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Nardwuar vs Henry Rollins.

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Nardwuar: Well, I was curious about Twink actually, and the song "Do It," because Twink lives in Vancouver, he originally did the song.
Rollins: I saw Twink last time I was in Vancouver.

Nardwuar: And I looked on the record and saw that there was no credit to Twink on the Texas Hotel release, Henry.

Rollins: Well, we gave them their publishing... Nardwuar: But I didn't notice it on the actual record, I really like the version, I like Twink's version, but­ Rollins: It says "Pink Fairies."

Nardwuar: Not on the version I saw, on Texas Hotel.
Rollins: But it certainly doesn't say "Rollins."

Nardwuar: No, it doesn't say "Rollins," and it doesn't say "Twink." It doesn't say anything actually.
Rollins: That's probably a typo. But on the legal documentation it would say.

Nardwuar: Did you recently fire your band through email at all, Henry?
Rollins: No.

Nardwuar: Because I heard that you've hired this new band called Mother Superior.

Rollins: No, I'm doing.... Now, remember, you're on your last question. Is that the one you want to ask?

Nardwuar: No, well actually, why don't we run through this one right here for a second. The Raw Power master tapes... actually, you can put this in my ball court, how about I put this into yours! I'll put a whole bunch of questions on the table and you can pick the one you like. It can be like multiple choice there Henry, how about that?

Rollins: Okay.

Nardwuar: Okay, here's the remaining question for Henry Rollins. A fan gave you the master tapes to Iggy Pop's Raw Power, that I thought was pretty bizarre. Which Thin Lizzy song do you like better, "Running Back," or "South Bound"? In Punk Planet, you always talk about how you lived in a shed, but Greg Ginn says it is the "study." I was just curious about that. I was curious about your S.O.A. demos and whether or not those were going to be released. I was also curious about the best way to bulk up, because a lot of salad bars have been shut down in a lot of places because of the e-coli poisoning. And I was also wondering if you've ever worked out with Roky Erickson at all. And I'm also wondering what new tattoos you've got, Henry. And I'm also wondering if you get bigger, if it's a possibility that you'll be able to get more tattoos actually on your body. So those are the questions that are up there against Henry Rollins, because you say that I only have one question and maybe perhaps you can pick the ones that you enjoyed most, or I can recite them again to you, Henry Rollins, here in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Rollins: Well, you know, I think you got a lot of energy, and the fact that you put all of that together, I got to respect the effort.

Nardwuar: And here's PowerbarTM for you! (Nardwuar gives Henry Rollins a PowerbarTM)
Rollins: No thanks.

Nardwuar: Okay.
Rollins: But um, I respect that you put in all the time so I'll try and address some of it. The Raw Power tapes were stolen, and we recovered them for Iggy, in Belgium, through friends, and we returned the tape to New York and gave it back to Jim­

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