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In the olden days, what were you looking for back then?
To get laid, originally. That was the sole purpose of casting cock: to get laid by these gorgeous...

You love cock!Cynthia in the olden days.
And I do love cock. I have such a good association with cock.

Cynthia Plaster Caster, take us through a "plating." What happens during a "plating"? Like, there are "platers," aren't there? Some people might know "fluffers" but there are "platers." What is the difference between a fluffer and a plater? What is a plater?
A plater is a person who gives someone a blowjob. It is an English slang term. I use that to refer to any kind of stimulation done by a person on my subject, whether it is a blowjob or not. So you want to know the plating or the plaster casting process?

Well, just the beginning about what happens in the sense of, like, the plater gets the subject... aroused? Who have been the platers over the years that you have used, and have you ever done any plating yourself?
Um, partners I've worked with are Diane, Lexy, Harlow, Dana, and lately, preferably, subject's girlfriends or wives. But also, strangely enough lately at my advanced age, I have been doubling up on roles.

So people do bring their own platers with them.
I would prefer that actually, because the job of mixing plaster is really detailed and intense, requiring lots of concentration.

Okay, so, how do you determine when the cock is hard? Like how do you know it is time to plate? What happens at that point?

God. Well, sometimes we don't have much choice about when to dip the dick because the algenates are this really tricky dental substance that has to be mixed very carefully and for X amount of time, like for a minute, and once the ingredients have been added, that mold is going to set and that mold will be history. So I just want the subject to calculate how long he's going to hard for and... shove it in when the time is right. We're going to get what he's got, unfortunately, at the moment in time and space.

Were there any people that you didn't think would have a hard time getting it up, but who did have a hard time getting it up? Or vice versa?
You learn a lot about a subject while they're in the mold. The shy ones usually have the least trouble getting it up and are the least paranoid. But the more charismatic and mouthy kind of superstars really panic and lose it and freak out because they're afraid they're going to lose their penis, that it is going to get dissolved or something.

Cynthia, what else do you do? Do you oil the pubes. When the cock goes down... there's hair and stuff! What happens?
Yeah yeah. The pubes get oiled, usually by me and the plater. Jimi Hendrix's, for example, were not oiled enough and he got stuck in the mold for fifteen minutes. But he didn't mind. He seemed to get off on the fact that he had this impression of his penis that was just the right size for him to fuck, so that's what he did while we pulled one pube at a time.

Hendrix fucked the mold while you were pulling out the pubes?
Uh huh.

Have you experimented with many different types of molds? Like you mentioned algenates. Like, you are putting the cock in this stuff, like you are putting it down into a bowl or something and it's a bowl, like, algenate, what are some of the, like you used wax before? Like, what have you used? Like eeewwww!
We actually tried wrapping aluminum foil around a penis but it didn't hold its shape enough to contain plaster. We were going to try wax on Keith Moon, melting it by draping over a lampshade with the light on, but it didn't get melted enough. We were going to try clay on somebody but that never transpired. But actually, algenates is the only mold I've ever worked with. All those other art molds or those wrap-around ones... I need something that you can dip into. I think wrapping something around the penis might destroy the hard-on.

So, Cynthia Plaster Caster, it's kind of like going to the dentist then! Like dentists use algenates. Isn't that the same thing? People going to the dentist get molds taken of their teeth. And you do the same thing with cock, don't you?
Well, you have to make an appointment with me. Um, because there is a time element involved. And hopefully it is not as painful.

How do you grade cocks, Cynthia? Like how do you know it is a good looking cock when you look at a cock or when you make a mold?
Well, the only grading I do is on capability because I would like for future viewers to know that these penises could get harder than how they are usually captured.
With long dong Jon Langford's cast.
And godammit, let's look at one right now. Over there is one of your famous moldings. Which one is that?
Well son of a gun, so to speak. Long Dong Jon Langford, known as Jimi Hendrix in Australia. He is a singer-songwriter with the Mekons, the Three Johns. He is a fabulous cartoonist and artist and painter and...

How would you describe that cock there, Cynthia Plaster Caster? Lots of vein action happening there? What is your description of this actual cock, Cynthia Plaster Caster? What makes this a nice specimen?
Well it is very lifelike and true to his capability. I would say this is about 75 percent or 80 percent of what he is capable of. And there is some fine detail and vein action spiralling around here. See this big glob here? I think that's a comet. I think he probably swirled around in the mold. So that's what happened there. This is kind of the rough side so I probably wouldn't exhibit that. I always like it when a nice guy has a big dick.
Langford cast animation.
What about length versus girth? Like, what's important: length versus girth?
For me personally? I prefer the length for my own personal needs.

So what number is that? What number casting is that? How many castings have you done, Cynthia?
Well, this is attempt number 39. That is what the serial number says. I've only got about 42 and 3/8 cocks but I've tried it about 58 times. I document each attempt with a serial number and a description.

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