3 responses to “Nardwuar vs. Sipreano (2019)”

  1. Sip

    Always electric… Still vibrating!!!

  2. Nathan Hesselink

    Dear Nardwar,

    I’ve been an admirer from afar for some time now — I’m a music professor at UBC who teaches (among other things) a British rock music survey to undergraduates. My research areas/bands include Radiohead, the Police, and Led Zeppelin.

    I am currently working on a project that connects the dots between UBC and Little Mountain Sound Studios, and a key element to this is the Joani Taylor/Dave Robbins/Numerality Singers album featured on this show. I have looked EVERYWHERE for this album — mostly just to take a high-resolution photo of the back cover — and if you owned a copy or had access to one, I would give my eye teeth to see it. Let me know if this would be possible!!

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