Nardwuar vs. Jane Wiedlin


Nardwuar: Who are you?
Jane Wiedlin: Oh, Jesus! (laughs) I don’t know! Can you be a little more specific?

Nardwuar: You are Jane Wiedlin!
Jane Wiedlin: Oh, okay. I thought you wanted, like, some analysis of myself.

Nardwuar: You are Jane Wiedlin!
Jane Wiedlin: Okay, that’s an easy answer. I’m Jane Wiedlin.

Nardwuar: But, Jane, you were once known as Jane Draino, and had pink hair!
Jane Wiedlin: Uh, yeah, I’ve actually had every colour hair.

Nardwuar: What type of hair spray did you use?
Jane Wiedlin: Well, we used to be bleach our hair out and use this stuff called Crazy Colour that was like a temporary dye, and it would look good for about a week, and then it would start looking really nasty and you would have to redo it.

Nardwuar: Are you going to be using any of that in your upcoming reunion tour, Jane Wiedlin?
Jane Wiedlin: Mmmm, probably not. The last reunion tour, which was 1994-1995, I had my hair green and then blue and it’s such a pain in the ass and it leaves colour everywhere you go so I think in every hotel I was in I just ruined every room and, it’s kind of not really worth it.

Nardwuar: Jane, The International New Wave Discography Volume II describes you this way under the Go-Go’s entry, “…used to be called Jane Draino, before the band became terminally ‘cute’.”
Jane Wiedlin: (laughs)


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