The Evaporators - Ripple Rock

  Records you can hear!

"Ogopogo Punk"
LP 2016 Nardwuar/ Mint Cleo 20
"Busy Doing Nothing!"
Comp LP w/ 8 Evaps songs! 2012 Nardwuar/ Mint Cleo 19
"A Wild Pear"
Split 7inch E.P w/ Andrew W.K 2009 Nardwuar/ Mint Cleo 18
"Gassy Jack and Other Tales" Enhanced CD/LP 2007 Mint/Nardwuar Cleo 16
"Ripple Rock" Enhanced CD 2004 Nardwuar/Mint/
Alternative Tentacles
Cleo 12
"Ripple Rock" LP (w/ free 7inch) 2004 Nardwuar/
Alternative Tentacles
Cleo 12
"Honk the Horn" Single 2001 Nardwuar/Mint Cleo 11
"I Gotta Rash" Split LP 1998 Nardwuar/Mint Cleo 10
"United Empire
LP 1996 Nardwuar Cleo 9
New Years LIVE! MP3 12/31/04 Unreleased!  
Live on Thunderbird Radio Hell MP3 2/1990 Unreleased!  
Live at The Capilano Room MP3 11/8/1986 Unreleased!  

  DVDs you can see!

Nardwuar the Human Serviette's "Doot Doola Doot Doo .. Doot Doo!" 2-Disc DVD contains over an hour of music by The Evaporators and their mysterious friends Thee Goblins, including full video discographies, live performances and audio commentary.

Nardwuar's "Welcome to My Castle!" 2-Disc DVD also contains 30 minutes of music and live performances by The Evaporators not featured on the "Doot Doola Doot Doot Doo!" DVD!




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