Nardwuar vs. Chuck D


Nardwuar The Human Serviette vs Chuck D.

Nardwuar: Who are you?

Chuck D: My name is Chuck D and the name of my group is Public Enemy.

Nardwuar: Chuck D, welcome to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

Chuck D: Thank you.

Nardwuar: Right off the bat, Chuck, I have a gift for you.

Chuck D: Okay, thank you.

Nardwuar: Here it is right here.

Chuck D: I am not good at accepting gifts.

Nardwuar: What do we have right here?

[Nardwuar hands Chuck D a Blowfly Throbblehead]

Nardwuar: Is this Flavor? You know they’ve got a bunch of Flavors around. Aw, okay. Who’s this?

Nardwuar: Clarence “motherfucking” Reid.

Chuck D: Oh yeah, Blowfly. Right, right, that’s my man.

Nardwuar: And this is interesting because Blowfly’s ‘Rapp Dirty’, that influenced ‘Fight the Power’. How did that happen t?

Chuck D: Well, I mean, in 1980 we collected records, it was on the TK label which was known for a lot of different records in ’77, ’78, ’79 and ’80. ‘Dance to the Drummer’s Beat’ was one of them. You know, so Blowfly had one of the first rap records with ‘Blowfly Rapp’ and they had a sequence in there where he came up with this sequence about the KKK and Muhammad Ali, and so that stuck with me.

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