Nardwuar vs. Waka Flocka Flame


Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Waka Flocka Flame

Nardwuar: Who are you?

Waka Flocka Flame: I’m Waka Flocka. Born in Jamaica, Queens, raised in Clayton County, Riverdale, spokesman, entrepreneur, juggernaut, you know, the rest goes on.

Nardwuar: Waka Flocka, welcome to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

WFF: Man, I love it man. Thank you man. Van city.

Nardwuar: And Waka, who do you have beside you?

WFF: Wooh Da Kid, man. My brother.

Wooh Da Kid: What’s going on? Wooh Da Kid, Wooh Da King, King Wooh, whatever you want to call me.

Nardwuar: So right off the bat I have a gift for you to welcome you guys to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

WFF: We always love gifts. What’s happening?

Nardwuar: We have something here that is dear to your heart right now, an SWV LP.

[Nardwuar hands WFF an SWV record]

WFF: How do you know we like SWV?

Nardwuar: You’re Waka Flocka. We gotta know that.

WFF: How do you know that?

Nardwuar: What can you tell the people about SWV?

Wooh: They sexy. Real nice [dances back and forth].

Nardwuar: How important is that, Waka Flocka?

WFF: Well SWV, they remind me of a club in Queens called Colors. Like everybody from Queens, they know the club called Colors. That is what you just reminded me of, man you just reminded me of block parties, man. I appreciate this.

Nardwuar: Waka Flocka and Wooh Da Kid, here you are in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, as I mentioned. I guess I was wondering there, Waka, do you still like salt & vinegar chips?

WFF: Yo, this guy’s crazy! How do you know that, man? I love them. Them’s my favorite chips.

Nardwuar: You know, I was thinking about vinegar, and I was thinking about barbecue. For barbecue, what is your favorite barbecue? You know, there’s like vinegar-based barbecue, mustard-based barbecue and ketchup-based barbecue. What’s your guys’ favorites?

WFF: Damn. You know them all. Yo man, this guy’s like Cleo, man. Yeah, I love it. You hit them all on the nose.

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