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NARDWUAR- So, Kurt, um, I waited outside, how was the Toronto show, how did that go, 'cause I was in Toronto at that time, when you played at Maple Leaf Gardens.
Krist (with dressing room towel babushka-ed over his head)- Don't say that I'm making any kind of ethnic stereotypes. I am not making any stereotypes because they're not P.C.

Do you remember that show at all Kurt?
Kurt- No.

Maple Leaf Gardens in November.
Kurt- Umm... that was ummm...
Courtney- I remember that, with the little back stage.
Kurt- It was-it a nice temperature 'cause I think it was an ice hockey rink.

Yeah, it was Maple Leaf Gardens, and, umm-I waited outside, you know, for a couple of hours afterwards... waiting for you guys to leave. How did you eventually leave?
Kurt- By limousine and cop escort.

Did you leave pretty early? 'Cause like they brought out, you know, the prop, the prop out. And you know, I kept-I kept on waiting and waiting and then I saw a little mini-van pull out and I thought a guy hopped over the back seat. Was that you? Like did you wait like two hours or did get-like did I wait for nothing 'cause you'd already left?
Courtney- We left right away. Bam-bam. We did.
Kurt- I just remember leaving... pretty much right after the show. Within about 20 minutes or so. I met one of the guys from The Kids in the Hall, Scott. He's a nice person.
Krist- That's right! We were mingling with famous people. They'd never talk to hacks like you. FUCK no! They're on TV every night.
Kurt- Unless you, of course, push your way in.
Krist- On Comedy Central, and on the Canadian TV and they know Lorne Michaels. We-I got to meet Lorne Michaels and Don Pardo and everybody. Because we're famous people.

During the 1960's Kurt, there was a big punk scene as you realize, in the Northwest. You know, the pu-the se- the Sonics, the Wailers, the-
Kurt- I hate the Sonics. They're stupid.
Courtney- No they're not.

The-the Bootmen
Kurt- Um-hmm.

The Wailers and all those other bands. And I was reading, that umm.. your good friend, Jesse Reid, his dad played in a surf band that released a surf record?!?
Kurt- That's true.
Courtney- Isn't that weird that he- how do you know that? Where did you read that?
Kurt- What were they called? It was called The Bagpiper. What was the name of their-
Courtney- Where did you read that?

Uhh.. Come As You Are.
Kurt- What was the name of their band?
Krist- The Beach Combers.
Kurt- The Beach Combers, yeah.
Courtney- Come As You Are? What do you mean, Come As You Are? The book?

Courtney- Oh, Michael Azerrad.
Kurt- Ummm.
Courtney- He's obsessed with Jesse Reid.

'Cause the ca- The Beach Combers... were they pretty cool? I thought, like I love those '60's wailing frat garage bands of the Northwest.
Kurt- No, they didn't, have much taste.
Courtney- Wasn't he a born again?
Kurt- It was pretty generic. He's a born again now.
Courtney- Didn't he kick you out of the house?
Kurt- Yes, he did. He tried to revive me for a while.

He also said in that book that your uncle Chuck was in a garage band too, and he released records ...or did he release anything?
Kurt- No.
Courtney- His aunt Mary put out records.

Kurt- She put out a single. She financed it herself. She's a country and western born again Christian. and my uncle Chuck was in a-a couple of bar bands, you know, they just played covers like Creedence Clearwater. He had a Lucite drum set, and he was left handed, and he wasn't very good.
Courtney- Was that Chuck with the red hair?
Kurt- Um-hmm.
Courtney- Was that the Chuck that's gay?
Kurt- No.
Courtney- Oh. Is that the one that we go-went to Christmas-That one, Chuck? The nice one.
Kurt- Right.
Courtney- With the son that has, your cousin who has the other band.
Kurt- Although he went to jail one time for, um exposing himself.
Courtney- Green, from Bellevue. That's his cousin's band.

Did you first meet Courtney, and this is Courtney Love, did you-I've heard-because we're here in Canada. Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I heard a rumor, I think I might have read it in Interview Magazine, that Kurt and Courtney at a D-
Kurt- [cough] [cough] [cough]...[cough-cough, cough] [cough]
Courtney-Stop! That's rude.

Aaa.. Did you first meet at a D.O.A. gig? In Portland, Oregon?
Kurt- Um-hmm. (Curt slyly flips off Nardwuar while holding pizza slice)
Courtney- [Laughs]

So there is really a Canadian connection then.
Kurt- Wasn't it No Means No?... It was one of our shows!
Courtney- D.O.A.
Kurt- It was our show... It was my show. I played with D.O.A. a couple of times. I don't remember where.

But was that-wa-was-so Canadian connection, a Canadian band has something to do with Kurt and Courtney.
Kurt- Like, yes. I don't, honestly I don't remember which show it was.
Courtney- I was too drunk.
Kurt- Me too.

Do you remember your first time in Canada at all, Kurt?
Kurt- No,... I might have been a small child. I visited some gardens.
Courtney- Butchart Gardens.
Kurt- We went across on a ferry, in Vancouver.

Butchart Gardens?
Kurt- Right. I was a small child.

That's actually where No Means No are from.
Kurt- Umm.
Courtney- Victoria.

And the Neos, a legendary speed band.
Kurt- Um-hmm.

And if it wasn't for the Neos-
Courtney- Our nanny 's from Victoria.

Yeah, that's what I was going to say. You have a Canadian nanny, another Canadian connection.
Courtney- We like Ca-aa-, Va-a, B.C. We don't like the rest of it so much.

What is her name? What Is your nanny's name?
Courtney- His name 's, uhh, Mike.

And his uh, does he have a girlfriend?
Krist- B.C. has unrestricted clear-cutting.
Courtney- Jessica, yeah.

I think she might have been, she might be from Vancouver too, right?
Courtney- No, she's from Minneapolis. She has that fanzine uhh, you know that fanzine that's called Hit It or Quit It. She's a riot girl, person. She's like 15.
Kurt- What'd you say Krist?
Krist- B.C. has unrestricted clear-cutting.

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