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From album: Vanilla Ice
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From: (Tue 28 Sep 2004 17:56:06 PDT)
Dude, what the fuck?!?!?!. Vanilla Ice...Tut Tut Tut....ur a fuckin fuck head and u loomk like shit and as for ur music well thats even worse why bother?.
From: alecia (Tue 05 Oct 2004 14:22:10 PDT)
this guy obviously doesnt know what hes talking about becasue vanilla ice is sooooo fucking hott
From: Gabby (Wed 06 Oct 2004 18:41:10 PDT)
omg. that guy has no idea. vanilla ice is sooooo hot!!!
From: (Fri 08 Oct 2004 15:48:17 PDT)
Suck my cock vanilly
From: DaNi (Sat 18 Dec 2004 20:58:03 PST)
willowdownie7 and iceyJDP have NO clue wut they are talking about they are just hating because they dont look as good as Vanilla Ice and they couldnt rap or nething like he can! so QUIT hating on C-Ice!
From: guiso_floyd mexico (Sat 07 Jan 2006 11:34:03 PST)
vanilla ice es lo maximo
From: feelingsinsincere (Mon 31 Jul 2006 00:08:28 PDT)
ch iceyJDP is sooooooooo hot so shut the hell on up
From: feelingsinsincere (Mon 31 Jul 2006 19:44:11 PDT)
shall i say way hotter than that pozer vanilla ice. the best ice is JDP :)
From: KILL YOURSELF (Sun 12 Aug 2007 18:15:29 PDT)
The Donnas and Nardwuar!
The Donnas and Nardwuar!  
From album: NardPics!
Viewed: 18255 times

From: what? (Mon 01 Aug 2005 12:20:33 PDT)
hahahi can see that gurls rolies!!!
From: in_my_veins (Thu 04 Aug 2005 16:28:29 PDT)
The Donnas F*CKIN Rock MaN!
From: speakerphone (Thu 04 Aug 2005 20:55:29 PDT)
This interview is HILARIOUS. More girls Nard!
From: banana (Wed 26 Oct 2005 12:02:53 PDT)
point & laugh!
it's Nardwuar laughing at the huge girl!
From: The tiger (Mon 28 Nov 2005 14:23:04 PST)
M.I.A is the best, valga tamil
From: ben (Thu 01 Dec 2005 04:12:30 PST)
id put the one on the far right away yer baby
From: RockingWithTheDonnas (Wed 07 Dec 2005 17:24:29 PST)
Yah Gotta Love The Donnas They Put Out Some Kick Ass Rock_n_Roll Woo_Hoo Brett & Allison
From: Kevin and Spencer (Sat 25 Feb 2006 11:18:37 PST)
hahahahaha what a fatty
From: Chloe (Fri 10 Mar 2006 16:47:28 PST)
You guys are my favorite band EVER and i think maya looks frickin awesome!!!! dont be mean to people just because you are jealous of them
From: Captain (Mon 27 Mar 2006 15:10:12 PST)
Man everyones always so mean the one whos actually a normal size. not everyone is a size zero, and i think she should be applauded for not letting the media brainwash her into becoming a twig. you shit faces need to actually get a life and not insult people because they arent as shallow as you.
From: on the furilla (Tue 01 Aug 2006 16:46:28 PDT)
hey chloe, what? and point&laugh, i wonder if you'd say the same about a dude? get a brain and get with it. it's 2006.
she's the most rockingest of them all! let's see you try to rock harder.

From: 888 (Sat 05 Aug 2006 16:12:29 PDT)
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From: mae (Mon 14 Aug 2006 07:56:10 PDT)
From: davidspanishrocker (Sat 02 Sep 2006 14:57:34 PDT)
torry's so gorgeus!
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Kool Keith, Nardwuar
Kool Keith, Nardwuar  
From album: NardPics!
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From: victor (Tue 08 Feb 2005 12:36:30 PST)
keith is soo dope
From: YO (Sun 20 Nov 2005 23:03:19 PST)
this pic is blowing my FUCKING MIND YO
From: YO (Tue 27 Dec 2005 07:57:51 PST)
im cool
From: (Mon 26 Jun 2006 17:49:21 PDT)
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With Auf Der Maur ! Georgian Court Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada!
With Auf Der Maur ! Georgian Court Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada!  
From album: NardPics!
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From: lorenaswhat? (Mon 01 Aug 2005 12:34:13 PDT)
that gurl is very pretty
From: piscien (Fri 23 Sep 2005 19:24:14 PDT)
I looooove melissaaaaa
From: LE-LE TRIK (Fri 09 Dec 2005 08:54:09 PST)
From: ARG (Tue 13 Dec 2005 02:06:38 PST)
From: anibal (Wed 04 Jan 2006 08:19:41 PST)
i love you melissaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
From: 666_maggot (Fri 27 Jan 2006 20:21:12 PST)
neva heard of them either
From: stacey001001 (Sun 05 Feb 2006 16:09:03 PST)
melissa is awsome..her solo album rocks and i cant wait for her new one!!!!
From: Phil (Wed 01 Mar 2006 17:43:35 PST)
Melissa Auf Der Maur Rawks!!!!!
From: porchestra (Sat 01 Apr 2006 06:33:56 PST)
The guy on the right is Steve Durand. He & Melissa were in a band called TINKER.
From: kelly.mccue (Sat 06 May 2006 14:37:41 PDT)
hi there i think these messages are getting
pretty old and they should come up with new
messages for like hot hot heat and since we
are into may now from kelly
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Josh Homme, Nardwuar
Josh Homme, Nardwuar  
Viewed: 17819 times

From: Nicole (Wed 10 Aug 2005 22:30:47 PDT)
Narduar is so RaDd
From: Feeeshhie (Fri 23 Sep 2005 18:47:20 PDT)
Joshi Homme izz sexyyyyy
From: rosie (Sun 02 Oct 2005 01:47:36 PDT)
Josh is so f*****g hot!!
From: Scar Face (Thu 06 Oct 2005 08:34:19 PDT)
LMFAO this is the funniest sh*t ever
From: Mestrer Brakles (Tue 18 Oct 2005 11:48:53 PDT)
WHo the Dickins is Narwuar???
From: Mike (Sun 23 Oct 2005 12:34:58 PDT)
mmmmmmm i'm pregnant with television
From: Linni (Wed 02 Nov 2005 06:37:48 PST)
Im goin to have Jish Hommes cildren one day! sexy !!!!!!!hmm
From: Your mum (Thu 10 Nov 2005 16:56:12 PST)
You cant spell for shit
From: me (Fri 11 Nov 2005 08:09:20 PST)
ooh sad
From: gremelina (Sun 20 Nov 2005 12:35:37 PST)
From: sophia mando meleagrou (Mon 28 Nov 2005 02:20:13 PST)
From: india harvey (Mon 28 Nov 2005 02:23:06 PST)
suck my chocolate covered salty balls josh!! i love u!! u r my hero, U CHANGED MY LIFE!!!
From: argh (Wed 30 Nov 2005 06:53:17 PST)
vc nao entenden o que eu falo entao vai .....
From: Elle (Fri 02 Dec 2005 08:40:27 PST)
That pic always makes me smile...(:
From: LITTLE SISTER (Fri 09 Dec 2005 14:20:49 PST)
Josh you are so fucking sexy!if I could meet you one day it would be the best day of my life.You such a great singer and player.

With love
by Denise Castlunger from Italy near Bologna
From: Claynation(worshipping band) (Sat 10 Dec 2005 08:13:46 PST)
hey you need to do a video on "Tangled Up In Plaid" thats a really really good song!
From: sivan (Sun 11 Dec 2005 06:44:35 PST)
joshhh i lovee youuu ever since i saw little sisters video i cant stop thinking abouu how sexyyyy you areee!!! ican only pray ill see you one dayy!!!
from israel with loveee i fuckinggg lovee youuu
From: Canada (Sun 11 Dec 2005 12:03:39 PST)
You People are all fucking idiots, "oh hes so sexy" you shouldn't care what Josh Homme looks like listen to the fucking music and stop stop wasting time posting stupid messages like i have
From: feel good hit of the summer (Sun 11 Dec 2005 17:44:49 PST)
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE! i just saw them was sick...josh rules lol
From: marianne (Sat 17 Dec 2005 05:03:09 PST)
muy muy rico josh y sooy una fan del grupo
From: Elle (Fri 30 Dec 2005 10:17:32 PST)
I Love this picture! One of the best pictures I think I may of ever seen in my life in fact =P
Has anybody seen that big clock one? xx
From: anna banana (Sun 01 Jan 2006 18:43:40 PST)
josh is a sexy beast. i would love to do that thing.
From: Daron (Fri 06 Jan 2006 17:07:43 PST)
come back to Vancouver!!! by the way, QOTSA rocks!! Broken Box is the best!
From: Dylan (Tue 10 Jan 2006 11:20:31 PST)
You're a broken box!! And How come everyone thinks everyone is hot?!?
From: LALALA (Sat 14 Jan 2006 16:17:34 PST)
Ilove Joshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Hes has this mysterious sexiness to him that I just cant get enough of!!!!!!
From: JOSH IS SEXY! (Wed 18 Jan 2006 17:52:24 PST)
best picture ever.

josh homme is orgasmic... and a FANTASTIC singer!!

From: Some guy (Sat 28 Jan 2006 12:35:48 PST)
i bet if he wasnt famous or a good singer none of you would think he was hot.
From: kirbs (Fri 03 Feb 2006 21:35:14 PST)
His voice give me chills.i am fucking him right now as i type and i would think he was hot if he wasnt famous. i like the red heads especially tall ones. By the way, it's not only looks that make a person sexy in my eyes.So eat a dick, literally yes im e arguing.
From: Lost Art of Keeping A Secret (Sun 12 Feb 2006 16:45:22 PST)
Josh: "And This Is What I Like To Do With Boobies."

Damn perv. haha i love him.
From: amy 'chaos' rodden (Sun 26 Feb 2006 14:48:25 PST)
'illuminati'josh is the shit,respect due.
From: richalfa (Sun 26 Feb 2006 14:50:03 PST)
'lets rock' hes the lynch of the music world!
From: sivan (Thu 16 Mar 2006 05:17:11 PST)
my godddd
why do you have a girlfriendddd!?!?!
i fuckingg lovee youuuuu!!!!!!!!!
From: sivan (Thu 16 Mar 2006 05:19:35 PST)
some guy!
i dont realy care about his music...
i just think his hot jiji (:
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