Nardwuar vs. The Sonics



Eminating from Tacoma Washington, The Sonics unleashed a monster two headed single The Witch / Psycho in 1964, which stands as one of the greatest, if not the greatest recording of the punk variety ever documented. If you don’t believe that, you will after listening to it! Although well known in the Pacific Northwest during the 60s, in the years since their break-up in 1967 scant information surfaced as to what The Sonics were up to. They were like ghosts. Legends blowing in the wind. This was pretty much remedied with their reformation in 2007 when they started doing interviews again. It took a while, but after 6 years of trying, I finally was able to ask The Sonics questions I had fantasized about for decades, when they made an appearance at the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver, BC, Canada!

Read the whole interview!

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