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  Jane and cow are one! At the Spin SXSW party you were spotted flashing some photographers!
Oh! (laughs) Yeah. Yeah, that was (laughs) me and my friends were doing that. We thought we were being really clever because we were sitting inside of a glass display case because the party was held in the basement of a department store. So me and my friends climbed into this glass case and we spent the whole evening there, like drinking beer and just being stupid, and, we thought that if we flashed at people when they tried to take a picture, then the flash photography would make a reflection so the picture wouldn't turn out. But then I found out it doesn't work that way, later! (laughs)

  And you are Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's, of the newly reformed Go-Go's, playing this summer at a venue near you! And, Jane, speaking of Spin, Rolling Stone, and sex: Rolling Stone, July 24 issue, 1983: bring back any memories?
Mmm. No.

The issue with Carrie Fisher and Darth Vader ON THE BEACH. On the beach, Jane Wiedlin.

In it, you tell a story of how you had sex with a guy on a beach in Mexico and afterwards you, to your horror, discovered all your clothes were stolen!
Uh huh.

How did you get home that night if all your clothes were stolen?
Well, we were camping on the beach so we were like fifty feet from my parents', um, camper! (laughs)

A mad dash, then?
Um, yeah, I was like eighteen when that happened.

"I'd like to be successful in country music where you can grow old gracefully because I can't see myself hopping around the stage in a mini-skirt when I'm 40!" Jane Wiedlin in her underwear, Rolling Stone 1982.
Yeah! Right on! That's like the Who and "Hope I die before I get old."

Who sold more records, Jane, do you think? The Bangles or the Go-Go's?
Oh, definitely the Bangles.

Because Susanna Hoffs dated Prince, and he gave her "Manic Monday." And for a while, Jane, didn't you date Vince, the drummer of the Psychedelic Furs?
Yes, I did for a few months.

  Live! What did he give you?
Mmm. A hard time? (laughs) Oh, you don't laugh at my jokes Nardwuar.

How did Josie Cotton end up with "Johnny Are You Queer?"
We were working with the Payne brothers, and they worked on "Johnny Are You Queer?" for us, and we used to do it and it was like you know popular and whatever, this was way before we had a record deal, then we stopped working with them because we decided we didn't like them, and they found Josie Cotton and gave her the song and then you know she had a big hit with it.

  Jane, I was curious. Are you set for life because you wrote "Our Lips Are Sealed," which Fun Boy Three recorded too. Like, Fun Boy Three! Or is your bandmate, "Mrs. Redd Kross" Charlotte Caffey, more set for life, because she wrote "We Got the Beat"?
(laughs) I'm pretty sure "We Got the Beat" generated alot more money than "Our Lips Are Sealed" but I don't know Charlotte's financial status because it's none of my business, but I don't think either of us are set for life. I mean, we're still working girls.

The Go-Go's toured with Madness. That must have been great: like, at the height of ska- at the height! The Go-Go's toured with Madness, didn't you?
Yes. (laughs) At the height of ska! (laughs)

That's incredible!
It was actually, actually it was horrible and hard because, well, everyone hated us, the audiences, because, first of all we weren't ska, we weren't even British, and we were chicks, and so we would just get spit at and bottles thrown at us every night. It was pretty crazy.

Well, one of the guys in Madness ended up marrying a Mo-dette. Did you ever play with the Mo-dettes or the Bodysnatchers, because they were all-girl bands and they were in England at the same time?
Yeah, we were hanging out with those guys, and we did shows with the Bodysnatchers. The Mo-Dettes were always really mean to us.

Why was that?
I don't know. I think they were just mean. (laughs)

You were in Star Trek IV though! Star Trek IV, with all your Star Trek fixations in Frosted. That must have been a trip, Star Trek IV!
Yeah, it was amazing because Leonard Nimoy directed that one, and plus it was the best Star Trek movie. I was so so so sooooo excited to do that!

And you were Joan of Arc in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure! And you were in the movie Clue! Based on the board game, Clue!
Right. But I didn't play Joan of Arc in Clue. That was in Bill and Ted.

  Jane, do you endorse any brand name guitars, picks, strings, ampilifiers or pedals?
Oh my God, that is such a thorough question! I play Ibanez guitars, and I love them, I've been playing them since '95. And, you know what, we just got all other stuff, picks and strings and stuff for our tour. Some nice companies gave them to us but I don't know who they are.

Talk Show Uh-oh!
(laughs) Some endorsee I am, huh!?

You're born on May 20th, Jane.

The same day as Ronald Reagan Jr.
Eeeew! I didn't know that!

And the wild thing is, Belinda, your former, bandmate, or your present bandmate, and kind of former Germs drummer, is married to a former Reagan Cabinet Minister, a Republican!
Yet another strange connection!

  It is true then?
And also I was born on the same day as Cher, and this past weekend at Punk Rock Hall of Fame Awards, I was called the Cher of punk rock, because of all my costumes!

Why should people care about the Go-Go's?
Why should people care about the Go-Go's? Because we have good songs and we're fun.

And, finally, Jane Wiedlin, who's taller, you or Michael Quercio from the Three O'Clock?
(laughs) I don't know, but I think I might be taller than Prince!

All right, well, thanks for your time. Keep on rockin' in the free world.

And, doot doola doot doo...
Okay, Nardwuar.

Jane, doot doola doot doo....
Oh. I am a singing telegram? Was that what that was?

Doot doola doot doo...
Oh, Doot doot!
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