5 minutes later
Rob Zombie's road manager
Hi Nardwuar, hold on. I've got Rob here for you.

Nardwuar Hello, Rob.
Rob Zombie Hey now.

Nardwuar: Are you a fan of those true life crime books that are put out by Time Books?
RZ: Uh, not that series in particular but here and there I read those books, yeah.

Nardwuar: Are you up on that type of stuff? Like, I was wondering, do you know who holds the record for most slaying at one time, Rob Zombie?
Mad Mad Zombie image
RZ: Well, I guess it depends on how you mean it. I mean, I -- do you mean in a serial killer way or...
Nardwuar: Yeah. Actually, twenty-two by George Henard, in 1991 when he jumped out of that pickup truck outside of a cafeteria, and yelled, "It's Payback Time Belton County" and then fired away. That was in one of those Time-Life books. That's what made it interesting
RZ: Yeah. (long pause)
Nardwuar: Ever seen Diamanda Galas do "I Put a Spell on You?"
RZ: I never saw her perform live the whole time I lived in New York.
Nardwuar: When you were in New York, were you guys influenced by Live Skull at all?
RZ: I wouldn't say "influenced" but we did play a lot of shows with them, that's for sure.
Nardwuar: And then eventually were you into Ministry? Because Ministry got guitars and you seemed to go in that direction with White Zombie. Did that influence you at all? The "Ministry gets guitars" craze?
RZ: Um, not really, because I was strangely unaware of Ministry because I remember them from their early days and I remember everyone talking, "You've got to hear Ministry!" and I couldn't figure out why. So I was pretty late hearing the new Ministry.
Nardwuar: It's because you guys were doing the New York" art fag thing with Live Skull, right?
RZ: Well, I wouldn't say we were doing it but we were certainly trapped in it.
Another damn Zombie image Nardwuar: Rob, do you like sex, like celebrity sex?
RZ: Do I like it in what sense?

Nardwuar: There's that legend that the guy from the Toilet Boys actually screwed Traci Lords and I guess I was just wondering, from reading in Kerrang! and stuff, that you like celebrity sex.?
RZ: I don't think that was me.

Nardwuar: How about GG Allin? Are you influenced by him? I love the word "influence" but have you eaten poop or taken it to that level at all?
RZ: No, but I do remember seeing GG many times and desperately trying to avoid being hit by his poop.
Nardwuar: Have you ever tried Absinthe?
RZ: No.
Nardwuar: Do you know exactly where in Los Angeles that Alfalfa from the Little Rascals was shot in the head over a bad drug deal?
RZ: I don't know exactly where he was shot but I know exactly where he was buried.
Nardwuar: Where is that?
RZ: At the Hollywood Memorial Cemetary on Santa Monica Boulevard.
Nardwuar: Have you been to a graveyard at midnight?
RZ: Many times.
Nardwuar: Have you found anything cool, Rob Zombie, at Hollywood garage sales? Like, Long Gone John of Sympathy For The Record Industry Records has a "Devil's Witches" Manson Family jacket that I think John Waters wanted to buy off him. But I was thinking, being from Hollywood and all, have you ever gone to any cool garage sales and seen like Academy Awards out there in little boxes?
RZ: (sighs) No, I mean, I've bought nothing to that extent of coolness. I mean, that jacket is probably the ultimate find but I've found some pretty good stuff, yeah, you know, it would pale in comparison but some pretty good stuff.
Nardwuar: Well actually I think Long Gone John actually got that from a girlfriend or something like that but how about yourself? Like, there's nothing, like, one little item, like any little Munster tidbit that perhaps turned you on when you found it? Because I was thinking it must be incredible going to garage sales in Hollywood Hills, Rob Zombie.
RZ: Well the best one -- there used to be an effects studio out on North Hollywood that went out of business and they sold off everything so you could get life casts of just about anyone, from Bela Lugosi to Leonard Nimoy, and they had props left over from movies that you could buy. But that's about it.
Nardwuar: You have a big beard, but so does Johnny Legend. Have you done any gigs with Johnny Legend?
RZ: No, we haven't made the "beard" connection yet.
Another, and more Zombie images
to come! Nardwuar: And Johnny loves horror and he loves rock 'n' roll and movies. Do you feel sorry at all, Rob, about bands like Gwar who haven't had as much success as yourself?
RZ: No. Why would I feel sorry for them?

Nardwuar: Well, just because you've been lucky. You've had some good breaks and you're up there and you're rockin' hard as Rob Zombie. But you know Gwar, they're not household names quite yet.
RZ: No, but I don't know, you know. The last time I saw them, I saw them in a pretty -- I don't know what happened to them. All I know is they were playing much bigger places than White Zombie was at one point.

Nardwuar: But I guess you won the battle then.
RZ: Well, I don't feel I was battling particularly with Gwar.
Nardwuar: Speaking of battles and killing, Rob Zombie, there there was some serial killer in the 1930s who had a roadside cafe where he would kill his staff and customers, and then feed their bodies to alligators! Do you think that is the wildest thing you've ever heard, Rob Zombie?
RZ: (laughs) Oh, you make me crazy.
Nardwuar: Why is that?
RZ: What's your name?
Nardwuar: Nardwuar
RZ: I just want to be able to say your name after every answer.
Nardwuar: Well, thank you very much, Rob Zombie. Rob Zombie, I was still curious here, what do you know about human sacrifices? Human sacrifices and the Aztecs?
RZ: What do I know about it?
Nardwuar: Yeah, what do you know about human sacrifices, Rob Zombie? The Aztecs were into human sacrifices.
RZ: Yeah. It's great.
Nardwuar: Have you ever been to a mortuary?
RZ: (silence)
Nardwuar: Rob?
RZ: Yes, I'm just giving you some dramatic pause. (laughs)
Nardwuar: You have been to a mortuary.
RZ: Yes.
Nardwuar: Are you into necrophilia at all, studying the history of it? Because Sally Jesse Raphael was going to do that show on necrophilia but it never aired and I was thinking a zombie is a walking dead! A walking dead! So maybe you've had some run-ins with that?
RZ: Some run-ins! No, I'm sorry.
Nardwuar: Do you know of any documented instances of any necrophilia, Rob?
RZ: (silence)
Nardwuar: It's okay to say "Rob," right?
RZ: That's perfect.

Nardwuar: I'd actually did see you in Los Angeles at one time at an Upper Crust gig. The band Upper Crust.
RZ: Yes, the Upper Crust.

Nardwuar: And they're managed by the Getty family. That's an interesting connection, because you have Zombie A-Go-Go records and there's the Getty family. That's wild that they're into like punk bands like the Upper Crust!
RZ: I don't think they're into it. I think that one of the guys in the band is rich and he funds the band.

Nardwuar: But I heard it was the Getty family was the one that runs Empire Norton, the record label.
RZ: I have no idea. That could be true, but I doubt it.

Nardwuar: Do you own any shruken heads?
RZ: (sighs) No, Sorry.
Another damn Zombie image
Nardwuar: Are you friends with Dave Vanian? Because the Damned have the record called History of the World Part One that has a picture of a tomb on it. A tomb! A tomb! A tomb!
RZ: (pause) Oh yeah? No, I don't know him.
Nardwuar: What kind of lenses do you use to get that effect in your eyes?
RZ: They're Bausch & Lomb soft contacts. I don't know. I don't know what kind they are.
Nardwuar: You don't know.
RZ: Sorry. I don't have a funny answer for you.
Nardwuar: You just did a Cabinet of Doctor Caligari rip-off video?
RZ: Yes, I did.
Nardwuar: What was that about?
RZ: (deep breath, yawns)
Nardwuar: You seem a bit tired, Rob.
RZ: No, I'm trying to find the humour but I'm, I'm getting -- I'm losing it. What was it about? In what sense?
Nardwuar: Well, a Cabinet of Doctor Caligari rip-off video That's cool! History! Rob Zombie!
RZ: (laughs)
Nardwuar: Hello, Rob?
RZ: Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm just laughing.
Nardwuar: I've noticed that on your new CD you have a complete fascination with House Industries computer fonts! Perhaps you would like to talk a bit about computer fonts, Rob Zombie! I've been trying to ask you other issues and you haven't been too informative, but computer fonts, you must be into computer fonts because your new CD has got excellent art on it and it seems like you really like the House Industries guys because you have lots of their fonts.
RZ: They have good fonts. (long pause) Don't you think?
Nardwuar: They're amazing! Totally amazing! Which ones are you into, particularly?
RZ: (pause) Well, their Monster Font series is good. Their Rat Fink series is good, although I don't think I used it. They have a Custom Van series which I don't have that looks pretty good. Uh, I don't know if all the fonts I used were House Industries fonts.
Nardwuar: I once did an interview with Nikki Sixx and I was talking to him about going to school in Seattle and I mentioned to him that Duff was from Seattle but he didn't really want to open up and talk and you know say, "Hey, I went to school with Duff. I went to school with El Duce from the Mentors and Criss Crass from the Vains who ended up in the Muffs." Nikki Sixx went to high school with like El Duce from the Mentors, Duff from Guns 'n' Roses, and Criss Crass from the Vains! Why wouldn't somebody like him want to open up? Why aren't those guys nice and talkative like yourself, Rob?
RZ: I don't know. You'll have to ask Nikki Sixx why he wouldn't want to open up to you.
Nardwuar: Well, thanks very much for your time, Rob. I really do appreciate it. Do you have anything else you would like to add to the people out there?
RZ: No, I'm sure you can just write whatever you like, that'd be fine.
Another damn Zombie image Nardwuar: Keep on rockin' in the free world. And doot doola doot doo...
RZ: Okay.

Nardwuar: Rob, doot doola doot doo...
RZ: (silence)

Nardwuar: Rob Zombie? Doot doola doot doo...
RZ: (silence)

Nardwuar: Hello, Rob? Are you there?
RZ: Yeah.

Nardwuar: Doot doola doot doo...
RZ: (silence, Rob puts on speaker phone, and walks away)

Nardwuar: Almost there. Like "still here" is almost like "doot doot." But, doot doola doot doo...
RZ: (silence)

Nardwuar: Rob? Rob?
RZ: Yeah!
Nardwuar: Rob? Just to end the interview, doot doola doot doo...
RZ: (silence)
Nardwuar: Hello Rob Zombie, just to end the interview? Goodbye, thanks for your time, Rob, and doot doola doot doo...
RZ: See you later.
Nardwuar: No. Doot doola doot doo... Just two little syllables to kick in there. Doot doola doot doo...
RZ: (silence)
Nardwuar: Hello, Rob? Are you still there? The speaker phone is on in the room. I can hear you like on the other side of the room. Do you think you could just go "doot doot" to end the interview? That would be really cool.
RZ: I'm still waiting about that.
Nardwuar: You're still waiting. Doot doot. I'll give you a little example. Doot doola doot doo... space space. Fill in the blanks. Please, Rob? I don't want to keep you or anything but doot doola doot doo...
RZ: (silence)
Nardwuar: Hello, Rob Zombie?
RZ: Yeah.
Nardwuar: Thanks again for your time. Would you be able to finish off with that at all? Could I ask you please? Please?
RZ: A couple more times.
Nardwuar: A couple more times? Okay. Doot doola doot doo...
RZ: I almost got it down.
Nardwuar: Okay. Doot doola doot doo...
RZ: Keep going, it's almost funny.
Nardwuar: Boy, this is almost as bad as bribing Metallica roadies to get backstage. Whoa! Those guys are hairy! Doot doola doot doo...
RZ: (laughs) Keep going--
Nardwuar: Doot doola doot doo, Rob?
RZ: Yeah.
Nardwuar: Rob Zombie! Doot doola doot doo... Are you there on the speaker phone? Are you still there?
RZ: I'm still here.
Nardwuar: Thanks very much for the inteview. I do appreciate it. And doot doola doot doo...
RZ: (silence, phone rings in the background)
Nardwuar: Oh, I heard the phone ring twice. That's pretty good! Rob, how are you doing there, Rob?
RZ: (silence)
Nardwuar: Any special requests out there for the ladies?
RZ: (silence)
Nardwuar: Rob, doot doola doot doo... Thanks again for your time. Doot doola - Rob, are you there? I have to establish if you are there.
RZ: (silence)
Rob must have left the room without hanging up the speakerphone as after five minutes of unanswered "Doot doola doot doos" a woman from the Korn production office finally informs me that Rob Zombie is nowhere to be found.
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