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    Jim Cuddy - April 28, 2018

    Henryoz77 died in 2011. We were friends for 35 years. By chance I googled him last night and found this, smiled and ,a coupled of times , laughed out loud as I listened to your interview with my friend.
    He was unique in many ways, I cherished his sense of humor and playfulness.
    I believe earlier in this particular “dissemination trip” he got into a fight with Grace Slick at a NA meeting in the Bay Area.
    He was a WWll vet , and a CPA who worked at the William Morris Agency, portraying himself , not entirely without merit , as ‘the accountant to the stars’. I wrote an essay about him several years ago “Thanksgiving Dinner 1976” that can be found in the Jim’s Essay section of my organization’s website which is listed below.
    When I googled you I learned of your health struggles , clearly you faced them with humor and courage. I hope this finds you in good health.
    Thank you for posting this gift.

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