Nardwuar vs. Snoop Dogg (2016)


Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Snoop Doggy Dogg (2016)

Nardwuar: Who are you?

Snoop Dogg:My name is Snoop Dogg. West Coast, hip hop, gangsta rapper, actor, father, football coach, philanthropist.

Nardwuar: The best of all time.

Snoop Dogg:Believe it.

Nardwuar: That’s what usually you say in the 7 other interviews that we’ve done, 7 plus 1, this is the 8th interview.

SnoopDogg: It’s the 8th wonder of the world man, anytime you can do 8 interviews with Nardwuar you must say that this is the 8th wonder of the world.

Nardwuar: Ba-boom.

Snoop Dogg: Bam Bam.

Nardwuar: And right off the bat, Snoop, to celebrate our time together, we have a little gift for you right here, an Ike and Tina Turner poster.

[Nardwuar hands a poster to Snoop Dogg]

Snoop Dogg: Oh man, this is going to go in the wall on my studio ASAP, I’m going to put a frame around and I am going to let everybody know where I got it from.

Nardwuar: I was curious, Ike Turner, did he at one time want to do a collab with you?

Snoop Dogg: Yes, I kept his voice message on my phone for about 8 months after he passed away. He called me and wanted me to come down and get on a record with him, so that was in effect.

Nardwuar: Now Snoop, I was also curious about this record right here, Sheep Doggy Dogg, the female answer to…?

Snoop Dogg: Snoop Doggy Dogg.

[Nardwuar hands a Sheep Doogy Dogg 12 inch to Snoop Dogg]

Nardwuar: What can you say about Sheep Doggy Dogg?

Snoop Dogg: I never heard about it, this is the first time, this is news to my ears and I’m anxious to hear what it sounds like. Sheep Doggy Dogg, give a dogg a bone, the female answer to Snoop Doggy Dogg. Oh my God! She had a cassette?

Nardwuar: She had a whole album.

Snoop Dogg: The female answer to Snoop Doggy Dogg, I’ve never heard of this.

Nardwuar: I was curious about novelty rap, the Waistline Connection and Chow Down.

[Nardwuar hands a LP to Snoop Dogg]

Snoop Dogg: [Laughs] Are you serious? This is a real record that came out?

Nardwuar: Created by your friend, DJ Big Boy.

Snoop Dogg: Oh Chow Down, Chow Down, when we come to your town, chow down. I remember this record right here, Big Boy did do that. He was tight.

Nardwuar: The Waistline Connection.

Snoop Dogg: Yeah, the Waistline Connection. He got his waistline together. Me and him wear the same size pants now.

Nardwuar: Ba-boom. Well actually, kind of ba-boom. But here we have another novelty rap Chunky A.

[Nardwuar hands an LP to Snoop Dogg]

Snoop Dogg: Oh this is Arsenio Hall’s alter ego, Chunky A, you know the rapper, he had a record out. He had an alter ego. He was large and in charge.

Nardwuar: And you were on his show quite a bit Schnoop, and check out the back, is that what it was like looking at Arsenio’s butt?

Snoop Dogg: I wouldn’t know man, I don’t know, you can have this album, I don’t want this album. This is one album I’m going to give back to you. I usually steal from you, I don’t want this shit, you can have that one.

Nardwuar: Well actually, right here we have a record you do care about, the Roaches.

[Nardwuar hands an LP to Snoop Dogg]

Snoop Dogg: Oh wow, Bobby, Jimmy and the Critters! [Snoop sings] “Look at all these Roaches surrounding me every day / I just need some time / some time to spray away.” Yeah, I think this was Russ Parr.

Nardwuar: This is Russ Parr. What can you say about Roaches?

Snoop Dogg: I grew up with Roaches, shout out to all the Roaches I left behind when I got money. It is a hard life, you know I wish I could have brought y’all with me, but they didn’t accept y’all in the neighbourhood I moved to.

Nardwuar: One of the people in the Critters was the Arabian Price.

Snoop Dogg: He was off the hook, Arabian Prince was one of the original West Coast pioneers of, you know, hip hop music.

Nardwuar: Snoop Doggy Dogg, I would like to ask you about Jazzy D A Wack Girl.

[Nardwuar hands an LP to Snoop Dogg]

Snoop Dogg: Yeah, this was on Techno Hop Records, A Wack Girl, Tony G makes this, mixmaster, this is Julio G’s brother Tony G from the original mix masters from KDAY so this is O.G. right here, you’re definitely not getting that back.

Nardwuar: Actually, I’m not sure about that one Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Snoop Dogg: No, that one’s going with me. I’ve been trying to find a copy of that label right there because I’m doing a documentary based on West Coast hip hop and I need that for the documentary.

Nardwuar: But that is unknown….

Snoop Dogg: Thank you, I appreciate that.

Nardwuar: …DJ.

Snoop Dogg: DJ Unknown, that’s my homeboy, I work with him, I used to do….

Nardwuar: Can’t you get one from him?

Snoop Dogg: No I can’t, I’m getting it from you, thank you. This is a Bloods and Crips, Steady Dippin’, I think Battlecat produced this right here.

[Nardwuar hands an LP to Snoop Dogg]

Nardwuar: What can you say about Bloods and Crips, this LP?

Snoop Dogg: Bangin’ on Wax, this was when we tried to put some peace in the community, before the riots they made a record when they were dissing each other, but at the same time it was a record bringing both sides together. DJ Battlecat, yep, told you, he was the one that produced the whole record.

Nardwuar: And winding up here Snoop Doggy Dogg, I wanted to ask you about this particular gentleman right here, Arnold…

[Nardwuar hands an LP to Snoop Dogg]

Snoop Dogg: Schwarz-nigga. I don’t like this punk right here.

Nardwuar: Turn it over, you’re really going to like the back.

Snoop Dogg: Look at how this motherfucker dressed for his album cover, look at this soft-ass shit. Look at this. How the fuck do you dress like this for your album cover? This is some bull shit . Total body workout. I’m taking this back to the house and making a mockery of this shit.

Nardwuar: I thought you hated him.

Snoop Dogg: I do, but I’ve got to…

Nardwuar: You can’t take that one.

Snoop Dogg: Yeah, I do. I need it, I’ve got to take a mockery of him.

Nardwuar: Just winding up here Snoop Doggy Dogg, I wanted to ask you about these gentleman right here, Kobe Bryant.

[Nardwuar hands an LP to Snoop Dogg]

Snoop Dogg: This motherfucker went and got Kobe Bryant’s album, featuring Tyra Banks. This is bullshit at its finest.

Nardwuar:: What can you say about Kobe, his last game? Tyra Banks? Kobe’s rap career?

Snoop Dogg: We’re going to leave those two worlds separate. His basketball career was phenomenal, his last game was exceptional. I’m a big Kobe Bryant basketball fan.

Nardwuar: Did you ever see him rap?

Snoop Dogg: I’m a big Kobe Bryant basketball fan [laughs].

Nardwuar: And right underneath that, we have?

[Nardwuar hands an LP to Snoop Dogg]

Snoop Dogg: Shaquille O’Neal, You Can’t Stop the Reign. I like this song right here [sings] ‘You Can’t Stop the Reign’. Shaq, now Shaq was hard as a rapper.

Nardwuar: Yeah, he said like about ass to Kobe, what was that about?

Snoop Dogg: Ha! [laughs] You would have to ask him.

Nardwuar: He was pretty cool though, he did stuff with Biggie.

Snoop Dogg: Yeah, he was dope, Shaq was a dope rapper. I’ve got a song with Shaq.

Nardwuar: Amazing, and right underneath it, B-Balls Best Kept…

[Nardwuar hands an LP to Snoop Dogg]

Snoop Dogg: …Secret.

Nardwuar: The Kidd, Jason Kidd.

Snoop Dogg: Jason Kidd was on here rapping? Cedric Ceballos featuring Warren G? J.R. Rider, Funk in the Truck, Dennis Scott, All Night Party, Gary Payton, Livin’ Legal and Large, Dana Barros. Oh my God, this album right here is going home with me.

Nardwuar: I’m not sure, that is like all basketball rappers.

Snoop Dogg: No, but I need to laugh, I need to laugh.

Nardwuar: And why should people care about Snoop Doggy Dogg? Why should people care?

Snoop Dogg: I don’t know. Just because, you know, just because caring is loving and loving is caring.

Nardwuar: Well thanks very much Snoop Doggy…

Snoop Dogg: Dogg.

Nardwuar: Keep on rocking in the free world and doot doodle doot doo…

Snoop Dogg: Doot doo. Nardwuar, one day they’re going to put you on a real TV network, you deserve it. Every time I do an interview with this motherfucker, I’m like what network is the motherfucker with? The niggas on his own network. Well, what time does he come on? Shit, whenever he want to. Well, what channel is he on? I don’t even know, like the motherfucker don’t have a channel, listings, nothing. Coming up this week on the Nardwuar show! Who?

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    rabid digital - December 25, 2020

    merry christmas!

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    Mike Marsbergen - October 25, 2022

    The Sheep Doggy Dogg album is great! I’ve been listening to it a lot on cassette. I just wish I could learn more about the people involved.

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