Nardwuar the Human Serviette
versus Dolemite the Human Tornado!

Rudy, when you were brought on stage with people like James Brown, what exactly were you doing at that point? Were you singing?

Was there much wild partying back then, you know, dope smoking and orgies. Was there a lot of that?
I am not involved in drugs so whenever this was going on, if I knew it was going on, I never went in their rooms, or associated with it because I am definitely against drug using.

Well, Rudy Ray Moore, surely the sex must have interested you. What do you remember about Screamin' Jay Hawkins?
Screamin' Jay Hawkins, I will remember him very greatly because I worked with Screamin' Jay Hawkins in the Royal Theatre in Baltimore, and he was wild. I mean, wild! I think the girls used to come and invade his dressing room. And I saw it once, I'd peaked in on him, so he was wild!

Because apparently he had sex twenty-one times a day, and there's even a website now ( that's dedicated to finding all his fifty-seven children so his kids can get rewarded with some of the little money that he had. Fifty-seven children, Screamin' Jay had, Rudy Ray Moore!
Is Screamin' Jay passed? I heard he was in France.

Queen Bee Talks

Yes, he did. A little while back.
I didn't know he had passed.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Speaking of kids, Rudy Ray Moore, are the Phanton Surfers your kids now?
The Phantom Surfers, I am adopting them.

Did you ever meet Wynonie "There's Good Rocking Tonight" Harris?
Yes, I knew Wynonie very well. Wynonie "Mr. Blues" Harris, he was one of those go-getters too.

He was quite a wild partier, wasn't he?
Yes. I know he would have beautiful girls come to his room at one time and he'd pick and look and look and look and say "here's ten dollars for you, uh, get your ass out here, I ain't never messed with a bitch as funky as you." Now he'd take another, and say "oh you take this ten dollars and get your ass out of here, 'cause I ain't never messed with a bitch as ugly as you are." And then another one would come and said, "now you get your ass out here 'cause I never fucked a bitch as black as you are." And on and on until he'd pick the right one he wanted. That was one of his by-lines.

Rudy Ray Moore, Dolemite, you are truly "sexsational"! Like you are "sexsational"! Did any lovely ladies ever rip your clothes of when you were performing, Rudy Ray Moore?
Well, I had these type of things. I was a streaker at one time. I used to streak in the nightclubs, and when I would be streaking, the ladies would take off, running behind me. One time I was streaking and in order to be exciting I had an artificial penis wrapped around me, and it was tacked on, it looked so real, and the ladies caught up with me and snatched it off, and held it upin the crowd and said " Ohh, I got it! I got it! I got it!" That was one of the most embarassing moments, but I said 'I still got the real one!'

And you still got it! And you are Rudy Ray Moore, Dolemite! Rudy, when you moved to Los Angeles, you mentioned you had a radio show, or you were programming radio shows.
Programming the Dolphins of Hollywood Record Show and I did spin records on it. I would present the Album of the Hour, and call it a quiet hour, and we would present uh groovy ballads. One of them ballads that I really liked to present at that time was Erma Franklin, sister of Aretha Franklin, had a record called "Time After Time." And I used to wear that out because that was such a beautiful ballad. And then I played other ballads like Nancy Wilson's "It's Over" and stuff like that. Beautiful stuff that I played on the air on the Dolphin Show.

You must have met everybody on the way up, everybody!
James Brown, Eartha Kitt, Jackie Wilson, BB King, Bobby Bland, all of them I participated in interviewing them for the radio show.

Dolemite, the Movie

Rudy, did Bullmoose Jackson, who had the hit "Big Ten Inch (Record)" inspire you at all to move in the Dolemite direction?
Uh, no.

Were you aware of Bullmoose Jackson?
Of course I knew Bullmoose Jackson. He had lips so big it looked like he was wearing a turtleneck sweater.

Were you the first guy to say "fuck" on a record, Rudy?
The very first on the face of the earth... Richard Pryor did it four years after I did. And a lot of people may want to credit Richard Pryor with being the outline for the comedians today, but I am the world's first to come out with explicit language on record, and I don't call it "dirty words" I call it 'ghetto expressions in form" of art.

And what other words did you pioneer on a record?
I used "motherfucker" and I used "eating pussy" and "sucking dicks," "bitch this," and the term "bitch" was heavy with me. And I was the world's first comedian to come out like that. Now Redd Foxx was before me but at the time he come out, he was not able to use that term.

Rudy, was it hard to get these records pressed? Like bringing them to the pressing plants? Did the pressing plants refuse to press them?
No. In fact, one of the pressing plants that I went to picked up my record and released it and distributed it nationally. Eat Out More OftenThey were glad to get it and wanted more of them and never questioned me what kind of record I was making. Whatever I made and carried to them, they took and distributed. I have twenty-one albums which I leased to Kent Records which I own today.

Rudy Ray Moore, what was your biggest selling record you-
Eat Out More Often, and This Pussy Belong to Me.

And how many did that sell?
Eat Out More Often in its first return was about 338,000 records without airplay. Just walking the street, making people aware of it.

This Pussy Belongs to Me

And how many records have you sold totally, all together, of all your records?
How many that I've gotten paid for is not as many as I have sold. I'll leave it there, because you know the companies always ripped you off. So, I did make enough money to make a movie with.

What was the interesting ways that record companies tried to rip you off? Like, how did they trick artists back then? Do you have any advice of how they tricked artists? So people can avoid that in the future, Rudy Ray Moore?
Well... even today it still happens. The only thing I can say is to be a little bit close to on top of what you are doing than the artists that did in my early days. We were not as aware of the loopholes in the business as the young artist is today. So the advice that I would have to give them is to develop the talent and make it great, so it would work when it gets out here on a record, and make darn sure that you get some of your money before you put out another record and give it to them. Therefore they will give you more of the money that you've got coming. If you don't pile it up all at one time. Like I was putting out a record every two months, you see, and giving them everything at one time.

Donald (Rudy's Manager), Left Eye of TLC, Rudy 'Dolemite' Ray Moore Donald (Rudy's Manager),
Left Eye of TLC,
Rudy "Dolemite" Ray Moore

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