Nardwuar vs. Neko Case (2018)

Nardwuar interviews Neko Case (Tacoma, WA) in 2018 ! First Neko/Nard interview since 2008 ! Doot doo !

In the below pic you can see Neko (wearing a Snap-On Tee) dancing to Nardwuar’s band The Evaporators on May 25, 1995 at The Starfish Room in Vancouver,BC ! Pic by Yuko Mizuno !

4 thoughts on “Nardwuar vs. Neko Case (2018)

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    ed nadorozny - January 4, 2019

    ask bill henderson , he wrote the song

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    ed nadorozny - January 4, 2019

    goofy goose is still around . food is salty, frisko freeze is around, all their food tastes like fish. chieftanhas been closed down, the owners died .
    i have the learn how to play drums with hal blaine lp.
    rick king has andy parapypa’s bass.
    theres a cool bowling alley on pacific ave that has good food. Java Jive is still around.

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    Nardwuar - January 4, 2019

    Hullo ED ! Thanks so much for the info! Great to hear from you! Doot doola doot doo ,,,

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    Shaun - April 18, 2021

    Now I’m wondering if she’s one of the dancers on stage with Girl Trouble in the video for “My Hometown.”

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