Nardwuar vs. Snoop Doggy Dogg


Nardwuar: Who are you?
Snoop Dogg: Snoop D-O-Double G.

Nardwuar: Snoop, welcome to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Snoop Dogg: Thank you for having me, Nardwuar. It’s a pleasure and a treat to be here again with you.

Nardwuar:Snoop, right off the bat, I wanted to ask you about this gentleman right here, Buzz Aldrin. [Nardwuar pulls out a Buzz Aldrin LP] You worked with Buzz Aldrin, the moon guy )
Snoop:  Yeah, the man on the moon. Me and Buzz and a couple of rappers got together and did a song with him. He was actually a cool cat, man. He was rather down-to-Earth.

Nardwuar:: How did that all happen? That’s incredible! Like you rappin’ in outerspace!
Snoop:, I think that’s the name of it. They hit me up and suggested that me and Buzz get together cuz Buzz was a fan of mine and I love what he did, being one of the first guys to walk on the Moon, so it was a natural you know, combination. You know, us being highly innovated, you understand what I’m saying?

Nardwuar: Snoop Doggy Dogg, it’s amazing. I’ve been interviewing you for 10 years now. Do you remember the first time I talked to you on the set of the movie Bones in 2000? Ten years!
Snoop:  I do remember that. This is where I shot Bones, out in Vancouver.

Nardwuar: And here we are 10 years later at a hotel.
Snoop:  In Vancouver, B.C.

Nardwuar: In Vancouver, B.C., Canada. And people really have enjoyed our interviews over the years. Do you know that Snoop?
Snoop: Yeah, because they been rather different, you know what I’m saying? Because most guys who interview me don’t have as much personality as you have, as much courageousness. You know, your courageous and you got a lot of personality so it brings the best out of me and you at the same time.

Nardwuar: Well, thank you for the kind words, Snoop Dogg and I wanna say our interviews have inspired people. Check out what this cartoonist Mitch Clem drew, this drawing of me and look who’s in the corner! [Nardwuar pulls out a Mitch Clem Drawing]
Snoop:  Oh no, big Snoop Dogg. I like that, he got James Brown in the bottom, too.

Nardwuar: And Tommy Chong!
Snoop:  Wow, what a combination.


Nardwuar: And Nardwuar The Human Serviette, right in the middle.
Snoop: And you bigger than everybody else.

Nardwuar: Well, speaking of bigger… turn this (drawing) over and look what else Mitch Clem drew.
Snoop:  [reading] Nardwuar the Canuck.


Nardwuar:Nardwuar the Canuck.
Snoop: So you’re a Vancouver Canuck?

Nardwuar: I am Nardwuar the Canuck from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and I was wondering Snoop, when is the interview going to happen at your house? I’ve been trying to set this up for three years, because you kindly said the last time I talked to you, I could interview you at your house.
Snoop: You are more than welcome to come to my house. You just gotta get a ticket and come see me, get ’em up on here, my partner will let you know how to get through the door, once you get through the door you get past the dogs, you get past the dogs and you get to me.

Nardwuar: I have been trying to set it up for three years. I haven’t had too much luck.
Snoop: Well, I’m gonna make that happen for you, OG, cuz you know I got love for you and that jacket you wearin’ right now. [laughs]

Nardwuar: Thank you so much, Snoop Doggy Dogg. Speaking of wearing stuff. Snoop, I’ve asked you this before but do you think you will ever, ever wear a dress like Flip Wilson? [Nardwuar pulls out a Flip Wilson doll]
Snoop: Never. Never, I respect Flip Wilson for what he did, his craft, his form as a comedian, taking it to the next level and doing, what was the character that he played?

Nardwuar: Was it [Nardwuar flips over the Flip Doll] Geraldine?
Snoop: Yeah, Geraldine. That is Geraldine on the flip side. But Flip, you did that, you were a great inspirator, you inspired Jamie Foxx to do Wanda, Tyler Perry doing Madea, that’s all a beautiful thing. But that’s not my world, that’s his.



Nardwuar: And I have a gift for you, Doggy Dogg. Right here we have a Flip Wilson VHS for you to enjoy. [Nardwuar hands a VHS Tape to Snoop]
Snoop: Thank you man, I appreciate that. I love Flip Wilson. They had a special on Flip Wilson and Richard Pryor on the other night, where it was just showing all of their variety shows. That’s beautiful.


Nardwuar: Snoop Dogg, speaking of wearing stuff and jerseys, I saw that you were wearing a Maple Leafs hockey jersey in 1993 on Arsenio Hall.
Snoop: Yeah, cuz the Maple Leafs remind me of a chronic leaf and I was representing that, you know what I’m saying? I didn’t know the Canada flag was so close to the chronic leaf, I just liked the way it looked so I was representin’ and it was blue.

Nardwuar: But that’s amazing. That’s some O.G. hockey stuff, like ’93, reppin’ the Leafs.
Snoop:  I was reppin’ the Leafs. I was reppin the Penguins. I was reppin the Oilers, everybody. I was the first rapper to wear hockey jerseys in videos, onstage, everywhere I went. That was my look, you know what I’m saying? Cuz I was trying to do something that was different and I respected hockey cuz hockey is a tough sport and it takes a real man to play hockey so I was trying to be different by doing that.

Nardwuar:Snoop Doggy Dogg, what about the movie Black Ice? Willie O’Ree (first Black player in the NHL), that hockey movie!
Snoop: I really wanted to do that movie. I hope they do it, man. Willie O’Ree, I had a chance to meet him and he’s a great guy, you know what I’m saying? And very in-depth, he was one of the greatest guys to ever slide across that ice, you know what I’m saying? He paved the way for a lot of these hockey players that are doing what they’re doing so I’d really like to see that story come to life.

Nardwuar: Snoop, one of the times I was trying to talk to you is when you were doing Hockey Night In Canada. I was trying to get down to L.A. but you were busy doing Hockey Night In Canada. What do you remember about that? You rapped on Hockey Night In Canada to Bob Cole.
Snoop:  I mean, that’s what it’s all about, man. I mean, Snoop Dogg is an international individual who loves people and people love Snoop Dogg for who he is. I can connect with any world or any realm of people and hockey is a great sport and I fell in love with it and once I fell in love with it, I started to get more into it, so whenever they call on me to do things, like interviews on Hockey Night, why not?

Nardwuar: And you did that rap to Bob Cole, which is great. That’s equivalent to Monday Night Football, that’s big, Hockey Night In Canada.
Snoop: Yes sir, that’s what I do. You know what I’m saying, I’m big Snoop Dogg.

Nardwuar: Big Snoop Dogg in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. And Snoop Dogg, you have a song called Serial…
Snoop: Killer.

Nardwuar: “Serial Killer.” And speaking of “Serial Killer,” the song, you mention Watts in it. What can you tell the people about The Watts Prophets and their record? [Nardwuar hands Snoop anLP]
Snoop: Oh you got The Watts Prophets album! This is heavy. This record right here was a lot of talk and they did a lot talkin’ with the way they talked over the music and the things that they said and just—

Nardwuar: In 1971, too. Like, “Rappin’ Black In A White World.”
Snoop:  Yeah, they was going hard. I remember the song “Hello Niggers.” That was a hell of a song on there, you know what I’m saying? They just had a hell of a bass sound to it, the piano, it symbolized what we were going through in America as African-Americans at the time and this was a very, very strong record and I’m glad that you brought this Nard, cuz this is a piece of history that people need to know about.

Nardwuar: And DJ Quik has sampled it too. Have you ever thought about sampling it or anything like that?
Snoop:  I don’t have the record. Maybe if I had the record, I could sample it.

Nardwuar: That’s for you, Snoop Doggy Dogg.
Snoop:  Well, I appreciate it. Now I can sample it.

Nardwuar: Snoop Doggy Doggg, here you are in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. You did a record for St. Ides.
Snoop: Yes, St. Ides was the shit. I used to roll with them. That was a beer company and we converted it into a juice company, cuz we felt like the beer was getting too played out and we wanted it to be more appealin’ to people. So we made it a fruit juice company and it became something real big and we did music and CDs and mix tapes and just keeping the spirit of the West Coast alive.


Nardwuar: One person though I think I like a bit more than Saint Ides was Cal Worthington. I love Cal Worthington—
Snoop:  And his dog, Spot.

Nardwuar: I love those commercials. They’re amazing.
Snoop:  I grew up on those commercials, man. Right outside of Long Beach.

Nardwuar: Who is Big Slice?
Snoop:  Big Slice is my… I guess you would call him my mechanic. Nah, I wouldn’t call him… what is the word? If you good at math, you a mathematician right? If you good at cars, what would you be?

Nardwuar: Big Slice, I guess.
Snoop:  Exactly, fuck it.

Nardwuar: I think he made, like a special car for your security, didn’t he?
Snoop: Yeah, that big head fucker always makin’ special cars.

Nardwuar: Snoop, will there ever be Chicken Noodle Snoop?
Snoop: Chicken Noodle Snoop with a blunt on the side, why not?

Nardwuar: When you were in Vancouver a few years ago, did you really order dinner from 14 different restaurants?
Snoop: I think 14 different people probably ordered dinner for me, trying to, you know, please me and not knowing what I wanted and brought it back wrong as opposed to just knowing what I like and getting it right on the first time. I gotta partner in Vancouver named Ian who basically takes care of all the needs that I need and he had been doing that since I shot Bones out here. And, you know, I don’t depend on nobody but him but a lot of people always show me love cuz this is like a second home so people, you know, always go overboard trying to do things for me.

Nardwuar:What have you eaten in Vancouver, Snoop, so far?
Snoop: Church’s Chicken, Pizza Hut, A&W, Denny’s.

Nardwuar: Speaking of chicken, Roscoe’s Chicken’ n Waffles in Los Angeles! Bringing Larry King to Roscoe’s. That was an amazing moment, Snoop Dogg. What can you tell me about that? Larry King at Roscoe’s Chicken’ n Waffles.
Snoop: It was a great moment in Black history to have Larry King bring his black ass in Roscoe’s Chicken’ n Waffles and eat some shit he’d been dying to eat for years.

Nardwuar: And you suggested those drink names, didn’t you?
Snoop:  Yessir.

Nardwuar: “The Tiger Woods.”
Snoop: Yessir.

Nardwuar: “The Arnold Palmer.”
Snoop: Beforehand, you feel me. I called it before hand.

Nardwuar: Snoop Dogg, what is going on in this photo right here? [Nardwuar pulls out a photo] It seems wild! What is this exactly?
Snoop: This is a wax figure of Tupac at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Vegas, I believe and that’s me standing next to him because they had just done a wax figure of me and it looks just like me, just that that looks like Tupac. And if you look back far, me and him together, you can’t really tell its wax until you get all the way up on it.

Nardwuar: Have you ever been to the Black Wax Museum (National Great Blacks In Wax Museum) in Baltimore? There’s one in Baltimore.
Snoop: No, I have never even heard of it.

Nardwuar:Yeah, there’s a black wax museum in Baltimore.
Snoop: Are you serious?

Nardwuar:Yes, I’m totally serious. The rapper Rye Rye told me about it.
Snoop:  I need to get up on that. I have never heard of that. I would like to be in there.

Nardwuar:Snoop Doggy Dog of all the roasts you’ve been to, do you think Lisa Lampanelli is the funniest? She’s hilarious isn’t she?
Snoop:  She is funny. I like Lisa Lampanelli. She’s got a big mouth and a big cunt.

Nardwuar:Speaking of dirty things, Snoop Doggy Dogg — Blowfly. You finally met him. Years ago, here in this very hotel in 2002, I showed you my Blowfly record, which you took.
Snoop: I had to take it, cuz I mean, Blowfly, Clarence Reid is a favourite of mine, he’s been in my household since I was a kid. So I finally fuckin’ met him via you, putting’ me back in the world of lovin’ Blowfly again. I met Tom, Uncle Tom, his drummer and he came to my show and he hung out with me for about four or five hours and we just had a great time, he talked to me, rapped to me, talked shit about everybody that was with me. I mean, he was just the guy that I thought he was.

Nardwuar: Snoop Doggy Dogg, what can you tell the people about this VHS cassette right here? I was curious, did you put this out?
Snoop: Oh my, Kev [looks at his manager] . This is what the fuck I’ve been trying to find. My Smoke Fest Vol. 1. This is the first one I ever put out cuz…

Kev (Snoops Manager): Where did you find it?

Snoop: Look this the first one that I put out, this is the first movie that I directed, put up the money for, shot it. See what it say on the back — writer, director and executive producer Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Nardwuar: And you don’t have a copy yourself?
Snoop: No, I don’t. I did this with Donald Randall, who was Dolemite’s, Rudy Ray Moore’s manager, at the time when he was alive.


Nardwuar: Now check out where I got this right there. [Nard points to the pricetag on the wrapping] You took the wrapping away, this is quite amazing, look at where it started. It started here at—
Snoop: 50 cents
Nardwuar:No, it started—
Snoop: Tower Records for $14.95.

Nardwuar: And it ended up at?
Snoop: 50 cent at Lely’s Books—

Nardwuar:In Kingsgate Mall, In Vancouver, it went to 50. I think it was interesting. 50 cents for your actual VHS.
Snoop: That’s dope.

Nardwuar: So would you like this, too, Snoop Doggy Dogg?
Snoop: I would gladly give you dollar for it.

Nardwuar: Wow, okay, we’ll do that then.
Snoop: Compensated for your time and your troubles. I been looking for this shit, homie, on some real shit. I really been trying to find this. This is my first one, I found Vol. 2. They got Vol. 2, you can get that anywhere. This shit right here is rare. This is the one where I directed it, I shot it, I got in some trouble behind this shit, too, there’s some shit on there that was raw and uncut. [laughs]

Nardwuar: And now it’s back in your hands for nobody to see ever again, right Snoop?
Snoop: Nard Ward!


Nardwuar: So Snoop, here you are in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, but Canada now owns Death Row, did you hear that? Some Canadians now own Death Row Records?
Snoop:  I heard that. I really heard that.

Nardwuar: Some weird things happened at Death Row. Like there was a Death Row auction, I think they sold one of your gold records. They sold Suge Knight’s underwear. That was some really weird stuff.
Snoop:  Underwear? What the hell they do that for?

Nardwuar: They sold Suge Knight’s underwear.
Snoop: That’s nice. How much did they get?

Nardwuar:I think it was $5 or maybe—
Snoop:  That’s awfully high.

Nardwuar: Snoop. Do you know the band The Gourds at all? They have a song called “Gin And Juice.” Do you know The Gourds?
Snoop: I know The Gourds. They redid my shit. They on some country shit now, they harder than a motherfucker. I fucks with them. I like them. They redid my shit on the country, but with a twist on it.

Nardwuar: Snoop Dogg, winding up here, I also found this clipping [Nardwuar pulls out a clupping] and it was from a local paper and what does it say there in the corner?
Snoop:  “Top Dog: Did Snoop Dogg’s fondness for B.C. bud cause him to miss a flight after a Chilliwack concert?”


Nardwuar: That’s what I was wondering. Were you hanging out at the Amsterdam Café? That’s what they were saying, you were hanging out at the Amsterdam Café, plus Chilliwack is the best name for a place to do a gig isn’t it?
Snoop:  It really is. That shit is sweet, that’s a tight picture. I was in Amsterdam, because I got an Amsterdam hat on, I got about five different gold chains.

Nardwuar: That’s the Amsterdam Café in Vancouver. That’s why I was just wondering do you remember being late? Do you remember the Amsterdam Café down there on Hastings, do you ever check that out? They’ve had a picture of you outside sometimes.
Snoop:  I always go there when I get off the plane cuz it’s legal to smoke there, so when I get off the plane, I usually go for broke. [looking at clipping] They got me in here with Sacha Baron-Cohen and Oscar nominee, David Strathairn. Who are these pricks?

Nardwuar: Not Snoop Doggy—
Snoop:  Dogg.

Nardwuar: And Dogg, Snoop, you’re always on the lookout for new talent. Mayer Hawthorne, you have Mayer Hawthorne.
Snoop:  He’s dope. He is dope. He’s one guy that caught my eye with his sound, his whole persona, the way he presents his music and just his love and passion for the old school as far as trying to bring it back to life and bring a rebirth to it so I love his music and I’m down with him so much.

Nardwuar: There’s another person I wanna ask you about. I didn’t get a chance to speak to you on your last tour, but you had Lady Of Rage with you. Like Lady Of Rage, female rappers! [Nardwuar pulls out an LP]
Snoop:  Lady of Rage is signed to my wife’s, Boss Lady Entertainment, so we’re working on her record right now. She’s on the process of coming back, she’s still doing what she’s doing, she’s acting as well. You may have seen her on Friday or Friday After Next and The Steve Harvey Show, so she’s doing her thing as far as acting but she’s back in the studio working another record.


Nardwuar: Whatever happened to Doggy’s Angels, the all-girl group that you were working with?
Snoop: You remember them?

Nardwuar: Doggy’s Angels!
Snoop:  Yeah, they was my homegirls. I mean, you know, I think they broke up. Success is a mug, man, when they got success, they all wanted to be solo as opposed to staying together which was the best thing for them, which is what I thought, which is why I put them together as a group. But some things are you know, made to learn from.

Nardwuar: Well, anything else you want to add to the people out there, Snoop Doggy Dogg?
Snoop:  I just wanna say to all the peoples in Vancouver,B.C., I love and appreciate you all supporting me for so long which has always been a place of relaxation for myself and a comfort zone when I wanna get away and just want to be to myself and enjoy some good B.C. bud, Vancouver’s always the place to be.

Matt, Snoop, Nardwuar & Fred!

Nardwuar:And also I was happy to help you out and get that VHS for you. My friend Leora actually found the VHS, the Smoke Fest VHS.
Snoop:  Hey Leora, good looking out. Youse a bad motherfucker for that. I been really try to find it. I actually went on eBay and tried to buy this shit from a motherfucker that was gonna sell it to me for like $40 dollars and I’m glad I bought it for a dollar. Leora, youse a real motherfucker.

Nardwuar: And also The Watts Prophets too. I’m glad you’ll enjoy that.
Snoop: Now that’s heavy. That’s gonna be on my next album. You gonna hear some of that, so I’m gonna have to give you a shout-out on my next album, so look on the credits on the back for a double shout-out to my nephew from Vancouver, you know what I’m saying, “The Canuck, Mister Nard, Stay Hard, Wuard.”

Nardwuar: Well thanks my Snoop. Keep on rockin’ in the free world and doot doola doot doo…
Snoop:  Doot doo. Rock out with your cock out.

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