (Sun 18 Sep 2005 12:57:41 PDT)
lol go on give me one bitch if im so bad go on oh yeah your too thick you cant even ryhme with yours lol.
From: Lmao (Mon 19 Sep 2005 00:08:50 PDT)
I neva said i could rap. And either can you. But still its funny so type away. Oh umm havnt u herd ryhming is gay and went out when pep finished. Oh i forgot u have a metal age of 3. Rhymings only good when ur good at it. And ur shitouse
From: lmao (Mon 19 Sep 2005 04:46:06 PDT)
speaking of shithouse god i bet it fuks up your mind at your place man how many pies did u have
From: Lmao (Fri 23 Sep 2005 01:00:48 PDT)
hmm ive had 1 this month so shove that up ur ass. So how many times have u fuked ur mum this month? Ah about 10 times the rest u had to rape her
From: lmao (Sun 25 Sep 2005 11:20:34 PDT)
Lol as i say on the other posts i fuck your Mum and well at first i fought i was raping her until she shouted out yes yes oh yes give it to me you sex machine.
From: LMAO (Sun 25 Sep 2005 17:14:17 PDT)
aahahahahahha!!! Thats not my mum u must have the wrong person. Erm u fuck and rape ur mum like get over it i guess she is use to it by now. Ahaha u wouldnt be able to get a erection anyway little boy.
From: p.s (Sun 25 Sep 2005 17:16:09 PDT)
ahh take this number for the erection line u will be needing it! 1800572836

From: lmao (Sun 25 Sep 2005 17:17:44 PDT)
ah wait i forgot ur dad helps u keep it up. ah very nice parents u got there. Very close and i see they just love to help out there "special" little boy.
From: lmao (Mon 26 Sep 2005 05:05:52 PDT)
hm u seem to no alot about erction is it because you were one yourself lol sex change was it ?? well what should i call you dave or jane lol and why did you have a sex change your dad would abuse you even more did you have a sex change because ur mum likes lil boys lol hahahah.
From: LMAO (Wed 28 Sep 2005 22:18:32 PDT)
its called sex ed lil boy when you get a bit older you will understand it Ahh but u do seem to know alot about sex change ah so what u just said just backfired lil boy oh im sorry or is that lil girl?
From: LMAO (Wed 28 Sep 2005 22:18:44 PDT)
Um stick ur attacks and stop stealing mine Ur parents r the pedophiles u need 2 get ova it coz it will neva change unlike ur gender Lmao
From: lmao (Thu 29 Sep 2005 04:55:28 PDT)
ok then i will fatty fatty fatty bum bum hmm you picked a nice one dident you pedofiles lollolol thats it your a pedofile ahahhaha no wonder you coem on here u 55 yera old pedofile
From: ahahahaha (Mon 03 Oct 2005 00:00:53 PDT)
if u really thought i was a pedophile u wouldnt be talking to me unless u like getting fuked by pedophiles. get over it ur parents r pedophiles so stop making up crap just becoz u wish u didnt have to fuk ya parents everynight.
From: lmao (Mon 03 Oct 2005 05:07:48 PDT)
hahahah your so you asked for something new and i have one your a pedofile hahahahahah.
From: lmao (Mon 03 Oct 2005 05:07:48 PDT)
hahahah your so you asked for something new and i have one your a pedofile hahahahahah.
From: lmao (Tue 04 Oct 2005 23:21:49 PDT)
yeaaa and u stole that from me lol ur the pedophile so get something NEW that u thought of not someone else. Ur is that a problem for u?
From: lmao (Wed 05 Oct 2005 05:12:23 PDT)
ahhahaha you are so stpuid its unreal dah lol ellloo lol stupid weird low life peod hahahah.
From: lmao (Wed 05 Oct 2005 23:42:47 PDT)
lol ur a stupid choder i said find something NEW not copyed from the person whos bagging ya
From: lmao (Thu 06 Oct 2005 04:47:42 PDT)
lmao i bett your getting turned on over this arnt yer i bett you like the things little kids say lol.
From: LMAO (Fri 07 Oct 2005 20:26:01 PDT)
nah a pedophile would never get turned on by u only ur parnets one else is talking in this website lol get over the pedo thing just becoz u dont have anything to say
From: lmao (Sat 08 Oct 2005 08:28:53 PDT)
lol i know why you dont like my comebacks about you beign a pedo because doesant that involve having sex hm yes and let us go back to when i was saying you were poor lol you have only gone and got yourself aids lol no sorry you were born with them since ur momma is so desperate for them pennys.
From: LMAO (Sun 09 Oct 2005 23:24:34 PDT)
ermm ur comebacks do involve sex and rape...ahh aids? Lol sexual diease ur the one obsessed with sex and rape and pedos lmao stupid chode
From: lmao (Mon 10 Oct 2005 05:10:02 PDT)
Hahahahha now look who cant think of anything else too say so she takes my thing's lol go dance for money so you can buy a pee pot fatty boing boing you certainly would be doing your bit for helping people like you with aids buy going to and open day and being a trampoline lol
From: lmao (Sat 15 Oct 2005 17:34:58 PDT)
i didnt even steal anything u said lol i was saying u r obsessed with sex and rape and pedos and fat ppl witch u r! Lmao u seem to know all this stuff about fat people and sex changes n shit....ahahahahaa u must have em all seeing u know so much
From: lmao (Mon 24 Oct 2005 03:36:22 PDT)
Lmao boring you have said that like soo many times. I have noticed you say this when i am kicking your ass as your only comback lol. Now where was i lol oh yes my dog would like to borrow your pee pot to have a shit in
From: lmao (Tue 25 Oct 2005 00:29:27 PDT)
im bored of this and u arnt even kiking my butt lmao! lol ur dog? aint ya talking about ya mum? lol yea get it right stupid choder
From: lmao (Tue 25 Oct 2005 06:10:38 PDT)
LOL you are so desperate for a good comeback now you say im talking about my Mum ? what a shit comeback what im a dog and my mum is ? lol how shit well i can easily say something back.
Your Cat? aint ya talking about your pussy? lol
From: lmao (Thu 27 Oct 2005 01:44:31 PDT)
no ones even trying this has gone on for so long and now its started with u having a cry becoz i liked freddy more than jason lol ahhhh
From: annoyed (Thu 27 Oct 2005 03:50:14 PDT)
you people are so gay!! this is a fredy vs jason fansite not a chatroom! you are ment to talk about freddy and jason not attack eachother. Go to a fucking chatroom if you want to bitch eachother do it somewhere else. Fucken hell
From: lmao (Thu 27 Oct 2005 09:06:11 PDT)
In the end bitch i wish i supported Freddy more cause i have cut ur flab down to size and made you gone into a corner vrying like the little bitch you are lolololol.
From: lmao (Mon 07 Nov 2005 16:39:05 PST)
wtf? i didnt even cry....u got more worked up about this than i did...made up all this shit lol so dont say i had a cry when u were the one gettin all worked up about it lmao like who let the dog out?
From: Lmao (Mon 14 Nov 2005 15:56:44 PST)
So simply u have diverted my conversation and i did it lol crap utter shit lol. Like who let the pussy out lol.
From: wtf (Sat 26 Nov 2005 22:16:34 PST)
wat the fuck r u on? everything i say u say "I SAID THAT BEFORE U CANT SAY THAT I SAID IT!" lol fucking hell i mite as well say nothing u get worked up so easy
From: lmao (Thu 01 Dec 2005 04:49:34 PST)
Lol threw going threw these posts being truthful i have kicked your ass you hjave simply replied back oh oh no im not that hahah.
From: ermmm (Sat 07 Jan 2006 22:15:50 PST)
lol no u havnt u reply shit like NO IM NOT U FUCKING FAT SLUT and reply with pycho stuff.. or weird stuff about rape...
From: ... (Sun 15 Jan 2006 13:00:06 PST)
wow lots of people like dissing here... all this over a movie... wow...
From: Lmao (Tue 17 Jan 2006 09:04:43 PST)
I have called you a pedo a 50000 pound whale a poor tramp your Dad had died and i dance on his grave etc.

Your only one was being abused by parents................. nice choice lolololololol.
From: haha (Wed 15 Feb 2006 23:52:44 PST)
omfg.. u keep coming bak to this fucking site just to try and offend me with some shit.. d00d.. i dont give a fuck about wat u say.. ur a chode who works at mcdonalds.. and u like to fuck ur parents.. lmao
From: haha (Wed 15 Feb 2006 23:55:23 PST)
at least my farts dont smell like cum.. LOL WAT HAVE U BIN UP TO?
From: Lmao oh god how crap (Sun 19 Feb 2006 07:59:40 PST)
Lol not even a peice of shit would find you attractive fatto. Every time you fart you cause the universe to move 1 mile.
From: Lmao oh god how crap (Sun 19 Feb 2006 07:59:49 PST)
guess who this is “oh sniff no im not you are your not hurting me oh boo hoo lol” face facts fatty you were owned I kicked your blubber butt it take you about a year to turn around.
From: haha (Mon 20 Feb 2006 21:50:12 PST)
wtf.. u really need some better stuff.. MAYBE IF U THOUGHT OF SOMETHING OFFENSIVE U COULD OF WON.. but no.. u come up with shit that u repeat over and over..oh so wat ur saying is i cant get bum sex coz im ugly? WELL I DONT WANT IT..
From: Yuppii (Sun 07 May 2006 04:15:43 PDT)
All of you are dumb and think your little FV2 is coming and its not.
From: kayla krueger AKA mrs. krueger (Sat 13 May 2006 18:44:53 PDT)
NARWARD ROCKS HE MET ROBERT ENGLUND AND 4 THAT I LOVE HIM LIKE A BRO freddys not a pervert he said he liked little girls best becasue in FREDDY'S DEAD the 6th freddy movie he had a wife and a little girl named kathren who he loved very much!
From: jaso (Sun 21 May 2006 03:38:37 PDT)
Any one of the two is better then that pussy Michael Myers.... god I hate him
From: (Fri 02 Jun 2006 05:32:09 PDT)
well iunno wut to say to all of u people but they both rock,it doesnt matter how many kill u have but then jason is like strong man hes fast and always knows where ur hiding,but then michale myers just sucks freddy and jason rock!!!!!!!!!
From: kayla krueger AKA mrs krueger (Fri 09 Jun 2006 22:00:11 PDT)
MICHEAL MYERS SUCKS! FREDDY could kill him anytime anywhere dream world or not!
From: Kevin (Fri 29 Sep 2006 15:34:18 PDT)
Damn straight Michael is weak and got beat up by his sister.
From: bigboy (Thu 14 Aug 2008 11:40:13 PDT)
hey all u freddy fans are pussys!! grow up and like jason jason a beast jason ganna slice freedy back to his ugly ass elm, street peace and like jason bitches!!!!
From: wayne (Sun 14 Dec 2008 14:36:59 PST)
dis shit sucks all of yall are pussys
From: from your mama (Wed 18 Nov 2009 15:28:25 PST)
jason rocks he can kick freddy ass in one hit
More Franz Afterparty fun. Note Bob's Hat!
More Franz Afterparty fun. Note Bob's Hat!  
From album: NardPics!

From: Lisa (Mon 07 Nov 2005 16:18:48 PST)
The hat's the first thing I noticed!! CANADA!! Ya!
From: wow! (Mon 20 Feb 2006 16:31:14 PST)
you are amazing! how do you meet so many people?!
From: Araceli (Tue 18 Jul 2006 00:57:51 PDT)
He are so cute and sexy... Well... Is glad to They (franz ferdinand, and of course Bob) Can`t go at Chile...

Because I waiting for you

Ich Liebe Dich Robert!!!

From Chile...
Araceli Torres Perines.
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Randy Lamb of God, Accused T-Shirt, Nardwuar. PNE Forum, Vacouver, BC, Canada!
Randy Lamb of God, Accused T-Shirt, Nardwuar. PNE Forum, Vacouver, BC, Canada!  
From album: NardPics!

From: banana (Wed 26 Oct 2005 11:51:02 PDT) almost looks like Nardwuar is about to touch Randy's nipple.
From: kori (Mon 05 Dec 2005 15:16:29 PST)
im sure he wants to . they look like a cute couple. nard looks pregnate.
From: whor (Sat 24 Dec 2005 04:56:32 PST)
From: Rabb (Fri 30 Dec 2005 13:11:29 PST)
Lamb Of God Fucking Rocks YAAAAA!!!
From: the devil (Wed 04 Jan 2006 18:32:10 PST)
lamb of god is the fuckin shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: (Sat 14 Jan 2006 13:24:47 PST)
From: that guy, with the hair (Wed 08 Feb 2006 01:11:19 PST)
randy has a very loose hand shake
From: mr.christie (Sat 18 Feb 2006 10:27:54 PST)
{lamb of god}man randy has braggin rights fer bein one of the heavyist fuckin bands threw out the world,
From: Devil Driver (Thu 27 Apr 2006 13:05:08 PDT)
LAMB OF GOD IS THE SHIT cant wait to see em day after my 18th B-day FUCK YEA!!!!
From: Ekaon (Wed 31 May 2006 13:19:52 PDT)
Lamb of Kick ass
From: yasmin (Mon 14 Aug 2006 08:00:44 PDT)
From: tori (Sun 20 Aug 2006 09:00:46 PDT)
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Nardwuar, Jello Biafra. Martini's, Vancouver, BC, Canaduh!
Nardwuar, Jello Biafra. Martini's, Vancouver, BC, Canaduh!  
From album: NardPics!

From: allison (Mon 20 Feb 2006 18:41:50 PST)
yay its jello!!!! u can never have enough jello!
From: riot my ass (Mon 17 Jul 2006 16:10:50 PDT)
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