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Now Chris here, Chris, come over here for a minute. This is Chris of the rock and roll band, Nirvana.
Krist- Hi.

Now, Chris, you worked earlier on in your life at Taco Bell.
Krist- Um-hmm.

Do you realize there are no Taco Bells in Canada?
Krist- Good for you.

Actually, at least in B.C.
Krist- 'Cause there's no Mexicans in Canada.

Actually, there's one in Alberta, there's some in Alberta.
Krist- That's right.

So, do you think that's contributed at all to the growth of bands in B.C. that we do not have a Taco Bell? Is this a good or a bad thing?
Krist- I don't know man. Canada can be ethnically diverse, which is beautiful, part of the... thing 'n stuff, but judging a-

Actually you look like a Doukobor when you put that thing on. [referring to towel on Krist's head]
Krist- Doukobors are awesome, man. They're awesome!

They're anarchists.
Krist- Di-did you go-are there still Doukobors around?

Yeah, there are.
Krist- Yeah, umm. I'm really into the Doukobors... They used to run around naked and umm... they were from Russia, right?

Krist- And they had their anarchist colony. How did they go under? I forgot.

I think there was some riots and stuff. They're still going strong. And they-they were-
Krist- I am the next Doukobor messiah. See, you can tell by the way I spit food out and by the way it's caught in my... mouth.

And they're from Canada, too. Another Canadian connection. On umm, page 226, of Come As You Are, Michael Azerrad quotes Canadian rockers, Sloan.
Kurt- I don't know who they are
Krist- If I was your dad, I'd...
Courtney- Jackie's boyfriend. Jackie Ferry, remember.
Krist- If I was dad, I'd whoop your ass!
Courtney- Remember the guy, Jackie, the Sloan band. They were on our label. They're called the Sloan band.
Kurt- Oh yeah.
Courtney- They're from, umm, Halifax.

And they're quoted in your book. Are there any mistakes in, the Come As You Are book?
Kurt- I don't know.

'Cause I noticed on page 226, in reference to the Deep-Six comp., "Except for the art-rock, U-men, all mix varying amounts of punk, 70's style hard rock, and proletarian and heavy-metal into a crude but effective musical mongrel". The U-men, art rock?
Kurt- I'd say so, yeah.
I thought they were cool punk rock sort of cool 60's sort of garage Sonic-y.
Courtney- Birthday Party.
Kurt- Punk, all art punk. Birthday Party, Scratch Acid.
Courtney- Birthday Party was art rock.
Kurt- Did you ever see them live?

No I didn't. I did buy the Step a-Step On a Bug, No, the, "Dig it baby, dig it baby, dig it." single.
Kurt- That was after the fact. That was years after they'd been a band and playing around Seattle for a really long time. I would-I would classify them as art rock, Classic art rock.

I knew they were cool, actually when I saw Tom Price, a picture of him when he played at the Commodore. When he backed up the Cramps he had tape over one of his guitar knobs.
Courtney- Yeah, I thought they were cool when I saw one of them walking down an alley and I thought he was cute.

And also-
Kurt- He played a Mustang. He was one of the first people I ever saw play a Mustang
Courtney- They were wearing trench coats. There were two of them. Me and Kat [Bjelland, of Babes In Toyland] were like, we should move here. That guy's cute.
Kurt- They were cute.
Courtney- Yeah, they were like cute guys. And.. kinda cool. That's good for a scene. I think you're desperately trying to start a scene. Is that the deal?

No, I just-
Courtney- You want a scene so bad your going to make one. You're just going to close your eyes 'till you get one. Is that it?

On page 190-
Courtney- You have an inferiority complex about this scene here. I don't think you should.

No! I'm not! I'm just saying, on page 190. On page 190, the Teen Spirit, in bracket, video, shot for a modest $33,000?
Courtney- I don't believe that.
Kurt- I don't know.

That's what it says in the book. Just trying to find errors here with Kurt and Courtney.
Kurt- I haven't read the book. I, I've skimmed through it a few times but I've never read it from front to back.

And on page 154, the last of our analyzation, thank you Kurt and Courtney, on page 154, the book says,"the heavy, Bonhamesque drumming that Nirvana requires"?
Kurt- Yeah... sure.

You know the drummer from Pansy Division is from Aberdeen, Kurt?
Kurt- No... I didn't know that.

You know, Smells Like Queer Spirit?
Kurt- Yeah... I had no idea.

Have any other bands come from Aberdeen?
Kurt- The Melvins and Metal Church.

What are the thrift shops there like?
Kurt- Umm, they're not that great. People didn't have very good taste... in the 60's and 70's. You know usually that's the kind of stuff I that I look for. No lava lamps, no cool patterned shirts or anything.

Did you ever see any Farfisa mini-compact organs?... With like that quivering vibrato. I'm really desperately looking for one of those.
Kurt- I don't know. Maybe not in Aberdeen.

Wasn't there also surfing in Aberdeen, like at West Port?
Kurt- Hmm.. I don't know, I've never gone in the ocean.

Because apparently it has some-
Kurt- I don't even want to go in the ocean, there.
Courtney- Didn't you dig for clams?
Kurt- I dug for clams a few times, yes.
Courtney- That's going in the ocean. That's the same thing.

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