29 July, 1999

Nardwuar Released From Hospital!

Click picture for North Shore news article Nardwuar The Human Serviette has been released from hospital after two weeks of special care, since suffering a brain hemorrhage and series of seizures just two weeks ago. Nardwuar was expected to remain in North Vancouver, BC's Lion's Gate Hospital's Special Care Unit anywhere from two weeks to several months, but his rate of recovery was such that on Thursday July 22, he was surprisingly discharged to complete his rehabilitation at home. Still disabled but slowly getting better are Nardwuar's left arm, hand and fingers, the only lasting effect from the hemorrhage. Through the guidance of occupational therapists (among others, Robert Gander,who Nardwuar has discovered through a series of inquiries, is the brother of Jesse Gander, lead singer of Vancouver punk band d.b.s.), Nardwuar is regaining the use of the arm using silly putty, and playing with his favourite organ, er, Farfisa.

Nardwuar again wants to wholeheartedly acknowledge all of the incredible support he has received through the steady stream of visitors, emails, phone calls, and media attention that kept him going throughout two weeks of his hospital stay. To quote Nardwuar, "That was so nice of you to care... world!" Among the bevy of get-well wishes were emails from individuals such as Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, Fugazi's Ian MacKaye, the Rheostatic's Dave Bidini, and even a note from David Lee Roth. Nardwuar has also been extremely grateful for the overabundance of gifts that have been delivered, including rare records from the Revillos and the Guess Who, a warm Mozza burger, and Rick James' autograph.

Though Nardwuar's illness, hospitalization and long road to full recovery have postponed such scheduled interviews as Nardwuar versus Echo And The Bunnymen, Weird Al Yankovic, and The Muffs, Nardwuar vehemently spews from his home in Vancouver, BC, Canada, that he will be back at all he does as soon as he is well enough to do so.

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Nardwuar can still be reached at nardwuar@nardwuar.com.

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