Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Odd Future!


Who Are You?

Tyler The Creator: R. Kelly

And who do you have beside you R.Kelly, Tyler?

T: Hodgy Beats, little brother.

Hodgy Beats: Heyyyyyyyyyyy

Odd Future, welcome to Austin, Texas!

T: Swag.

Right off the bat, Tyler, bacon, you love bacon. Why do you love bacon?

T: I don’t know. Bacon is the fucking greatest thing ever.

H: I know. You can put syrup on it and you can eat it with bread.

T: And whipped cream if you’re kinky.

And now I have something special for you, Tyler and Hodgy, a gift I have for you, some bacon… [hands Tyler soap]

T: Soap! Goddamn! Nigga, it smells like bacon! Goddamn, nigga, bacon soap on a bitch nigga! Black, fat bitches about to be on my dick. Pork rinds and shit, nigga!

So bacon gets you pretty excited but also skating with Jason Dill, that gets you excited right?

T: Yeah, that’s my nigga. He’s awesome.

And he shot a video, the video for Skate, the video game, in Vancouver, B.C., where I’m from. So I thought I’d give you guys a gift from the legendary skating company in Vancouver, Skull Skates. [hands Tyler a hat]

Could you please tell us, is your mom half-Canadian?

T: Yeah, what the fuck? How do you know this shit? Yeah, my mom’s mixed. Oh shit. What the fuck? You with the feds, nigga?


Odd Future, here you are in Austin, Texas. Did you bring any merch with you guys at all?

T: Not this time.

I have some suggestions for merch for you guys. Right off the bat, there was a band in the 1990s called The Drags who had their own barf bags. [hand Tyler a Drags barf bag] What do you think about Odd Future barf bags?

H: Wait, it just doesn’t feel right. [pretends to shit in the bag]

So Odd Future, shitbags then?

T: I like that!


Now, you actually are on to something Hodgy, because, let me propose this to you, Tyler, check this out. You guys like Eminem, don’t you? Look what Eminem had for a promo item and this is going to top them all. An Eminem urinal mat! [hand Tyler an Eminem mat ]

T: That’s funny as fuck!

Now how would that work for Odd Future, an Eminem urinal mat?

T: Yeah we’re making these. We’re putting them on people’s faces though.


Eminem Urinal Mat


Odd Future, here in Austin, Texas, Odd Future, also, I’d like to ask you and give you some gifts, too, from some people I think you’re influenced by.

H: Okay?

So here it comes, first off, we have right here, Tyler… [hands Tyler an Alan Tew record]

T: Oh shit, Alan Tew. Fuck. This nigga’s tight!

What can you tell the people about Alan Tew?

T: I like him. He’s an awesome jazz artist. Fuck. This is random. How do you know this shit?

You’re Odd Future! We have to know about Odd Future! Don’t we, Hodgy?

H: Yeah.


To continue on, another gift for you Tyler.

T: I’m about to put my balls out. Everybody look away. Naw, I’m not going to do it.

Another gift for you here Tyer and Hodgy, here we have right here a James Pants Meets… [hands him James Pants record]

T: Egyptian Motherfucking Lover Nigger Goddamn!

Now what can you say to people about James Pants?

T: He’s awesome, he’s white, and he makes real-ass nigger music.


And here he is with the Egyptian Lover, an electro legend from L.A.!

T: This nigger used to fuck with N.W.A. and shit. That’s crazy.

Odd Future, another gift for you guys right here. Roy… [hands Tyler a Roy Ayers record]

T: This is my nigga.


Is this okay for you Tyler, because you’re looking for more of the unreleased aren’t you?

T: No, I’m about to go buy a fucking record machine. The thing is this nigga has so much music that everything I get from this nigga is awesome because there’s too much to have, so this is great. Tightest nigga ever.

Tyler you are, Tyler the…

T: Masturbator.

Creator! And Tyler, Coming out very soon, Gob… Goblin, your solo album! Were you at all aware of what existed in the 1970s, Goblin the band. [hands Tyler a Goblin 8-track]

T: They used to do Italian soundtracks and shit. And this is a fuckin’… How the fuck did you get this?

I live in Canada, we still have 8-tracks!!

T: What the fuck!?


Now it doesn’t stop there for Goblin, what other goblin stuff do you guys know about?

T: I know they’re in relation to gnomes. To lawn gnomes.

There’s another Goblin band I want to tell you about and I think you’re going to love these guys, Hodgy and Tyler. What is the name of this band?

T: Goblin Cock! [laughs] Sucker. Goblin Cock Sucker!


And you are Tyler The Creator and right beside you Tyler, we’ve got Hodgy Beats. We’ve got to give it up for Hodgy Beats. If we pan over there, who else do we have?

T: We got Taye Diggs over there, swaggin’ out right there. Taco Bennett over there, swaggin’. KRS-One over there in the yellow shirt. We got B-Rabbit from 8 Mile over there, and right here we got Frenchie from Brick Squad 1017.

And right back here we’ve got the Hodgy Beats. I got a gift for you specifically, Hodgy Beats. What can you tell the people about your favorite movie? [hands Hodgy the Belly Soundtrack]

H: Oh my god, how does this nigga know? Oh my god!

The Belly soundtrack.

H: Yeah, that shit hot right here.

T: Them two niggers (Left Brain and Hodgy) , that’s their favorite movie. They’ve probably watched it 30 million times.


It’s a double LP, you guys can share. One person that’s not here is Earl (Sweatshirt). Was Earl the best rapper ever at the age of 15?

T: He was the best rapper at the age of 16 also.

Nobody can compare to him, nobody.

T: Not anyone.

Did you know that instantly? What did he first spit out that you knew that he was Earl?

T: I’m crazy, niggers know me, with my nigger Trazy. I’m Trazy by the way.

You’re really good at kicking back the tunes there Tyler.

T: Yeah, I’m crazy.

You love covering tunes. Another little gift for you here, Odd Future. This is your favorite tune right here. Ciara! [hand Tyler a Ciara 12”]

T: [starts singinging 1-2 Step]

You’ve got the 12-inch now.

T: Ciara, she tall as fuck.

Now Tyler, you’ve been saying a lot of “fuck.”

T: Yeah, that’s my favorite fuckin’…

“Fuck St—”

T: —eve Harvey.

Fuck Steve Harvey. What about the other Kings of Comedy? Like Bernie Mac? Cedric The Entertainer?

T: Bernie Mac is one of the fucking greatest. And he’s one of the only people that died that I was like, “Oh shit. That sucks.” He’s awesome.

You’re down with Soulja Boy. You’ve talked to him before, haven’t you? Has he told you anything about Kat Stacks? Has Kat Stacks come after the Odd Future at all?

T: Dude, I want to fuck her so bad. I want to be on that list of rappers that fucked her so bad. Kat Stacks, return my calls, bitch.

Bieber returned your calls. You got to meet Justin Bieber. He couldn’t brag about you, could he? He couldn’t brag because he can’t retweet your…

T: Tweets because it says “@fucktyler” and…

Did he say that? Did he say, “Hey man, I can’t retweet you?”

T: It’s kind of common sense. I put two and two together. He’s chill though.

Did you think about getting another tweeter just for that so he could retweet, like, another tweet so it could link to the Odd Future tweeter?

T: Uhhh… what? I didn’t hear shit you just said .[laughs} That’s cool, though. [points to Nardwuar] This nigga tight, nigger. This nigga got money and bitches. Look at this nigga’s shirt, nigga.

Odd Future, winding up here, what about the Soul Banana Crew? Who’s the Soul Banana Crew?

T: Oh shit, nigga, that’s from 10th, 11th grade. They would support us in the early, early days and shit. Damn. I ain’t heard about that since I was 15 or 16. Fuck. Are you with the Feds?

No, I’m Nardwuar The Human Serviette with…

T: Odd Future.

Alright, Thanks so much Odd Future. Keep on rockin’ in the free world and doot doola doot doo…

T: Fuck the free world!

And doot doola doot doo…

H: Bukkake.

Nardwuar: That works!

Watch the interview here:

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