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Nardwuar vs Henry Rollins.

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Nardwuar: Wow, so a fan gave you the Raw Power tapes, that's wild!
Rollins: No, no, no, no. They were in a studio and we heard about it, and we were in Holland at the time, and our guitar player contacted a friend in Belgium who knew where the location of the tapes were, and we had someone bring them down, and we blue-labelled them back to America, and we gave them back to Iggy in New York. 'Cause they shouldn't be stolen, they're his, you know, there with him.....uh, let's see, SOA demos, nothing would ever happen with that stuff. I don't even know where those tapes are≠

Nardwuar: 'Cause some of them have been bootlegged.
Rollins: Sure, well, let the bootleggers have it... Roky Erickson? I couldn't "work out" with Roky Erickson. No plans to get any more tattoos.... Let's see....

Nardwuar: The Shed with Greg Ginn? 'Cause it was in Punk Planet 'zine right here. (Nardwuar puts Punk Planet zine in Henry's lap, and his hand gets pretty close to....) Oh sorry for touching you there-
Rollins: It's pretty close to the "goodies" there!

Nardwuar: It was! It was! I'm sorry!
Rollins: You're touching my "soupcan," buddy!

Nardwuar: I'm sorry about that, Henry Rollins! But it's said,"It's constructed like a house." "It used to be my Father's study," Greg Ginn says in this Punk Planet exposť.

Rollins: Yeah it's a small cubical square and was stacked up with Mr. Ginn's paintings and his manuscripts and lots of books and his paintbrushes. And it had a door hinged to one of the walls that would fold down into a table that could be pushed back up again. I just called it "the shed," you know. It was just kind of this plaster-stucco-moist space. It's still there.

Nardwuar: It is kind of a study then.
Rollins: Yeah, you know, I just called it "the shed." I never called it a toolshed or anything. But it was where Mr. Ginn used to sit and write I guess, and do his paintings. And when I was working on the Ginn's house, me and D. Boon were building a house for the Ginn's on Awasso Street. Since I was doing so much construction work they said, we'll just like,"You can sleep in there," 'cause I had to walk to the site everyday and go to band practice. So I started living in that shed or study or whatever in a sleeping bag underneath the desk. And I ended up living in there on or off for a couple of years and it was.... I was the only one in Black Flag who had his own place to live. Everyone else would, like, sleep in the practice room. So I had it pretty good.

Nardwuar: What about the Monks? Have they been deleted from your label, Infinite Zero? What's going on with the Monks? The great German beat-band, The Monks, Americans you put them on your label, which was one of the coolest things. What happened to the record? Has it been deleted now? What's going on with your record label?
Rollins: Well, it has been deleted, because Warners dropped the label. But we're re-releasing it on another label.

Nardwuar: Do you think The Monks will ever come out as a movie, 'cause I heard it was optioned as a movie, and you'd be great in that movie Henry, don't you think?
Rollins: I think you'd be really good in that movie, Nardwuar.

Nardwuar: Maybe as Gary Burger doing "Monk Stomp" or something like that?
Rollins: I, you know, I think you could play any one of those guys. You know you have a certain charisma, which is undoubtable. No doubt you have a lot of charisma. I like the character that you're playing. I like it how you can turn it on and turn it off. It's cute. And, um, your closing question?

Nardwuar: Closing question: Fear. Were you there that night they played on Saturday Night Live? Were you ever approached to do Saturday Night Live? You've been on The Dennis Miller Show tons of times.
Rollins: Well, yes actually. Um≠

Nardwuar: 'Cause how did Belushi, I was just curious, 'cause using your knowledge, using your "Sit on my face, Stevie Nicks" knowledge, like how did Belushi hook up with Fear?
Rollins: What kind of knowledge do I have?

Nardwuar: The Rotters? That was an allusion to The Rotters.

Rollins: You're not being disrespectful to me are you?

Nardwuar: No, I was using the Rotters record "Sit on my face Stevie Nicks." Tom Holliston of NoMeansNo actually knows one of the guys. He's a big fan of them.
Rollins: Mmm hmm. OK. Do I get to answer the question or do you want to just talk?

Nardwuar: No, go ahead Henry.
Rollins: You should just interview yourself.... Umm, Belushi lined up Fear and Black Flag to play on Saturday Night Live. And I was in Los Angeles, working on the Damaged record when my friends from Washington went up there to kind of 'disrupt' the procedings at SNL. And after Lorne Michaels saw what Fear did, they immediately cancelled our slot on Saturday Night Live. So we never got a chance to go. But Belushi was a fan of ours. And he was a big supporter of both bands, especially Fear. But he liked us too. And he tried to get us on there, 'cause he had a lot of pull there, 'cause him being who he is. But, it was not to be.

Nardwuar: And finally Henry Rollins, what do you like better, Boys Next Door, the movie by Penelope Spheeris, or Boys Next Door, the band starring Nick Cave?
Rollins: I prefer the band.

Nardwuar: Alright! Well keep on rocking in the free world, Henry! Anything else you'd like add to the people out there at all?
Rollins: It was wonderful talking to you, and the next time we do an interview, I'd prefer it if you'd flossed and brush your teeth, 'cause your breath is really intense.

Nardwuar: Actually I ate at McDonalds this morning. That's perhaps what's doing that.
Rollins: Thank you for thinking of me.

Nardwuar: Well, you like coffee don't you? Does coffee help you "poop" at all? Henry?
Rollins: I have no idea.

Nardwuar: And doot doola doot doo
Rollins: (silence)

Nardwuar: Henry? Doot doola doot doo
Rollins: (bangs the mike twice against his head)

Thanks to Bev Davies for the Vancouver Black Flag photos and Gregor Schmidt for the Victoria '82' shot!

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