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Qbert , Nardwuar and DJ Jazzy Jeff! Plush, Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Qbert , Nardwuar and DJ Jazzy Jeff! Plush, Vancouver, BC, Canada!  
From album: NardPics!
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From: Syd (Tue 17 May 2005 13:29:53 PDT)
Qbert huh... cool name dude! oh and y does nard alwasy do that thing with his fingers...
From: what? (Mon 01 Aug 2005 12:25:14 PDT)
hahahah i know it's his thing
From: nard car (Fri 25 Nov 2005 18:39:36 PST)
i thought qbert was one of those orange people with a really long chin. what's going on here?
From: izzy fizzy (Thu 22 Dec 2005 13:49:19 PST)
wat's with the fingers i know it's his thing but wat the fuck he could have cum up with sometin better than that
From: lame ben ure lame (Thu 22 Dec 2005 13:59:45 PST)
huh izy wat u on bout
From: lame ben ure lame (Thu 22 Dec 2005 14:04:30 PST)
hahahahahahahahah u all smell
From: Amy and Jo (Sat 11 Feb 2006 11:56:19 PST)
Boom Boom Shake Shake the room!!!!
From: 2slay (Fri 15 Sep 2006 22:20:42 PDT)
The Donnas, Nardwuar in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
The Donnas, Nardwuar in Vancouver, BC, Canada!  
From album: NardPics!
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From: in_my_veins (Thu 04 Aug 2005 16:30:03 PDT)
From: in_my_veins (Thu 04 Aug 2005 16:30:19 PDT)
From: AllisonsWoman01 (Fri 05 Aug 2005 00:14:50 PDT)
I love Allison!
From: i_heart)the_donnas (Fri 05 Aug 2005 10:58:26 PDT)
nardwuar has been unthumbed
From: jackass (Thu 22 Sep 2005 21:17:28 PDT)
of course the fatty is pissed at having zero attention focused on her
From: jackass (Thu 22 Sep 2005 21:17:51 PDT)
of course the fatty is pissed at having zero attention focused on her
From: banana (Wed 26 Oct 2005 12:04:22 PDT)
imagine if the hugh girl is mentally challenged.. hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
From: Banana #2 (Sat 26 Nov 2005 12:05:34 PST)
From: i rather burn then fall....... (Sat 14 Jan 2006 08:54:51 PST)
From: Elizabeth (Mon 06 Feb 2006 12:45:57 PST)
they suck monkeys
From: LE-LE TRIK (Mon 06 Feb 2006 12:46:24 PST)
From: captain (Mon 27 Mar 2006 15:12:16 PST)
banana: wow you're shallow. i don't even like the donna's but atleast i have some moral fiber.
From: 666 slipknot (Tue 11 Apr 2006 13:25:23 PDT)
the girls are pretty but the fat monster on the left side i hate fat monsters so you are a fat monster !"!
From: Bob (Tue 25 Apr 2006 21:12:16 PDT)
The vote is 4 to 1, the guy in the middle is gay
From: Devil Driver (Thu 27 Apr 2006 13:15:05 PDT)
shes not fat she is huskey over 300 pounds is fat 350+ is a huge bitch
From: melony (Mon 14 Aug 2006 07:56:36 PDT)
From: OLIVIA (Thu 21 Sep 2006 15:54:36 PDT)
From: OLIVIA (Thu 21 Sep 2006 15:55:09 PDT)
From: lyka (Thu 21 Sep 2006 15:58:12 PDT)
From: Delysid (Mon 02 Oct 2006 14:57:16 PDT)
The media presents as "normal" a body type which only a small percentage of humans naturally possess, while truly normal body types are seen as sick, dysfunctional, and in a bizarre departure from logic, taken to indicate a moral failure of will deserving of blame, huiliation, and punishment.
From: Delysid (Mon 02 Oct 2006 14:58:03 PDT)
The media presents as "normal" a body type which only a small percentage of humans naturally possess, while truly normal body types are seen as sick, dysfunctional, and in a bizarre departure from logic, taken to indicate a moral failure of will deserving of blame, huiliation, and punishment.
From: Delysid (Mon 02 Oct 2006 14:58:24 PDT)
I agree with Olivia. Calling someone fat in a mean, hurtful, almost hysterical way marks you as a prejudiced jerk with serious body image issues to deal with.
From: Delysid (Mon 02 Oct 2006 14:58:44 PDT)
I agree with Olivia. Calling someone fat in a mean, hurtful, almost hysterical way marks you as a prejudiced jerk with serious body image issues to deal with.
From: Delysid (Mon 02 Oct 2006 15:30:11 PDT)
Body type is mostly genetic. One person need eat a little less and exercise a bit more to be underweight. One with different genetics can eat half as much and exercise ten times more and still not be skinny. Does this make the 1st person better or the 2nd person deserve insults?
From: olivia (Tue 17 Oct 2006 17:15:31 PDT)
thank you delysid i'm happy you agree with me. you no the majority of people in america are fat (i not sure if u live in america) but if these are american people they really are the minority
From: olivia (Tue 17 Oct 2006 17:15:35 PDT)
thank you delysid i'm happy you agree with me. you no the majority of people in america are fat (i not sure if u live in america) but if these are american people they really are the minority
From: olivia (Tue 17 Oct 2006 17:18:18 PDT)
i think that people might be a smidge jelous of her cuz they are devoting their time to talk about some one who has a little extra weight on them.
From: olivia (Tue 17 Oct 2006 17:20:48 PDT)
people, like really you spend your time talking about this girl but you mostlikely have better things to worry about. if you have to talk about how fat someone might be you have no life.
From: olivia (Tue 17 Oct 2006 17:23:01 PDT)
you may be wondering why i'm rambling like this its because i'm 13 and have tons of time to be at my computer.people...GET A GRIP. you are heartless.
From: olivia (Tue 17 Oct 2006 17:23:19 PDT)
From: ALEX (Tue 17 Oct 2006 17:29:54 PDT)
From: Risolina (Mon 04 Dec 2006 08:34:27 PST)
Ohhhh... he is sooo sexy
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Franz Ferdinand, a Stylophone and Nardwuar! Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Franz Ferdinand, a Stylophone and Nardwuar! Vancouver, BC, Canada!  
From album: NardPics!
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From: ajkdhfsh (Tue 29 Jun 2004 14:51:02 PDT)
that person right there's all like this : "MONKEEZ!"
From: news- (Fri 20 Aug 2004 21:24:46 PDT)
From: rythe (Mon 23 Aug 2004 10:20:13 PDT)
wow nice picture haha i love the face that alex is doing totally hott haha
From: Lisa (Tue 28 Sep 2004 12:37:45 PDT)
I have no idea what they were doing when this pic was taken, but it's quite hilarious...
From: (Sun 17 Oct 2004 21:17:33 PDT)
Don't know about you...but I think Alex would really like Nardwuar's jacket!!And they most likely LOVED his pants!!Way to go Nardwuar!!!!
From: (Sat 13 Nov 2004 20:58:30 PST)
I just love them!!! I love alex... :P
From: moi (Fri 19 Nov 2004 13:50:12 PST)
his eyes are going to buldge right out of his head...
From: ketty (Thu 25 Nov 2004 17:11:31 PST)
i love this picture,,,even though it looks like alex's eyes will fall. Bob looks adorable :D
From: Courtney (Mon 31 Jan 2005 18:21:03 PST)
What a gr8 pic! I love Bob! Alex looks kind of scary LOL!
From: hayli (Thu 03 Feb 2005 16:05:03 PST)
ohh..fab pick. whats going on with alex's eyes scary....otherwise fab.
From: Yuki Jacobs (Sat 19 Feb 2005 00:09:16 PST)
hahahaahh Looking at Alex's eyes makes me feel uncomfortable. (x. x) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. What is Paul poking at.
From: Yuki Jacobs (Sun 22 May 2005 14:41:47 PDT)
Nick is fly ... and he's getting married this July.
From: Lauren (Mon 27 Jun 2005 14:56:46 PDT)
Ok, probably the most unhot picture of Alex i've ever seen, but he still looks scrummy!
From: sdf (Tue 05 Jul 2005 04:31:43 PDT)
From: switchblade posse (Tue 26 Jul 2005 22:14:55 PDT)
could they get ay ore disgustingly fabuless? unlikely
From: lorenaswhat? (Mon 01 Aug 2005 12:42:22 PDT)
omg my name is loren
From: I Heart Julian (Mon 05 Sep 2005 17:12:55 PDT)
good 4 u
From: I Heart Julian (Mon 05 Sep 2005 17:13:27 PDT)
Hilarious picture Alex looks like hes looking at porno pictures for the first time lmao
From: Yuki Jacobs (Fri 07 Oct 2005 12:11:51 PDT)
WOOO THEY SIGNED MY TIE, lets frame it.
From: Laura (Thu 27 Oct 2005 16:16:29 PDT)
Bob looks adorable in this pic.
From: LE-LE TRIK (Tue 20 Dec 2005 07:21:43 PST)
From: lol. (Tue 27 Dec 2005 07:51:55 PST)
From: commander nectar (Sun 08 Jan 2006 00:48:25 PST)
they have such nice smiles, even Paul.. for a guy who's got a gap/chips between or in his teeth.
From: ziggy stardust (Sun 22 Jan 2006 14:27:42 PST)
this is a very talanted group even if they are on mtv i still think they are genius
From: -v- (Wed 25 Jan 2006 17:27:42 PST)
look at the middle guy!!! hes eyeballing the front guys dick!!!
From: Devon (Wed 01 Feb 2006 17:36:16 PST)
A stylophone!!!!!
From: Taryn (Sat 06 May 2006 12:22:44 PDT)
LOL ALEX! *tacklehugs* I love this interview.. it's my favourite :D

All looking really good. With the exception of Alex's eyeballs. They're GORGEOUS XD *holds eyes*
From: fer (Wed 10 May 2006 09:20:49 PDT)
bob looks like the perfect boy you introduce to your parents. alex the one that you don't. love you guys!!
From: alex (Tue 20 Jun 2006 20:38:41 PDT)
you are all a bunch of ass clowns.
From: zipper (Mon 11 Dec 2006 18:58:25 PST)
no, YOU'RE an ass clown
Jesse and Sebastian from Death From Above 1979 and Nardwuar  holding a copy of Jesse's Dad's band's record. ( David Clayton Thomas and The Shays A Go Go )
Jesse and Sebastian from Death From Above 1979 and Nardwuar holding a copy of Jesse's Dad's band's record. ( David Clayton Thomas and The Shays A Go Go )   
From album: NardPics!
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From: Rupert Pupkin (Mon 16 May 2005 07:15:22 PDT)
Hey! I think I recognise that record! ;)
From: Mike (Mon 30 May 2005 04:47:03 PDT)
look, its kelly osbourne's look-a-like's human poodles. you god damn gremlins. god damn me! he already has. stupid gremlins.
From: Mike (Mon 30 May 2005 05:16:32 PDT)
in the end of the blood on our hands video you make it look like i'm situing right next to pile of shit, like i'm working with it to get money or something. dont make such a complicated reference if you dont know you are talking about. (crack)
From: Mike (Mon 30 May 2005 05:17:55 PDT)
what these round discs?
From: SECRET MOMMY! (Fri 02 Sep 2005 15:42:48 PDT)
From: me (Thu 03 Nov 2005 02:42:05 PST)
dfa are a bunch of assholes who wait in line at their own afterparty
From: is really? (Tue 06 Dec 2005 04:50:52 PST)
looh this page man!! from chili
From: goat (Sat 07 Jan 2006 10:58:10 PST)
i love death from above!!
From: ashley (Wed 25 Jan 2006 07:57:18 PST)
sebastian is my love
From: Kevin and Spencer (Sat 25 Feb 2006 11:20:26 PST)
ya theyre a pretty good band
From: Devil Driver (Thu 27 Apr 2006 13:17:36 PDT)
i like the poofy on the top of ur hat
From: slots (Thu 03 Aug 2006 21:26:58 PDT)
Eventually layout fold pocket slots high.
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From: memnoch the devil (Wed 30 Apr 2003 18:35:26 PDT)
alright it's may,time is drawing near for this awesome movie.where in the fuckin hot hell is the trailer,this is getting really ridiculous.i wouldn't be surprised if new line moved the movie till losin it,this feels like it taking forever.
From: (Wed 07 May 2003 09:39:38 PDT)
Same here buddy! Same here!
From: Satan (Sat 10 May 2003 11:29:09 PDT)
And the same here too!
From: ~f v.s. j~ (Tue 20 May 2003 23:23:14 PDT)
I'm so excited about this movie. Jason is going to kick some major ass, baby.
From: Logan-Jason's son (Sat 05 Jul 2003 20:14:49 PDT)
Yeye, see Jason is bigger, stronger, and he doesnt hav n e fear. Freddy needs fear!
From: horror_blood (Sat 12 Jul 2003 06:47:46 PDT)
I saw the trailer. FUCKING AWESOME!!!! JASON WILL KICK ASS AND ASS-RAPE KELLY ROWLAND!!! Well, I'm not sure about the ass-raping. I BET ON JASON!!
From: Robert Englund (Tue 15 Jul 2003 00:03:23 PDT)
Hello everybody, this is the real man talking here it's really me. You guys are all arguing over who's gonna win I know im going to give it away but jason kicks my ass all over the place i got dizzy just making the film. Any how sorry to give it away but i get good shots in and i also woop his ass but in the end the big guy(jason) claims the victory.
From: travis the man (Thu 17 Jul 2003 10:17:19 PDT)
Jason dosn"t stand a chance against Freddy because Freddy is alot stronger
From: FREDDY FAN (Mon 28 Jul 2003 21:43:44 PDT)
From: jason kicks ass (Fri 01 Aug 2003 15:12:49 PDT)
mamas boy my ASS! and u think freddys a lot stroner? freddys like a fuckin' pussy cat. besides how come jasons killed 170 ppl and freddys only killed 30. whos mams boy now?!! jasons gonna win cuz when he comes and slices freddy, freddys gonna be havin' his own nightmares!!!
From: AG (Wed 06 Aug 2003 01:01:01 PDT)
IF Jason wins its only because he's more popular. And Jason Kicks Ass or whatever it doesnt mater how many people you kill...This is a fight between these two. Freddy stands and excellant chance of beating Jason right back into the lake. 1. Freddy is a looney, fearless knife glove wearing badass. 2. Jason is dumb. Freddy is cunning and could easily outwit him. 3. Freddy has supernatural powers so he can do alot of paranormal asskicking to Jason, Jason is simply stupid brute force with a machete. nuff said.
From: Niggums (Sun 10 Aug 2003 00:04:48 PDT)
Hey thats the face that big retard made when he cought his mom cheating on him wit Freddy HUAHU KUKUKU. Thats why he killed his mom cause hes retarded and was jealous ~!Holla!~
From: NessaNic (Tue 12 Aug 2003 09:01:51 PDT)
If that was really robert endlund, commenting, i'm really upset about the ending being blown! I really thought freddy was gonna win.I still have faith his gonna win! jason will never stand a chance!!!!!!!!! will see opening night!!
From: NessaNic (Tue 12 Aug 2003 09:02:05 PDT)
If that was really robert endlund, commenting, i'm really upset about the ending being blown! I really thought freddy was gonna win.I still have faith his gonna win! jason will never stand a chance!!!!!!!!! will see opening night!!
From: (Tue 12 Aug 2003 21:40:01 PDT)
hey fans? i just want to let you know, that i am robert englund and that guy who was commenting was lieing. Jason does not win in the movie, neither do I, the real champion who is going to win is martha stuart with her big long knives. (she's a cook on a cooking show) well see you guys later! have fun watching the movie.
From: micheal myers (Tue 12 Aug 2003 21:42:25 PDT)
hello, if you want to know who wins, its me, the guy from halloween, o shit g2g and kill some big ass tittie girls
From: leather face (Tue 12 Aug 2003 21:44:27 PDT)
hello, this is leather face her reporting from texas, the winner of this movie is me, i come in with my big ass chain saw and slice both of their heads off without them even looking at me. g2g and ride my cows
From: charlie junior (Tue 12 Aug 2003 21:45:46 PDT)
this is king charles the fourth speaking here. If you want to know who wins it is my mamma.
From: wes craven (Tue 12 Aug 2003 21:49:16 PDT)
hello, This is Wes speaking here, the director of the nightmare series. I was pretty mad to find out that i couldnt direct the freddy vs. jason movie. It was actually the chucky director who makes freddy vs jason. and the winner is going to be chucky from childs play because he comes out and of the grave and kills them like a fucking fruit cake bitch fukc.
From: pimpster#1 (Thu 14 Aug 2003 08:57:54 PDT)
wud up yall!yall all kno freddys gonna win cause he kool like dat.
From: david (Fri 15 Aug 2003 20:36:31 PDT)
screw all you freddy fans jason will kill freddy without any problems!! it will b a good movie and jason will win!! hes the man!!
From: Freddyyyyyy (Sat 16 Aug 2003 13:35:07 PDT)
JASON WILL WIN WIHTOUT PROBLEMS?! you fucking moron, why do you say that? look how fucking slow Jason is, Freddys soo much fucking cooler, and stronger, and can mess with your head and shit
From: (Sun 17 Aug 2003 17:22:00 PDT)
jason sould kick the *ucking hell out of that stupid prik freddy. i hate and so does my bro and cousin
From: (Sun 17 Aug 2003 17:23:58 PDT)
jason is going to cut freddys balls of and shove yhem up his fucking fat hairy ass
From: bye,bye, pervert (Tue 19 Aug 2003 16:15:29 PDT)
the hochey masked destroyer is gonna shove them pussy claws up freddys child molesting ass, no one beats jason, no one. specially not freddy the pervert krugger...
From: rim rocker (Wed 20 Aug 2003 08:29:23 PDT)
hey whatsup.. Jason can beat any killer in any horror movie.. He killed freddy and now its michael myers time.The sequel is gunna be great!
From: jasons#1fan (Wed 20 Aug 2003 20:16:27 PDT)
thats right....nobody out there can kick jasons ass....he is a hell of a lot stronger than freddy and michael and fears NOBODY! JASON IS THE MAN!!!!
From: slugger (Fri 22 Aug 2003 14:35:43 PDT)
i hope the sequel is set at crystal lake, just like it was set in springwwood in fvj.jason fucking rules everything number 1 killer baby.and i was thinking about jason fucking x they really should'nt of made that it was the gayest.ronny yu should just ignore jason x im sure the jason fans would'nt mind, ignore that timeline completely bring jason back to crystal lake cuz there is going to be more friday movies and freddy movies i think.
From: wes craven (Wed 03 Sep 2003 13:02:03 PDT)
ignore that wanna b i did wanted to flim it but i didnt get to be sides ronny did a good job on it
From: (Mon 08 Sep 2003 16:19:07 PDT)
ok lisen up freddy fans i want to tell that jason won the fight it wasnt a tie. sure freddy head wink and smile but when freddy got stab by his own arm he was dieing even if that girl didnt slash that machete so jason won the fight so lets all shot up
From: ABK (Sat 27 Sep 2003 22:58:28 PDT)
Freddy was'nt dying when he got stabed with his own arm. He's been through alot of worse things than that & did'nt die. Know what u r talking about or Switch to cartoons!
From: dude u suck (Tue 30 Sep 2003 13:29:46 PDT)
he was dieing u can even tell it by his face and any way the ending was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gay
From: tim (Sun 05 Oct 2003 17:00:55 PDT)
JASON WON!!!!!!!!!
From: ABK (Mon 06 Oct 2003 13:36:10 PDT)
im a little gay fuck who like i know what u did last summer and i all so like to rape little boys and suck my dads dick
From: Creighton Duke (Tue 28 Oct 2003 05:43:03 PST)
Jason won the fight. Freddy sucks cock.
Enough said.
From: Devil own band (Wed 29 Oct 2003 15:04:14 PST)
From: Freddyyyyyy (Sat Aug 16 20:35:07 2003)
JASON WILL WIN WIHTOUT PROBLEMS?! you fucking moron, why do you say that? look how fucking slow Jason is, Freddys soo much fucking cooler, and stronger, and can mess with your head and shit

ok lisen up freddy isnt stronger freddy is faster and smarter but not stronger jason was the one who whoop freddy ass all over elmstreet and CCL
From: freddy vs jason sountrack (Fri 31 Oct 2003 14:14:08 PST)
yo the movie was good and so is the soundtrack but slipknot SANP! song would make a good theme song
From: Jason's Lawyer ( (Wed 31 Dec 2003 13:57:47 PST)
From: Jason's Lawyer ( (Wed Dec 31 04:11:31 2003)
Look, here's the facts: Freddy was giving all he got to Jason in the Dream World, Freddy's world. And Jason shook it off! And threw Freddy across his own boiler room. In the real world, Jason was slower, but he took everything Freddy gave him and handed it back to him in a huge shitpile of pain. Jason only died because he fell in the water again. He was tired from fighting Freddy and decide to just go ahead and drown again instead of trying to swim out, since he would just come back. Freddy died from Lori cutting his head off, but he was going to die anyway. Jason shoving the glove back through Freddy's body pierced his heart. It was fatal. Lori just made it quicker for him by getting a little revenge. Freddy was already going to die. And, in Hell, Jason came out of his water section of Hell with Freddy's head. Now Freddy is probably stuck for eternity in Jason's closet. It does not matter how smart or fast or powerful Freddy is, Dream or Real world, Jason can survive anything he takes. That's why I don't understand how anyone can vote for Freddy. Don't get me wrong, I like him just as much as Jason. But he's just no match. Read the official Freddy vs. Jason magazine from Fangoria, Robert Englund, the fucking Fredman himself, said that Jason would kick Freddy's ass in the real world if in a pure brawl. And fuck Michael Meyers. He's just a regular human wearing a mask. Nothing supernatural about him. He only survives because nobody is giving him any real hits. I don't see him coming back to life like Jason, because I don't see him even being hit fatally by those terrible actors who try to kill him (not Jamie Lee Curtis, she's cool). Freddy and Jason could both beat Michael into a dead pile of shit. Jason and Freddy are the only guys who can ever fight each other. All the other's are simply too weak or too human. Meyers, Leatherface, Chucky, Candyman, Leprechaun, all of them. Maybe Freddy and Pinhead could go at it for a while, but since Pinhead doesn't sleep, and therefore doesn't dream since he's a demon, I don't think its in the cards. It should only be Freddy and Jason fighting each other and every time Jason will triumph because he can't die. Freddy can. He always finds a way to come back, but he has to try hard to do it and he needs help every time. Jason doesn't. Besides, Jason's killed the most people of all the horror icons in the history of movies, and while he is the least evil, he's still the most destructive. The king. And no, fellow Jason fans, Jason is not about being evil. That's Freddy. Jason is about revenge. He's the embodiment of vengence, while Freddy's the embodiment of evil. So I hope that clears up all the issues. Jason wins every time. But don't worry Freddy fans, he's the only guy who can beat the Gloved One.
From: Jason's Lawyer ( (Wed 31 Dec 2003 14:02:16 PST)
P.S. The movie ended in Jason's water Hell. He was not alive, he did not walk out of Crystal Lake and Freddy's head did not wink in the real world. His head is laying at the bottom of the lake. They were both dead at the end, Jason drowned, Freddy was impaled and decapitated. When Freddy gets in Jason's head we see the water Hell and Jason's house on an island made of dead bodies. Some are asking how Freddy could wink with his head off. It was his Hell head. He was dead and so was Jason. So don't base the fact that Jason walked out of the water with Freddy's head as your way of saying Jason won, because he's dead too. Jason won because he didn't die from Freddy, while Freddy would have killed Lori and Will if Jason hadn't impaled him and Lori cutting his head off only speeded up his death, which was brought about from the impalment caused by Jason.
From: Jason's Lawyer ( (Wed 31 Dec 2003 14:06:14 PST)
One more thing. Freddy and Jason will never team up, ever. They hate each other. They were not fighting to see who was the best or anything like that. They were fighting because they both desperately wanted each other dead. Think about it: Freddy is the son of a hundred maniacs. He was born a killer, a psycho. He needs to kill, to feel young peoples' fear, to hear they're screams of pain. He needs it like a crack addict needs his crack... and Jason killed a whole bunch of people in the movie, people Freddy wanted. He only go one. That had to be a major offense to him. Freddy used the image of Jason's mother, had her yell at Jason, brought back a lot of Jason's bad memories by trying to drown him in his dreams, was the first person to walk up to him and pick a fight without being forced to do it in self defense, and since Jason kills adult sinners, your sex crazies, your profanity users, all that stuff, that's Freddy a thousandfold and he's also a killer of children, the worst possible evil. All of that stuff, all the reasons that Jason had ever killed a person for, Freddy did all of it. It had to have stirred unthinkable hate in Jason. So they will never work together. They are both out for each other's blood. Notice that once they got into it they both ignored their other victims unless they got in the way? They wanted each other dead first. They hate each other with a passion so deep that they both want to see each other destroyed, I can't stress that fact enough. Any chance they ever had of working together is down the drain in a spill of blood. They hate each other's guts and each will try kill the other before they think about killing someone else. You know how much the Israelis and the Palastinians hate each other, that's how much Freddy and Jason hate each other. So don't ask anymore about why they don't team up. It will never happen now. They want each other dead at a personal level. Pure hate, baby!
From: Dean G (Fri 09 Jan 2004 13:03:58 PST)
Was I the only one pissed at Jason being scared of water in the film? Jason was never fucking scared of water. Any Friday the 13th fan will tell you that as he often waited in the lake for skinny dipping victums. They just added it into FvJ so it would be more of an even fight, which is shit.
P.S. Jason's Lawyer, I'm sorry but I must disagree with you, even though I am not a Michael Meyers fan, I would have liked to have seen a Jason v Michael movie.
Firstly, to shut all the halloween fans up who claim that Jason is a Michael clone.
Secondly, because although Michael is not supernatural, he is an increadibly tough bastard and it would have been a pretty good fight in my opinion.
And thirdly, we would have in the end seen the main man Jason Voorhhes claim that bastard for his next victum.
From: Jason's Lawyer (Thu 05 Feb 2004 15:34:27 PST)
Yes Jason is scared of water! He isn't in the real world, because it doesn't hurt him anymore. Its his bad memories, when they come back, like at the end of Friday part eight, he gets scared and reverts back to a kid. In the real world, when someone is in the water, Jason is too focused on them to be scared. But you forget that in Freddy vs. Jason, Jason was in a nightmare. It was a dream, the memories came back. Just like how Freddy is not afraid of fire... in the dream world, because he can control it. But in the real world he can't, so he's afraid.
From: jason da man (Fri 13 Feb 2004 17:55:29 PST)
dude what kind of pussy comes after you in your sleep i mean come on hes not even scary but jason is the only killing machine lengen wroth watching and his hocky mask is a lot more scarier then freddy ugly ass face and there for jason is way better because jason dosent need people to fear him jason kills them even if there not scared of him but freddy can only get you if you fear him so think about it. Jason Voorhees is and all ways will be a legend.

From: Its Me Its Me (Sun 15 Feb 2004 18:27:14 PST)
I agree with Jasons Lawer With Alot Of things he says but jason isnt afraid of water the writer and director changed the fucking story in number 8! Oh Yea The Maker of the first Friday
the 13th Sean Cunningham was pissed the people who made the movies after that made jason the killer
From: jason best number 1 fan (Mon 16 Feb 2004 15:18:13 PST)
yeah Jasons Lawer is one of the smart peopkle here
From: freedy and jason (Thu 25 Mar 2004 08:40:49 PST)
jasones lwyer is an idiet. spawn could also kick crap out of him but he was wright jason and freedy would never team up
From: Ash (Thu 14 Oct 2004 15:23:10 PDT)
I'm Ash and the winner of Freddy vs Jason is me! I gotta go now, and kill some deadites and find the book of the dead!
From: Freddy Won (Tue 12 Jul 2005 00:58:53 PDT)
From: lol (Mon 08 Aug 2005 15:05:13 PDT)
i like both jason voorhees and ash so fuk u anyway. but new line has made it clear that they couldent get the rights for the evil dead so it wont be happening
From: Lmao (Fri 12 Aug 2005 04:31:16 PDT)
It was a draw peepz! If u dont know that then watch it again! Or watch it again anyway coz it rox!
From: lol (Fri 12 Aug 2005 07:24:15 PDT)
i will say its a draw now but who cares both freddy and jason kicked each others ass big time it was such an even fight.
From: Exactly (Fri 12 Aug 2005 16:32:15 PDT)
Its a draw! Woot! Thats why its special no one wins.
From: no (Fri 12 Aug 2005 18:49:44 PDT)
noone wins if they die they both dident die they were both pretty much alive in the end who is sayin there in hell cuz there not im not gonna say the details but at the end jason was alive coming out of his lake with a very much alive freddy
From: N0 (Fri 12 Aug 2005 22:14:34 PDT)
umm it looks like Jasons Lawyer knows more than u so bloody read what he has to say.
From: NO No (Sat 13 Aug 2005 04:57:33 PDT)
i have and a dont beleive the death part so there HA HA plus i no more than you do you old peice of dried up shit that had the awful excuse for a baby oh boy no wonder your mama died of shock Ha hA! .
From: Fuck you (Sat 13 Aug 2005 20:38:29 PDT)
I kno more than u so if i dont know very much then u know nothing. Dont then other trying to insalt me coz ur comebaks r fuking gay "u dried up pieces of shit" LMAO
From: lol (Sun 14 Aug 2005 06:10:31 PDT)
i no more then u boo hoo im sooo good lol you no fuck all i no everything and u dont even no how too read probably your mama has to read them for you and wipe your arsehole hahahahaha oh i forgot shes dead aint she hahahahahha Facker dah.
From: LMAO! (Mon 15 Aug 2005 00:59:30 PDT)
i cant read? So how did i read everything in these posts if i cant read? Umm my mums dead? Is that ment to make me cry? OMG dont come back until u can actually get a good comebak.
From: LMAO! (Mon 15 Aug 2005 01:00:18 PDT)
ummm u know everything? Give me the whole story then. U probly wont coz ur retarted but anyway lets see what you've got.
From: jasons story (Mon 15 Aug 2005 06:40:21 PDT)
Jason voorhees was born fridaythe13th in 1946 his dad elias and pamela voorhees elias left him when he was young.
From: at camp crystal lake (Mon 15 Aug 2005 06:45:42 PDT)
the cristi family did summer camps for ppl from 8/12 jason supposedly drowned in the lake his mum was working for the cristi family and jason was with her he suffered from downssyndrome jason drowned becuase conselors werent paying attension jasons body was never found.
From: what then i hear you ask (Mon 15 Aug 2005 07:01:10 PDT)
the following year/1958 2 conselors were killed bye pamela who had gone mad becuase of her son the camp was closed tried to reopen but failed because it was said to have a death curse the camp wouldent be used until 1980.
From: the movies part 1 (Mon 15 Aug 2005 07:13:41 PDT)
1980 the camp was reopened but conselors once again keep getting killed bye pamela who kills them because she claims they never payed attension when her son drowned 7 ppl are killed and alice the last survivor ends up beheading pamela.
From: then (Mon 15 Aug 2005 07:23:20 PDT)
jason was never drowned in the lake and is alive and fully grown now living off wild creatures in the woods and it was said that jason saw his mom be killed that night he was devastated and tracks down alice and kills her and returns to the camp to kill anyone who comes into his world
From: part 2 3 (Mon 15 Aug 2005 07:32:10 PDT)
4 years new campers come and the bodys again keep pileing until jason is stunned bye a women named ginny and is left for dead he is not and comes back for the next lot of campers and ends up having a axe thrown into his head bye a girl named chris this strangely only stuns him.
From: part 4 (Mon 15 Aug 2005 07:39:08 PDT)
jason is in hospital presumed dead he escapes goes back to the camp starts killing again he has his face cut almost wide open bye a young boy named tommy this again does not kill him but tommy comes back and constantly hits jason with the machete destroying his head this kills jason as a human.
From: part 5 (Mon 15 Aug 2005 07:49:50 PDT)
tommy jarvis ends up in a secluded halfway house since he has been right in the head since he killed jason however a copycat wearing jasons hockey mask and clothes starts killing and is killed bye tommy a second time killer.
From: part 6 (Mon 15 Aug 2005 07:55:16 PDT)
tommy has been medicaly cleared but for years has been scared at the fought jason isent really dead so him and his m8 unbury his grave and find a undead and well rested jason he starts killing again and ends up being hung in the lake bye tommy.
From: part 7 (Mon 15 Aug 2005 08:00:52 PDT)
tina shepard has the power to make things move years ago she killed her dad bye accident bye making him drown in the lake she returns to try and bring her dad back up but instead brings jason up and again he starts killing until tinas dad jumps out of the lake and pulls jason down.
From: part 8 (Mon 15 Aug 2005 08:10:36 PDT)
a boat is passing the c lake to a dock sadly it attracks jason and he jumps aboard killing them and waiting until the boat hits the dock letting jason to board the boat wicth is sailing to manhattan he kills alot on the boat then he starts to kill in manhattan he taken out bye a acid flood of acid.
From: jason goes to hell (Mon 15 Aug 2005 08:16:53 PDT)
jason goes back to crystal lake and is blown to bits bye the army he is taken in for examining and we find out he has the abilaty to go into ppls bodys and he can only be killed bye a relative Witch was jasons sister diana shes killed so its her daughter jessica to kill jason for good.
From: jason goes to hell (Mon 15 Aug 2005 08:18:40 PDT)
jessica kills jason bye stabbing him in the heart this sends jason to hell but this triggers off the hole freddy vs jason thing.
From: well (Mon 15 Aug 2005 08:21:28 PDT)
well theres the hole jason thing
oh yea hahahhahah fuk u wank shaft i did it so fuk u hahahahhaha what u ganna do wanker im glad ur mum is dead hahahah go on cry wankshaft u pussy
From: Thats nice... (Tue 16 Aug 2005 01:08:14 PDT)
Lmao. U didnt need to do that i ment Freddy Vs Jason and u didnt even do that one. Umm my mum isnt dead so get over it! It doesnt offend me so save it and put in something juicy. Lmao
From: Umm and another thing (Tue 16 Aug 2005 01:10:08 PDT)
I neva said i knew everything about Jason i said i saw ONE movie and that i agreed with what jasons lawyer said. I said i knew about Freddy vs jason
From: hahahhaha (Tue 16 Aug 2005 04:03:34 PDT)
just as i knew it you no fuk all about him you have only seen 1 movie hahahahahahahahaha
From: What the fuk? (Wed 17 Aug 2005 01:07:52 PDT)
what the fuk!?! i never said i knew about Jason bloody hell! Take in what u read u stupid bitch i didnt say i knew about jason. God!
From: bla (Wed 17 Aug 2005 06:02:59 PDT)
I have nothing more to say to you you no nothing ha ha how i laugh im a bit embarrassed to talk to someone whos only seen freddy vs jason.
From: bloody hell (Wed 17 Aug 2005 23:07:41 PDT)
God! Again u dont listen! Ive seen 1 jason movie and all the freddy movies but 1! Fuking hell get it right! Im kind of embarresed to talk to someone who cant read!
From: lmao (Thu 18 Aug 2005 06:11:52 PDT)
Im sorry i fought ur momma was dead cuz she aint no since she helps you read the texts an stuff as i said but the thing that gave it away is the fact that she was doing sex for a quid she looked crap she was crap but you should be greatful the quid was enogh to buy a cheap fvj dvd.
From: plus (Thu 18 Aug 2005 06:15:56 PDT)
if i cant read then you can always bring ur momma over to help lol id like to see that face again man what a looker u must get ur uglybess either from aids or ur dad cuz she one looker to bad shes crap in bed im suprized you were born and if u were it would be head first u ugly mother.
From: Lmao (Fri 19 Aug 2005 15:48:01 PDT)
I can read and spell better than you so dont try to ridicule me about being poor if im better in school than u
From: Special (Sat 20 Aug 2005 06:41:25 PDT)
yea ur prob one of the special kids in ur class who have been told by the teacher your very clever every time you get a answer in the 1 times table she pats u on the back sayin very good now all u retards lets play musical chairs lol
From: Omg (Sat 20 Aug 2005 21:39:43 PDT)
Im in the top 20 % of my year lvl so shove that up ur arse.
From: hm (Sun 21 Aug 2005 04:18:45 PDT)
Yea u specail kids have a thing about shoving things up your arse dont you.
From: Ooo (Sun 21 Aug 2005 22:56:39 PDT)
Just coz ur in the bottom 20 % doesnt mean u have to get all shitty;
From: hm (Mon 22 Aug 2005 05:46:01 PDT)
Yea you specail kids have a thing about getting shit and wiping it on walls dont you lol.
From: Omg (Thu 25 Aug 2005 01:13:27 PDT)
How would u know? Coz ur one of those kids arnt ya! Yea it all makes sense now.
From: i tell u what (Thu 25 Aug 2005 06:06:30 PDT)
ill give you 20 % of my brain and then how much would you have hm yes add that = ahh yes 20 % lol.
From: Nah (Fri 26 Aug 2005 00:13:56 PDT)
U keep ur brain. U need ur brain more than i do.
From: lmao (Fri 26 Aug 2005 02:24:41 PDT)
oh really well ill jut take that 20 % away then really it was just in the way anyway i dont no you try to do something nice to a dumb peice of shit and look where it gets yer lol.
From: Oo, (Sat 27 Aug 2005 00:34:13 PDT)
Im ur calling ur self smart? U must Be stupid coz u think ur smart. Well ur a stuck up piece of shit. ur most like 50 or something.
From: lmao (Sat 27 Aug 2005 07:15:15 PDT)
so what ur sayin is u dont want the 20 % ur choice but without it u will have to go back to wipeing shit on the wall lol what are u mamas specail boy oh yea im 50 aye that must make u 55 after all ur parents are dead and it dont offend u asshole.
From: ++++++++++ (Sun 28 Aug 2005 16:41:02 PDT)
WO dudes this has got to far way to far this should end now its getting stupid
From: ++++++++++ (Sun 28 Aug 2005 16:41:03 PDT)
WO dudes this has got to far way to far this should end now its getting stupid
From: Omg (Mon 29 Aug 2005 00:00:31 PDT)
Fine if im 50 why do u keep on talking to me? Yea exactly so fuck you
From: dah (Mon 29 Aug 2005 05:40:16 PDT)
i fought u were 55 not 50 idiot whats the matter losing ur brain and whos this guy trying to tell us what to do.
From: U didnt answer dickhead (Tue 30 Aug 2005 16:08:31 PDT)
U dont even have a answer u fuck up so go tea bag ur mum
From: lol (Wed 31 Aug 2005 13:59:53 PDT)
ifiot stealing my saying well u cant idiot loser hahahahhaha its mine not urs ur tooo stpid idiot
From: Wat? (Fri 02 Sep 2005 17:00:58 PDT)
I never stole what u said. Ur comebacks are crap why would i want to steal them. Go fuck ur mum.
From: lmao (Sat 03 Sep 2005 03:30:59 PDT)
go fuk my my is this all because i fuked your mum well unlike mine yours was doing it for money.
From: What the (Sat 03 Sep 2005 18:02:30 PDT)
U fucked my mum? U dirty slut. my aint a prosutute but u wish she was just so u could get some. Fuck you.
From: lmao (Sun 04 Sep 2005 05:47:57 PDT)
she sooo good but not as good as good as you i bet lose some of your flab and you will be britney spears lol what am i saying you eat to much you were probably eating a 2ft long sandwicth while typing fatty fatty fatty bum bum
From: Wat the? (Sun 04 Sep 2005 23:34:26 PDT)
What the fuck? Im not fat for bloody sake. If i was i wouldnt be able to type properly.
From: LMAO (Mon 05 Sep 2005 03:54:41 PDT)
I no its you fatty so admit it instead of eating and guessing what chocklate you will get out the box next oh what is oh yes it a strewberry cream lol greedy cow.
From: What the (Mon 05 Sep 2005 23:37:33 PDT)
Admit what? Its me on the other pages bloody hell i thought u would of got it by now.
From: lmao (Tue 06 Sep 2005 03:55:07 PDT)
you no it doesant sound like sarcasum you said Oh yea its not u on the other pages. I believe you..... its sounds more like you being a dumb peice of shit really doesant you idiot you wouldent even a starving african have your 2ft sanwitch ugly cow.
From: Omg (Tue 06 Sep 2005 23:01:30 PDT)
Ur the dumb piece of shit. I was being fucking sarcasic ooooo its not u on the other pages i believe you. Omg get it right it was sarcasum
From: lmao (Wed 07 Sep 2005 09:50:55 PDT)
lol that ooo it really sounds like you need a shit prob to many of them pies fatty.
From: what the (Wed 07 Sep 2005 23:47:40 PDT)
ooo sounds like i neeed a shit? lmao i dont think anyone uses that when they r trying to shit. ummm again u use ur shitty fat comebacks. U have bin using them for ages u should really get a new attack becoz thats getting old.
From: lmao (Thu 08 Sep 2005 04:49:16 PDT)
how bout no this is my saying to you your just jel i have it and you dont plus i have the 55 year loser what do you have nothing lolu 55 year old pie eating wasahed up turd.
From: Umm (Fri 09 Sep 2005 00:52:10 PDT)
If i was 55 i would be kicking ur but so shut ur mouth. oki i will go eat a pie then gee its not a big deal.
From: lmao (Fri 09 Sep 2005 05:06:48 PDT)
lol bring it on pops
From: Lmao (Fri 09 Sep 2005 19:59:12 PDT)
i will be able to in an other 41 years when i am 55. But u will be old too so it wont be worth it
From: lmao (Sat 10 Sep 2005 03:53:51 PDT)
Oh so now your going back to say you are not 55 sos its too late you admitted it.
From: Lol (Sat 10 Sep 2005 17:30:04 PDT)
Haha i gave u ur sarcasum but i knew u wouldnt get it. Lmao
From: lmao (Sun 11 Sep 2005 11:45:03 PDT)
er thats not sarcasum u idiot u are 55 u old peice of shit who wouldent even make a hobo get a hard on dah
From: lmao (Sun 11 Sep 2005 23:04:59 PDT)
I knew u wouldnt get it you stupid piece of shit. U have a metal age of 3.
From: lmao (Mon 12 Sep 2005 12:31:51 PDT)
and you eat a meal for 3 big deal lol
From: Lmao (Mon 12 Sep 2005 23:17:53 PDT)
haha u like to have a gangbang with 3. U and ur dad and mum
From: lmao (Tue 13 Sep 2005 09:07:42 PDT)
mum and dad hmm oh yea i frogot urs are dead rembet in the psot hahahahahah
From: lmao (Thu 15 Sep 2005 00:31:38 PDT)
that doesnt offend me and u just admitted to fucking ur parents. U never said u didnt. Lmao
From: lmao (Thu 15 Sep 2005 04:51:48 PDT)
admitting is when u say u actully say it did err no u idiot im not like u i dont give up easily
From: Lmao (Fri 16 Sep 2005 18:12:25 PDT)
I dont give up easy either.
From: lmao (Sat 17 Sep 2005 03:42:31 PDT)
bring it on oldy
From: Lmao (Sat 17 Sep 2005 19:08:09 PDT)
Ur one yr younger than me lmao. Oh thats right ur a dickhead who cant get it through ur mind that someone 1 yr older than u is kiking ur ass.
From: lmao (Sun 18 Sep 2005 12:56:09 PDT)
lol tolate oldy your 55 you shouldent of said youe werent lol
From: wat the (Mon 19 Sep 2005 00:06:09 PDT)
i said i wasnt 16 i didnt say i wasnt 14 and i said i wasnt 55 too. SO get it right
From: lmao (Mon 19 Sep 2005 04:44:35 PDT)
what happened to oh shut ok then i am 55 stuff then lol u cant just say that then say u werent idiot
From: Lmao (Fri 23 Sep 2005 00:59:04 PDT)
i was being sarcasic. If i was old i would be mature and not be wasting my time fight with a mother fuking 13 yr old.
From: Lmao (Fri 23 Sep 2005 00:59:24 PDT)
Oh i forgot ur only 10
From: lmao (Sun 25 Sep 2005 11:17:36 PDT)
At least you are young at 10. 55 now no no it is the begining.. OF THE END lol.
From: lmao (Sun 25 Sep 2005 17:11:16 PDT)
ah hush lil 10 yr old u mite hurt urself. Lol erm before u start if u really think im 55 u should stop talking to me. Lmao
From: lmao (Mon 26 Sep 2005 05:03:19 PDT)
be careful granny dont go have a heart attck onestly talking to youngster's bloody pervert lol.
From: Lmao (Mon 26 Sep 2005 22:08:17 PDT)
errrmmm ur the one talking to me and everytime i say god stop talking to me then u dont stop lmao so dont blame me its u just because i thought something different to what u did god u must have some problems at home little boy
From: lmao (Wed 28 Sep 2005 13:59:26 PDT)
I bet you are having problems at home too your too fat to get out of the door lol.
From: lmao (Wed 28 Sep 2005 22:10:38 PDT)
ahahha i bet u have that problem too. ur parents wont let u out coz they wanna fuck u some more and u cant resist coz ur such a sick toerag. Ah i dont know why ur parents would wanna fuck someone like u ur such freakin asswipe thats sad ur family would sink that low.
From: lmao (Thu 29 Sep 2005 04:53:53 PDT)
you tried to get out of the door but you were too fat and go stuck then your dad comes up nd shoves his dick up your arse hahahahhaha.
From: ermmm... (Sun 02 Oct 2005 23:56:50 PDT)
ohhh so now my parents r alive? I thought they were dead lmao make up ur fuking mind u retard. Dont u think if i was fat i would of gotten a special door? Lmao u really need to think about it little boy
From: lmao (Mon 03 Oct 2005 05:06:46 PDT)
You cant afford a specail door you poor pedofile.
From: lmao (Tue 04 Oct 2005 23:19:52 PDT)
ur the pedophile so stop stealing the things i say to you just becoz u cant get anything too to say u sick pedophile
From: lmao (Wed 05 Oct 2005 05:11:15 PDT)
This my thing yours is you think my parents are pedos witch you think is how we all grow up since you were abused hahahaha pedo poedo your a sick pedo hahahah and theres nothing you can do about it copy this your copying my things sicko.
From: lmao (Wed 05 Oct 2005 23:40:53 PDT)
no im not u copyed me becoz u have nothing else to say coz u cant defend urself....well agaist ur parents anyway ahahahah
From: lmao (Thu 06 Oct 2005 04:45:27 PDT)
hahhahahhaha you can defend youesrlf against yours threw your constens stress eating you become wider so your parentys cant grab around you and wow a 10 year old pedo lolololol your a 55 year old peod who downloads lics of kids ha ha ha.
From: Lmao (Fri 07 Oct 2005 20:23:49 PDT)
omg ur the pedo just beause u cant thinkof a comeback ur call me one....lmao u know alot about being fat dont ya..ahaahahhaa yep ur 10 and u molester 5 and 6 yr olds lmao u sick basted
From: lmao (Sat 08 Oct 2005 08:23:48 PDT)
Hahahaha i belive all the things i ahve said are combacks like saying you downloads pics of kids and admit it bitch u were not calling me a pedo before i started calling u one so fuk on that and im afraid the hole world knows alot about being fat since you cover half of it you fat slut.
From: lmao (Sun 09 Oct 2005 23:21:49 PDT)
i was too calling u a pedo before so dont try and be good. i started it and then u couldnt think of anything so u thought u would call me one. Lol someone seems to be getting angry....ahaha
From: LMAO (Sat 15 Oct 2005 17:29:14 PDT)
lmao! ahaha u really r 10! lol learn how to read safety signs little boy u really need to learn how too. Ermm the world was flooded before i was even around lol go learn some sose.....lmao
From: lmao (Mon 24 Oct 2005 03:33:45 PDT)
Lol hahaha you have simply just said what i have said lol. You suck now you really do your not even saying good comebacks just saying my stuff lol.
From: huh (Tue 25 Oct 2005 00:25:40 PDT)
im fighting agaist wat u said...duh! ur comebaks r shit lmao maybe u should stick to fighting with boys
From: lmao (Tue 25 Oct 2005 06:05:57 PDT)
No your saying what i said you stupid blob you really suck at this now. Well you did anyway lol.
Boys to play with hmmm well dont you think a transexual counts as a boy lol i bet you had it done to prove you were a girl.. ? you idiot i cant even see you Lol.
From: lmao (Thu 27 Oct 2005 01:40:25 PDT)
lol stupid blob? shit i might have a cry! lmao well duh u cant see me! if i was as fat as u said i am how the hell would i be able to type on a laptop? lol
From: lmao (Thu 27 Oct 2005 09:03:39 PDT)
You go into a cafe oh sorry your too fat ok you shout outside the cafe type this up for me or i will eat your pies when all has been typed by the scared waitress you eat all the pies anyway and eat her so when another one is fired you can do the same.
From: LOL (Mon 07 Nov 2005 16:35:45 PST)
hell yea! like how did u know? lmao very creative u should write a book
From: .... (Mon 07 Nov 2005 16:44:08 PST)
but how do i get to the cafe....? if i cant get through my front door? LOL yea.....all this is shit and i dont even care...u can forget the book
From: Lmao (Mon 14 Nov 2005 15:55:16 PST)
Simple you are lifted by 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000 plains that struggle to get you there non the less. Dont lisen to mummy bitch u are a fat pig lol.
From: ahaha funny (Sat 26 Nov 2005 22:14:40 PST)
oooooo such big words for such a little boy. im so bored...wanna actually give me something to work with here?
From: lmao (Thu 01 Dec 2005 04:48:03 PST)
Little boy haha yet another sign of your child abuse haha i can tell your a Freddy fanb in that department did'nt you play that cameo when he turn into that fat pig haha.
From: wtf (Sat 07 Jan 2006 22:13:17 PST)
how the yell is "little boy" a sign of child abuse? lmao nope never played a game like that..
From: Lmao (Tue 17 Jan 2006 09:01:20 PST)
The only game you ever was used for was hide and seek... HMM where should i hide the bed hmm no the bush hmm no the Fat ugly pervert pedo YES!!! they will never find me in them layers of flab..... REALLY its serious that lad went into your flab and never came out again.. hahaha.
From: LMAO LMAO (Sun 19 Feb 2006 07:53:05 PST)
Again you are stealing my stuff lol. pathetic you cant think of your own stuff so you steal mine. You may as well go “oh no im not you are” pathetic even Godzilla would refer to you as a beast fatty BOING BOING lets see you dancing oh wait no don’t we want the universe in one piece haha.

From: WTF (Mon 20 Feb 2006 21:45:04 PST)
i didnt steal ur fucking stuff.. god u dont even know wat a chode is.. u just cant think of anything so u try and turn it onto me... ERR READ UP THE CONVO FAGGOT U NEVER SAID ANYTHING LIKE THAT BEFORE.. GOD UR SUCH A FAG
From: frederico (Thu 02 Mar 2006 14:31:49 PST)
uuuuu muito assustador!!!!
From: frederico (Thu 02 Mar 2006 14:35:15 PST)
eu amo o jason!!eu sou o fa numero 1# de voce.
From: et jason vs freddy (Tue 04 Apr 2006 10:55:15 PDT)
scream jason x freddy
From: Yuppii (Sun 07 May 2006 04:14:51 PDT)
All of you are dumb and think your little FV2 is coming and its not.
From: BIG BOBSTA (Sun 07 May 2006 09:21:03 PDT)
see that pic..... thats what jason will do to freddy and then jason will chopp off his ugly ass head HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
From: kayla krueger AKA mrs.krueger (Sat 13 May 2006 18:20:25 PDT)
freddy and jason are not ugly! freddys been burned to death and jason is deformed i feel sorry them i would have saved them both if i had been there!
From: jaso (Sun 21 May 2006 03:37:59 PDT)
Any one of the two is better then that pussy Michael Myers.... god I hate him
From: Jamie Vorhes (Mon 22 May 2006 15:22:16 PDT)
freddy will get more power because he will be screming when jason beets the fuckin hell out of freddy!
From: jason (Sat 27 May 2006 07:27:37 PDT)
the movie was great jason kick freddy's ass yo
From: leprechaun (Sat 27 May 2006 07:46:02 PDT)
welcome to my nightmare bitch.
From: freddy (Wed 07 Jun 2006 12:27:02 PDT)
freddy is gonna tear all your balls up
From: kayla krueger AKA mrs.krueger (Fri 09 Jun 2006 21:57:09 PDT)
freddy could kill jason! jason just is a little baby and had 2 have help those flippin teens helped him! freddy done his drity work alone!
From: marilyn manson! (Tue 18 Jul 2006 19:37:38 PDT)
From: bruce banner (Sun 13 Aug 2006 18:03:49 PDT)
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