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I know you're going to like this, Courtney, but I also read in Mix Magazine. Sorry, Mix Magazine-
Courtney- Wow! You get around! He reads more magazines than me.

Well not really. We get a free subscription at CiTR radio. And this is for CiTR radio.
Courtney- Well I buy most of the magazines I read.

Ok, five ninety-five for Mix Magazine, and it said, Butch Vig was talking about the Nirvana Nevermind album and he said he sampled some guitar riffs. Is this true? I couldn't believe it.
Kurt- Sampled? Guitar riffs?
Courtney- Yeah, Andy Wallace does that. He has like a little Macintosh and he's got a couple like snare sounds and guitar sounds.
Kurt- Sampling guitar RIFFS, I don't think so.
Courtney- No, not riffs, sounds.
Kurt- He, I think Andy Wallace sampled a few different sounds for the drums. To make them sound better, according to him.

What's the idea behind putting a lo- behind, you know, putting a lot of mics on a drum? I know you say you don't really like the Sonics totally, but I really love that sort of like one guitar-
Kurt- I-I, I have to admit their, yeah the Sonics recorded very, very cheaply on a two track you know, and they just used one, one microphone over the drums and, and they got the most amazing drum sound I've ever heard. Still to this day, it's still my favorite drum sound. It sounds like he's hitting harder than anyone I've ever known.

And I have some good new-
Kurt- Don't you agree?

It's amazing. I have some good news for you Kurt. Do you know that where the Sonics recorded, Audio Recording in Seattle with Kearney Barton is still around and you can actually still record there?
Kurt- Really. Wow.

The Young Fresh Fellows, pioneers in that sound, you know, going into Egg Studio and stuff. They recorded a new track off their CD there, 99 girls, right at that studio. Kearney Barton Audio. You can check it out. Like the same guy is there that recorded The Sonics.
Krist- Who was born in, a, 1842.

No he wasn't born in 1842. But I think that band Teengenerate from Japan, did that. And in Japan, they don't seem to have too much vinyl, do they?
Courtney- Aren't they into vinyl in Japan? They're into anything classic American aren't they? I don't know. I don't go there often.

Kurt, what is Geffen's position on vinyl? Like is it easy to release seven inches? Can you release them domestically?
Kurt- Not usually domestically. Only in England and Europe especially. We always, they've always offered to print vinyl for us because they know we're, we like that kind of thing. So, it's been no problem. I don't think it ever will be as long as there's, at least one place somewhere that'll print vinyl, they'll still do it.
Courtney- The Breeders sold 150 copies of their vinyl,.. in the States. 150 copies. Isn't that weird?
Kurt- Umm.

How much did Spencer Elden receive from the Nirvana camp?
Courtney- A lot. A lo-lot. You know why...?

And Spencer Elden is who?
Courtney- The guy from Nirvana, right?

The little baby on the cover.
Courtney- Oh, Spencer!

Courtney- Oh that's the guy we're going to have at dinner... when he grows up. I thought you meant the Nirva- the guys from Nirvana.
Kurt- I don't know. It was a lot cheaper than the picture that we wanted to use.

What's PA equipment like in South America? Tonight I noticed you had, quite an extensive PA and it sounded, I thought, really good. What's PA-
Krist- P.A. is for pathetic assholes!

What are- what is the PA like, in South America? What are they like? What are the tech crews there like?
Courtney- Peavey
Kurt- Univox.

Has your tech- does your tech crew, has it improved your sound? Do you think like in South America, were they freaking out? What was it like there?
Kurt- I don't remember.

'Cause I once heard-
Kurt- I shot coke with Alice in Chains all night. I remember.
Courtney- Ohh!... [Laugh]

Kurt, did you really custom design a guitar? Your own special little model?
Kurt- Yeah.

How many models are there? And can I buy one?
Kurt- I don't know. I don't know if it's gone into proDUCTion yet. I don't know if it will be available for the public. It's up to them to decide. But what I basically, well, what I did is I took a picture of a Mustang, a Polaroid picture of a Mustang and a picture of a Jaguar and then cut them in half and glued them together and told them to build that. So that's what it is. It's the Jag-Stang.

What other bands, Kurt, have played in Argentina? Like you played there. What was it like, 'n were you one of the first bands to play there, d'ya know?
Kurt- I don't think so. I've heard that Skid Row played there.

Have any other melodic-punk bands played there?
Kurt- I do not know. We played with the Chili Peppers that night.

Ever heard of the Canadian band, Saga before?
Kurt- Yeah, I think so. Are they a pop metal band?

I think they played in Argentina. Kurt, what did you think of the last Flipper LP?
Kurt- Ehh.. OK.

What were Bjorn Again like from Europe?
Kurt- Wonderful. Uncanny. Amazing. They looked exactly and sounded exactly like Abba.

Are they better than Rain, a tribute to the Beatles?
Kurt- I've never seen them.

They did a big center spread in The Rocket [Seattle music newspaper]
Kurt- Umm.

Are you ever going to get Screaming Jay Hawkins to try and back you up again?
Kurt- We tried, but it fell through. I would like to try again.

Anybody else, cool, that you think you would bring up, bring up with you and back you up? Like I was thinking the Sweet maybe and get Kurt Bloch to guest on guitar.
Kurt- That wouldn't be too hard, would it?

No, or maybe Village People would be no problem. Anybody else you've been thinking of?
Kurt- Well those two are that just ran through my mind. Umm.. No, not really. Buzzcocks...Buzzcocks...We've had some amazing bands play with us on this tour. We had, um, the Boredoms, the Meat Puppets, and, um, gee who else, Jaw Breaker.

But no Bonham or Quiet Riot or anything?
Kurt- Not yet.

Courtney said-
Kurt- At the Riviera Steak House... in a couple of years.

Courtney said that Geffen, Kurt, made 55 million dollars off you and you guys only-
Courtney- I was quoting the Wall Street Journal.

And you guys only got a million. Where did the money go?
Kurt- To Geffen!
Courtney- That's the way it's always been. I explained that to you. It's like a white guy giving a black guy a Cadillac.
Kurt- I walked into David's room one day and I said, listen man, I feel like I'm gettin' ripped off. And he said, look outside, there's a Cadillac for ya'. And I took it. Then I just-you know I just forgot about tryin' to get my royalties from him. And it turns out, the fucking Cadillac was rented. Can you believe it?

If Nirvana has total control, Kurt, I was wondering, slightly, about ticket prices for gigs. Is there any way to make tickets and t-shirts universally the same? i.e., ten dollars to get into the gig and ten dollars for a shirt?
Kurt- No...unless you're Fugazi.
Krist- You Canadian communist mother fucker! You ???? !

Has any band ever tried that before? I mean on a major label you know, because you have perhaps, more control over what' s going on. You could maybe- because you guys were playing at a cool place tonight. Like it's small. It's not a big coliseum.
Kurt- Um-hmm. I don't know. I don't know, really.
Courtney- It's like, Nardwuar, it's really expensive. You can't break even.
Kurt- It's really expensive to bring your own PA system and lights and stuff. You barely break even.

Do you know what? You and Axl have something in common, Kurt
Kurt- [Sarcastically] Yeah, a lot.

You both sing in, a, faked English accents, as he does on the Spaghetti Incident. On the new UK Subs-track. Did you check that out?
Kurt- No I haven't.

Actually he sort of kicks ass. That Gun's-n-Roses recording of the UK Subs. 'Cause you mentioned in your book that you actually record, or the book about you, Come As You Are, you sing with faked English accents.
Kurt- Um-hmm. What can I say, I'm a death rocker.

Have you ever thought of partying with Bill Gates at all? Finally winding up here, Kurt.
Kurt-Who's that?

Bill Gates, from Microsoft. Partying with Bill Gates.
Kurt- Oh...

'Cause you know, who are the two newest members of the Seattle scene, Kurt? Here's a trick question for ya.
Courtney- [Laughing] Bill Gates.

Microsoft and Nintendo! And finally, Kurt-
Courtney- Is Nintendo in Nirv- in, a, Seattle now, Nardwuar?

It is! It's based out of Seattle. And finally, Kurt Cobain of the rock and roll band, Nirvana, If Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle, who will have their revenge on Vancouver?
Kurt- Pete Reno.
Courtney- Wasn't Lindsay Wagner from here?
Kurt- I dun'no
Courtney- Eddie Munster. Eddie Munster, he's from Vancouver, right?

Uh, Kurt?
Kurt- Pete Reno, I said it.

Who's Pete Reno?
Kurt- You know.
Courtney- Oh! Loverboy! Right.

Oh, Mike Reno. That-that's Mike Renowski actually.
Kurt- Oh Pete Reno is this half retarded person that went to my high school. Sorry.

And is going to be on Exploitation Records?
Kurt- Mmm hmmm

Ah Kurt? Doo doo de loo doo...
Courtney- You know too much!

Kurt! Doo doo de loo doo

Doo doo de loo doo
Kurt-[laughs] doo doo.


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