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Nardwuar vs Henry Rollins.

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Nardwuar: Have you had problems with that, you know like people just trying to hassle you? Like, there's a new 'zine out called Stone Grass, and they talk about this girl from Washington, DC, that said she had sex with you and that your cock is shaped like a soup can. You know, another rumour, a 'soup can cock' for Henry Rollins.
Rollins: The Last girl I fucked in DC was this idiotic stripper chick who called herself "Aura". but I fucked her really good, so I don't know­

Nardwuar: Well, when you fuck somebody for 45 minutes straight without ejaculation, as you have in some of your books-
Rollins: I've never been able to do that. 45 minutes?

Nardwuar: But I thought that you went 45, maybe 35 minutes without ejaculation.

Rollins: Did I write that?

Nardwuar: Yup. Yeah, you did.

Rollins: Can you quote me on that?

Nardwuar: Umm... somewhere in the book, in Get in the Van, when you and Joe Cole were at some girl's house, and Joe Cole and in the morning when the girl left she had some sticky stuff in her hair.
Rollins: Oh yeah, that's when that girl all of a sudden got freaked out at me. It was the funniest thing, like I ran into her again a few years ago, and she hit on me. I'm like, "I remember you. No, we're not going there again!" Yeah, I came in her hair and then went to the van and slept the rest of the time before we had to leave.

Nardwuar: What sort of girl are you looking for? Like, you really like Aimee Mann, don't you? Aimee Mann and Diamanda Galas? When Black Flag played in Vancouver a few years ago, Aimee Mann opened for...
Rollins: Why are you so stuck... how old are you?

Nardwuar: How old do you want me to be?
Rollins: How old are you?

Nardwuar: Well, for all intensive purposes I'm whatever age you want me to be, Henry. But I'm just curious in 19-
Rollins: Are you able to tell me the truth, or...?

Nardwuar: I am thirty years old, born July 5th, 1968.
Rollins: So you're thirty? So...

Nardwuar: One of the first gigs I remember, not going to, but hearing about, was you guys playing the New York Theatre, and that same night Aimee Mann opened up for Rick Springfield­
Rollins: I know. I went and saw the gig.

Nardwuar: So what sort of woman are you looking for? Is it Aimee Mann/Diamanda Galas?
Rollins: Well, my question to you is why are you asking me about all this stuff from... thirteen years ago?

Nardwuar: Because we're just working up here, because I was wondering if­
Rollins: You only have like two more questions until we're done, so you gotta make it good. So, pick the next two questions you're gonna do, come up with them.... So pick your two best shots, because we're not gonna sit here and jack off all day.

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