The Tomahawk Barbecue
1550 Phillip Ave
North Vancouver, BC
Men The Tomahawk BBQ located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada is my favourite place in the world to eat. When I first started to go regularly to the ‘Hawk with my Dad, the waitresses always recommended for me NOT to order the Skookum Chief Burger because it was "too big" for a little boy such as myself. Of course this made me want it even more, the burger with three meals in one! Sandwiched between two slabs of bun are; Bacon and Egg, representing breakfast; weiner, representing lunch; and meat and cheese, representing dinner! Add Lettuce, Tomato, Relish, Onion, Mayonnaise plus a Dill Pickle and this is what comprises a Skookum Chief Burger! Ladies
  Tomahawk face! Already famous through once having Bryan Adams as a dishwasher and "Mcgyver" as a customer, it became a duty of sorts to expose the world to the power of the Tomahawk. I decided every meat hungry rawk band that passed through Vancouver had to witness the place firsthand. It really started in 1988 with Montreal’s Gruesomes, and has not let up since. Go ask The Untamed Youth (Mace ate THREE Skookum Chiefs), Furnace Face (These guys customized the Skookum Chief adding Fish and Chicken! Doubletake: when was all said and done the Furnace Face Skookum consisted of Chicken, fish, egg, bacon, weiner, meat and cheese!!!), The Muffs, Billy Childish (When told of the place he found his own way there and ordered the Rainbow trout- another fine menu item!), The Young Fresh Fellows, A-Bones, 5,6,7,8’s, Sloan, and Seaweed, all have had their paws soaked with Tomahawk juice.  
  But there's more! After a gig the Evaporators once played with Sleater-Kinney I was dared by my bandmates to try a Mixed Grill! "Mixed Grill?" you ask. Indeed, the Mixed Grill is a menu item so huge that I never even thought about including it in my "toast" to the Tomahawk! The truth is : I had never even TRIED a Mixed Grill! Well, I soon found out what I had been missing:

Nine generous slices of Yukon style bacon, two country fresh fried farm eggs, two slices of Klondike toast, hamburger pattie, cheese, weiner, onions and fresh sliced onions, hashbrowns, salad, served on a 14" platter!


Since then I have "bragged" to people that "beginners" eat the Skookumchief, while "experts" eat the Mixed Grill! I never (there are lots of "nevers" associated with the HAWK) expected anyone to take me up on my offer. This proved to be true until NardWebMaster Michael Harrison, after a two and half year absence, returned to the Tomahawk! I ordered a Skookumchief on that fateful day, but Mike upted the ante and ordered a Mixed Grill. I was shocked!


Randy Iwata of Mint Records, Inc. also accompanied us that day! He chickened out and ordered the Yukon Style Bacon and Eggs. (Which really is a meal in itself. (But we are pigs!))

  It was fun watching Mike eat the Mixed Grill and slowly get bloated!
  One thing to keep in mind about the Tomahawk is that they don't mess around! Seriously! THEY know Skookums make u thirsty! Check the size of this Coke!
  Be nice! The King and Queen watch yer every move at the Hawk!!
  Finally Mike was done and ready for a slice of Grandma's Apple Pie! NOT!
  For thee official account of a massive (50+ People) Skookum-Slam that descended upon the Tomahawk BBQ (in honor of the Smuggler's 10th Anniversary) click HERE!

Smuggler's 10th Anniversary!!!

Interesting Facts:  
* I figure after an average of one Skookum Chief a month over 15 years of eating at the Tomahawk I’ve devoured roughly One-hundred and Eighty (about $1000 worth ) Skookum Chiefs.
On the right: Mike gets fat...
* The first Condom Machine (now sadly removed) I ever saw was in the Tomahawk’s washroom.
* Other menu items of note are The Papoose Hotdog (Grant Lawrence of the Smugglers Favourite) and Bacon and Eggs Yukon Style (Get this: FIVE generous slices of Yukon Style bacon, TWO farm fresh grade A eggs, TWO slices of Klondike Toast and TASTY golden griddled hasbrown potatoes!)
* The T-Hawk has been running since 1926 and also contains an outstanding collection of authentic West Coast Indian artifacts. Infact, it's almost kinda scary cuz when you're munching a burg, ya always wonder if that "giant ceramic pot" suspended from the rafters is gonna fall smack dab on yer noggin!

There's always lotsa parking at the olde Hawkmeister!

* The 1995 Nardwuar Records release "Skookum Chief Powered Teenage Zit Rock Angst" copped it’s name from the Tomahawk.
* Chuck-Chuck-Chick! Mike with Tomahawk Manager ,Chuck Chamberlain Jr, son of Tomahawk owner, Chuck Chamberlain, who was son of Tomahawk Founder Chick Chamberlain! Get it?
* Before ya leave the Tomahawk make sure ya pick up one of their free cool custom headresses, Canadian biased placemats and wooden nickles as a souvenir.

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Eating done in person, December, 1998.