Nardwuar The Human Serviette vs. Lil Wayne


Nardwuar: Who are you?

Lil Wayne: Young black motherfuckin’ name Lil Wayne, from Hollygrove, U.S.A.

Nardwuar: Lil Wayne, welcome to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Lil Wayne: Pleasure.

Nardwuar: Lil Wayne, I have a gift for you right off the bat that has some Vancouver flavour, a Cheech And Chong record. [Nardwuar gives Lil Wayne a Cheech And Chong record ]

Lil Wayne: Oh shit. That’s what’s up. I appreciate this.

Nardwuar: Because Tommy Chong   is from Vancouver.

Lil Wayne: I know. This is some real Canadian love right here.

Nardwuar: Now open it up there, Lil Wayne. What’s inside of this Cheech And Chong record?

Lil Wayne: Ahhh, you got some rollin’ paper.

Nardwuar:  It’s the rolling paper version.

Lil Wayne: It’s the rolling paper version.

Nardwuar: Usually the rolling paper is gone.

Lil Wayne: Yeah, I know. But I’m lucky. I got some with the rolling paper.


Nardwuar: Now also, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, well, Victoria, is Steve Nash.

Lil Wayne: Yeah. I just had Steve Nash. He made a guest appearance at my show when I was in Phoenix.

Nardwuar: You share something in common with him. You both had lap dances from Nicki Minaj!

Lil Wayne: Yeah. I think his was a little better than mine because he looked a little more excited than I did, so I need to talk to Nicki about that, but yeah, we do.

Nardwuar: What’s it like getting a lap dance from Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne: I’ve been talking to Webster about creating more words because there isn’t any words that we have now to explain it.

Nardwuar: I heard that you, like, snuck up on stage, that’s what Nikki said. That she didn’t know you would be getting the lap dance.

Lil Wayne: Yeah. Her dancers does this routine every night where they bring this chair out so I figured I’d already be sitting in the chair when they bring it out. It worked.

Nardwuar: Lil Wayne, you’re in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. And Vancouver’s part of the northwest, you know, Seattle and Portland and from Seattle, Washington. I wanted to bring you a little gift here again.  [Nardwuar hands Lil Wayne a poster] . If you want to open this up it’s a little gift from an exhibition that’s happening and what is this from, Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne: Oh, it’s from Nirvana. “Taking Punk to the Masses.” Believe that’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. Shout out to my man Kurt Cobain.


Nardwuar: Yes, an exhibition is happening in Seattle and it has all this great stuff that Kurt Cobain’s been associated with. Now you’re not going to be able to make it to Seattle are you?

Lil Wayne: I won’t be able to make it, but I’m glad I got a piece of it right here in my hand.

Nardwuar: Well, I got more than that for you, Lil Wayne. I got this book for you right here. [Nardwuar gives Lil Waybe a book] Nirvana: Taking Punk

Lil Wayne: To The Masses. From Nowhere To Nevermind.

Nardwuar: All filled with amazing stuff about Nirvana and the bands that inspired Nirvana. Check it out.

Lil Wayne: It even has the lyrics.

Nardwuar: Lyrics and check this out, some Kurt Cobain artwork right here. [Nardwuar points to artwork] 

Lil Wayne: This is like a book I got before, a Jimi Hendrix book. It actually has Jimi Hendrix’s art and it has his lyrics in it as well. I collect these type of things so this is a good thing right here.


Nardwuar: When did you first get into Nirvana?

Lil Wayne: When I was young they used to have a television station called The Box and you used to call the station and order a video and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” used to always be on and you had no choice but to get into it from there. And that was in like ’93… ’92… I want to say. I don’t even know.

Nardwuar: Now, I was wondering, was that around the same time Lil Wayne, that you were into Pimp Daddy? [Nardwuar hands Lil Wayne a cassette]

Lil Wayne: Oh shit.

Nardwuar: What can you tell the people about Pimp Daddy?

Lil Wayne: Pimp Daddy was a Cash Money artist and he used to have this song called “Gots To Be Real.” It was a real big song. Now this guy, Pimp Daddy, was such a classic in New Orleans and such a hit that my actual first rap name was—

Nardwuar: Shrimp Daddy?

Lil Wayne: Shrimp Daddy. And I named myself because I was short, so I took the shrimp and I wanted to be like this guy right here, Pimp Daddy.

Nardwuar: And I noticed that Lil Slim is on there as well.

Lil Wayne: Yeah, Lil Slim is on here. Lil Slim is the artist that got me my record deal with Cash Money Records.

Nardwuar: So Lil Wayne, way back then, when you want to buy a cassette you go to Odyssey Records. What was Odyssey Records?

Lil Wayne: You go to Odyssey Records right in the Carrollton Shopping Center. On a nice day you find DJ Khaled in there, DJing and selling records.

Nardwuar: Did you do some in-stores there as well, Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne: I actually did. I did a whole bunch of autograph signings there. I probably even performed there before. I did everything at Odyssey. Odyssey played a major part in Cash Money’s upbringing.

Nardwuar: Lil Wayne, what do these numbers mean to you? 522-XXXX and 596-XXXX

Lil Wayne: 596-XXXX… the last number you named that was Baby’s pager number. The first number you called out, that was Cash Money’s office number.

Nardwuar: So where would you have got these numbers? Did you get these numbers at Odyssey? Is that were you met Baby?

Lil Wayne: That’s where I met Baby at. That’s where I got the numbers from. He gave me his card and it had his name on there, Bryan Williams, CEO, Cash Money Records, 504-596-XXXX, 504-522-XXXX.

Nardwuar: Now we’re here in the 604, but I’m going to bring it back to the 504, Lil Wayne. I have a New Orleans gift for you. [Nardwuar hands Wayne a record] This is from King Lee And Quintron. And it’s called “Tire Shop,” this particular record. Quintron is an amazing keyboardist from New Orleans. And it’s about the Tire Shop on St. Claude Avenue, the only tire shop in the 9th ward that stayed open during Katrina.

Lil Wayne: OK, which is important because people needed things like that.


Nardwuar: And what I wanted to point out was, really interesting on this, is a little. sign. What do you see on the little sign? 

Lil Wayne: (looking at the record) It says “no loitering, no crack selling, no cat selling, the facts.” [laughs]. That’s wild.

Nardwuar: And I was wondering, what is “no cat selling” ?

Lil Wayne: That’s pussy. Where I’m from.

Nardwuar: So the tire shop would be …?

Lil Wayne: The tire shop would not be allowing you to sell pussy, nor crack, no loitering. You couldn’t hang out. And at the bottom of that it says “the facts” that’s the facts and if you look hard it says NOPD and that means the police was backed up behind that.


Nardwuar: So they would call the police if there was a problem, I think that’s what they were saying.

Lil Wayne: Mr. Samuel will be called. I’m guessing either Mr. Samuel ran the tire shop or he’s an NOPD. One or the other.

Nardwuar: That’s a gift for you to check out. Quintron and King Lee. And also wondering, Lil Wayne, I know a little about Mannie Fresh, but what about Gregory D? [Nardwuar hands Lil Wayne a record] 

Lil Wayne: Oh shit. Gregory D. Gregory D was like New Orleans’ first real big hip-hop artist. He had this song called “Buck Jump Time” Lemme see if it’s on here.

Nardwuar: No, it’s not on that one.

Lil Wayne: Lemme see if he got something on here that we did know that was cool.

Nardwuar: “The Throwdown”, I think, was pretty cool.

Lil Wayne: “The Throwdown” was big, but I think it was “Monster Boogie” and “Bust Down”? But yeah, like I said, Gregory D and Mannie Fresh, Mannie Fresh was the DJ, Gregory D was the rapper and like I said, they were New Orleans’ first real hip-hop group. As you can see (looking at the back of the record) , they got the gold chains on, he got a stopwatch around his neck, he got a medallion, got the little nylon suits on, Fresh got on a Nike suit, looking real crazy back there.


Nardwuar: Is that the beginning of bling? Do you think that’s the first instance of bling on a record, Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne: No, I would give that to somebody like Big Daddy Kane, Kool Moe Dee, somebody like Slick Rick or something. They started that.

Nardwuar: Lil Wayne, what about MC Thick?

Lil Wayne: MC Thick was an artist from New Orleans as well. He wasn’t from my neighbourhood but there was this producer that he used to run with, this guy named Lil Daddy, he was from my neighbourhood, so MC Thick would actually be in my neighborhood a lot. He had this song called “Marrero.” Cruising down the street real slow, all the fellas be yellin’ “Marrero.”

Nardwuar: Lil Wayne, I’m fascinated by the artist T-Smalls and Big Balls. Who is Te Smalls and Big Balls? You’re on a record by Te Smalls and Big Balls. [Nardwuar hands Lil Wayne another record]

Lil Wayne: I don’t know who this is. I really don’t. Hold on, I’m about to tell you right now. “Old Dimers and Big Tymers?” I don’t know. I really don’t know about this one right here. You got Baby, you got me. Actually, it just has me and Baby. So this must have been a song that me and Baby got paid. Probably got a little $7,500 or something. And did a song for whoever Phat Rap Tracks was and whoever Te Smalls and all them people is.

Nardwuar: Te Smalls and Big Balls.

Lil Wayne: Let you know I was hustlin’ brother. I don’t know about their names, but, I know I got paid.


Nardwuar: Lil Wayne, you did this song “Triggaman” with Curren$y.   And what I was wondering about that, the “Triggaman” beat. What can you tell the people about the importance about the “Triggarman” beat by The Showboys, to New Orleans. [Nardwuar hands Lil Wayne a record]

Lil Wayne: That’s “Drag Rap.” This beat right here. I’m trying to find a proper word. It’s like the foundation of New Orleans bounce music. This song, it’s called “Drag Rap,” in New Orleans we call it “Trigger Man” because he says “trigger man” like once or twice in the song, so we just that was the name of the song. But, it originated from an old show they used to have called Dragnet. And they dubbed the music from the show and they made a song out of it and I tell you, this was in probably 1990 or something when this song popped off in New Orleans and I lie to you not, you can play this song in 1990 you play it, people will go bananas, you play this song right now in 2011 in New Orleans, people will go bananas. I don’t know what it is about this song. I don’t know what it is because I’ve actually been everywhere else and I asked them, do you have a song or something that just your state or your city hears and it just means everything for everyone? They don’t. This song right here is New Orleans. The Showboys, “Drag Rap,” “Triggaman.”

Nardwuar: I love the way you give a props to them, like you say “Showboys” when you do the track with Curren$y. That’s great. Right off the bat, props to The Showboys.

Lil Wayne: They was from New York, believe it or not, The Showboys, they were from New York. But we took that song and we fell in love with it, man.

Nardwuar: Lil Wayne, what type of food do you like?

Lil Wayne: Pussy.

Nardwuar: Do you ever go to Parkway Bakery in New Orleans at all?

Lil Wayne: Never even heard of it.

Nardwuar: Because they have like, alligator po-boys. Ever had, like, alligator food at all?

Lil Wayne: Nah, I don’t do that stuff. Even though I’m from the South, the country, or whatever you want to call it, I don’t eat alligator. I don’t eat none of the shit that natural, normal people don’t eat. I don’t fuck with that shit.

Nardwuar: Lil Wayne, what about food. Have you ever considered or been approached by the Rap Snacks company? Because here’s some Rap Snacks. Miss Toi, a rapper, who was on the Up In Smoke tour, she has her own Rap Snacks and the Big Tymers had Rap Snacks chips too. [Nardwuar hands Lil Wayne some Rap Snacks]

Lil Wayne: They sure fuckin’ did. [laughs]They sure did have them, man. And I actually know Miss Toy as well. [laughs Shout out to Miss Toy, wherever she at right now. Yeah, Baby and them had their own chips. The Big Tymers chips. They really did. [laughs]

Nardwuar: Sour cream and dill.

Lil Wayne: I don’t remember the flavour, but they had their own Rap Snacks. You’re not lying, yes.


Nardwuar: What about yourself though, Lil Wayne, what would your flavour be if there had to be a flavour?

Lil Wayne: Honestly, I want to say we properly had our own flavour, like the Hot Boys, and I think it was Hot Chips.

Nardwuar: Lil Wayne, Cash Money records is quite amazing. I was so impressed that Teena Marie was on Cash Money. In one of her last interviews, she gave you big props. What can you tell the people about Cash Money and Teena Marie? [Nardwuar hands Lil Wayne a Teena Marie record] 

Lil Wayne: Teena Marie, I really don’t know how that situation came about, but I know I was fascinated as hell when I found out she was down with the family and you know, it just made it that much more memorable and better to be a part of something like Cash Money Records. And to know that I was a part of it when we were actually listening to Teena Marie and to know that she was actually a part of this and you know of course she’s no longer with us, I feel like I’m part of a history that was bigger than I ever imagined.

Nardwuar: She hung out a bit with Rick James. Did you ever meet Rick James at all?

Lil Wayne: I never got to meet Rick.


Nardwuar: Lil Wayne, also in New Orleans, do you ever remember a place called the E & C or Club 49?

Lil Wayne: I never hung out at Club 49 because when Club 49 was poppin’ I was small. I was probably about 8-9, I made a bunch of raps about Club 49 when I was that age.

Nardwuar: Do you remember any of them?

Lil Wayne: Um, nah, I’d care not to. But, uh, I used to just put the club in my songs so when an older person heard my raps they’d be like, “What the hell does this little boy know about Club 49?” But, I’ve never been there. I couldn’t even tell you how to get there. But E & C, that’s a spot in my neighbourhood and my mom still actually hangs there ’til this day.

Nardwuar: Lil Wayne, any luck getting Frank Sinatra’s car?

Lil Wayne: I was trying to get Frank Sinatra’s car. I had my man EI on that situation. EI is getting a little older these days so I don’t know if he just totally forgot about the situation or something like that, but yeah, I was bidding on Frank Sinatra’s car. They didn’t want nothing, like $30,000 for it and I don’t know whatever happened to that situation. I’m so not into collecting cars no more so I’m not sure if I want it anymore because I got four kids now so I got to collect little Hot Wheels.


Nardwuar:  Lil Wayne, lastly, Drake helped set up this interview between you and me and I guess I was wondering, could you give out a little shout out, freestyle to Drake, for setting up this interview. He really went beyond the call of duty. He emailed a bunch of people. He faxed a bunch. You name it.

Lil Wayne: Alright. Shout out to my man, Drake. Coming from your boy, Tune. Thanks for hooking me up with this interview with this crazy ass dude.

Nardwuar: Nardwuar The Human Serviette.

Lil Wayne: Yeah, whatever you just said.


Nardwuar: Well thanks so much, Lil Wayne. Keep on rockin’ in the free world and doot doola doot doo…

Lil Wayne: Doot doo. [Laughs] I fucks with you homie! Believe it.

Nardwuar: Watch Nardwuar vs. Lil Wayne:

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