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Nardwuar vs Henry Rollins.

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Nardwuar: And, Henry, Winnipeg , did you hate Winnipeg as well?
Rollins: Yeah, yeah, 'cause the promoter ripped us off, and uh, we actually had to go to his house to get paid and also some of our equipment got ripped off, and at one point someone poured a beer into our soundboard which we really­

Nardwuar: Did it have like a Madonna tape? I heard somewhere that someone stole your personal tape deck or pissed on it and it had like a Madonna tape in it.
Rollins: I don't remember any of that.

Nardwuar: So it was going to the promoter's house and people like trying to destroy the equipment. Have you been back to Winnipeg? Have they survived the seven year ban, Henry Rollins?
Rollins: I don't know Nardwuar, I can't remember. I'd have to look.

Nardwuar: Edmonton was pretty cool, wasn't it? Like, the two 7-11's right across from each other, what can you say about that?
Rollins: I'll go anywhere, where the people are cool, but if the crowd's gonna be a drag, why should I return, you know? And, those two Canadian cities were just a drag. I mean, the people were idiots, and um, you're just lucky no one was hurt worse. I mean, the promotor, he eventually got all his four front teeth knocked out by another Canadian fellow who came to the aid of a band he was trying to rip off. So you had a fellow, I forget his name, a very good guy, young man, who knocked the guy's teeth out.

Nardwuar: It was cool though, two 7-11's right across the street. You wrote about that in Spin, I'll never forget that. Like in Edmonton, wasn't it?
Rollins: Yeah, it was great. How many more questions do you have?

Nardwuar: Oh, just a few.

Nardwuar: Henry, you have a brand new record out here...
Rollins: You have to hurry.

Nardwuar: You have a brand new record out here­

Rollins: You're really boring me.

Nardwuar: You have a brand new record out here, War. You know, you do a version of "War."
Rollins: Uh huh.

Nardwuar: Now, who else does war?
Rollins: With me on the track?

Nardwuar: D.O.A also do "War!" Vancouverites.
Rollins: Mmm hmm.

Nardwuar: Now with the song "War," Chuck Biscuits, being from Vancouver, there's legends that he played in D.O.A, Circle Jerks, AND Black Flag all in one night. Do you ever remember that happening, him playing in all three bands, Chuck doing that?
Rollins: Uh...not to my experience, no.

Nardwuar: What about Victoria, do you remember playing Victoria?

Rollins: Sure.

Nardwuar: What do you remember about Victoria? My friend has a great picture of you playing there, putting your finger to your head.
Rollins: Um...I remember it being really nice, and uh, the best time was when we played with NoMeansNo, and they were really good, and uh, I think we stayed at the bass player's house after the show, and they fed us very nice, very well, and I think that's maybe where I met Ron, was actually ...

Nardwuar: Ron?

Rollins: Ron Reyes.

Nardwuar: Ron Reyes. What about the Canadian Subhumans? Do you remember them at all?
Rollins: Sure, I used to put them up at my house, my apartment rather, before I was in Black Flag, when I was living in D.C., they were on tour with D.O.A., they all stayed on my floor for acouple of nights.

Nardwuar: Would you ever consider putting Chixdiggit up? You know they have that song "Henry Rollins is no Fun." More Canadian content here with Henry Rollins, speaking to me, Nardwuar the Human Serviette. Because they have that song "Henry Rollins is No Fun," and they've been know to prank-call Social Distortian using your name!

Rollins: Well, I think that Mike Ness would know that I would never call him without a real reason, so that doesn't worry me.

Nardwuar: Apparently he's been fooled three times that it's you.
Rollins: Well, maybe Mike will have to straighten me out someday, in some parking lot somewhere in America.

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