Nardwuar vs. Chi Pig

Nardwuar The Human Serviette vs. Chi Pig

On June 24, 2005, I was honoured to do a phone interview with Chi Pig for my Radio Show on CiTR Fm 101.9 in Vancouver, BC Canada.

R.i.p Chi Pig of SNFU

Nardwuar: Who are you?

Chi Pig: I’m Mr. Chi Pig. And I come from nowhere.

But you found CiTR thank you for finding CiTR Chi Pig. I appreciate that.

Oh no problem.

You’ve been trying for an hour at the wrong number but finally we got ahold of you.

It was meant to be, you know how it is.

And you are Chi Pig of SNFU and Chi Pig we also played, while waiting for you, some Malibu Kens!

Oh rad! The single, I imagine?

No not the single, the track from the “It Came From InnerSpace” compilation album.

Oh what was the name of the song you played?

“Party’s Over” by the Malibu Kens.

Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah…I went to high school with the Malibu Ken that wrote that song and who turned out to be Blake Cheetah, who became the bass god for Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra.

Were the Malibu Kens also related in some way to Jr. Gone Wild?

Malibu Kens became Jr. Gone Wild later. Mike McDonald was cursed with that name at birth. Mike McDonald not to be confused with Doobie bro, Mike McDonald. Mike McDonald was the singer of Malibu Kens and he called himself Mike Sinatra, at the time. And actually Mike Sinatra, claims that Frank Sinatra’s people claimed to break his legs if he didn’t change his name. So he changed his name.

Did you do the cover artwork for the Malibu Kens seven inch?

No, no I laid out their posters for them on the inside.

Ah well I’m glad you were able to clarify that because I was saying you did the cover art. So I’m so happy that you phoned in, and again we’re speaking to Chi pig from SNFU.

If you look down in the corner you’ll see I signed with my real name. What was I thinking back then?

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Nardwuar vs. Daniel Johnston

Nardwuar: Who are you?

Daniel Johnston: I don’t know. It’s hard to tell.

Nardwuar: You are Daniel.

Daniel Johnston: Yeah, I’ve heard that. That must be me.

Nardwuar: Daniel Johnston!

Daniel Johnston: That’s right.

Nardwuar: Welcome to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Daniel Johnston.

Daniel Johnston: Thank you very much.

Nardwuar: I have a gift for you right off the bat from the Vancouver band, Cub. Here it is, their seven-inch Betti-Cola. [Nardwuar pulls out a 7inch]

Daniel Johnston: Ah, that looks good! That looks pretty good!

Nardwuar: With cover art by Dan Decarlo.

Daniel Johnston: Ah, no kidding man. That is cool. He’s great. I love those. I buy those Archie comics a lot. [looking at the 7inch]Those girls look so foxy. I always buy ’em.

Nardwuar: And you know what’s really amazing about it, and I have another gift for you, is they actually cover, and this is on their CD, they cover “Tell Me Now” by Daniel Johnston!

Daniel Johnston: Oh, no way. I love that. This is great!

Nardwuar: And they’re from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. What do you think about that, getting Dan DeCarlo?

Daniel Johnston: Yeah, he’s cool. I mean those girls look like real foxes and babes on the Archie comics.

Nardwuar: And they have some great lyrics too, Daniel. One of them is “Satan sucks, but you’re the best.”

Daniel Johnston: [Surprised] Oh my.

Nardwuar: That’s one of their lyrics.

Daniel Johnston: Yeah, oh, hmm.

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Nardwuar vs. Steve Ignorant of Crass

Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Steve Ignorant of Crass!

Nardwuar: Who are you?

Steve Ignorant: Well, I’m the usual bloke you see who is leaning up against the bar and people say ‘who are you’ and I go ‘I’m Steve Ignorant’.

Nardwuar: For merchandise regarding Crass, were there really Crass alarm clocks?

Steve Ignorant: Well I think if you go on the internet there’s probably all that sort of stuff yeah, you know I’ve seen you can get training bras and underpants with the Crass symbol on, so it wouldn’t surprise me if you could get toilet paper with the Crass symbol on, which would be pretty ironic.

Nardwuar: That’s amazing.

Steve Ignorant: Yeah which just goes to show you know that punk is dead, that song that Crass wrote. Yeah, punk is dead, mate. You know, look, if you want a training bra with a Crass symbol on it, do it yourself, you know? If you want toilet paper with the Crass symbol on do it yourself, otherwise punk is dead. Otherwise wipe your backside with it.

Nardwuar: How popular were Crass? Like you sold 1.5 million records, you were like up there with AC/DC, right?

Steve Ignorant: Oh yeah, at one point, not that we was ever in a competition but as far as we knew at one point we were selling more records than AC/DC, yeah. Yeah, very strange.

Nardwuar: And you were playing youth clubs, like AC/DC was playing big stadiums, but you were playing youth clubs.

Steve Ignorant: Yeah. I know. Yeah, but you know we were playing very small places but people still come to me, you know, 30 years later saying they remember those gigs.

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Nardwuar vs. Steve Albini

Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Steve Albini !

Nardwuar: Who are you?

Steve Albini: My name is Steve Albini.

Nardwuar: Right off the bat, Steve Albini, I want to ask you about the importance of this band right here, the Mentally ill.

[Nardwuar hands Steve a Mentally IIl 45]

Steve Albini: The Mentally Ill were a unique and perverse punk band in Chicago. Well, actually, Deerfield, which is a suburb north of Chicago. They were a group of friends who played music and made one fantastic single and then later some other recordings. They played no live concerts during their initial incarnation and then many years later they reformed and played a concert or two.

Nardwuar: Amazing guitar sound, isn’t it?

Steve Albini: Brutal. One of the ugliest sounds every on record, yes. This record is a pivotal record in the sound of punk rock, in my opinion.

Nardwuar: I have a gift for you. I’m not sure if you already have this gift, but I’m giving it to you. Kurt Cobain’s Journals. Are you aware of his journals, Steve?

[Nardwuar hands a copy of a Kurt Cobain’s Journals to Steve]

Steve Albini: I think I was aware that this happened, but I haven’t looked through them, I don’t know them.

Nardwuar: It’s your own copy, for you.

Steve Albini: Well, thank you.

[Steve turns to a page in the journal]

Nardwuar: Kurt loved Big Black. He loved Big Black.

Steve Albini: This [looking at list in Kurt’s journals] is a Big Black song called “Crack Up” which only appeared on a compilation album, a touch-and-go compilation called God’s Favorite Dog. That’s a deep cut, as they would say. Some people would say. I wouldn’t normally say that, but I feel like it’s kind of appropriate here.

Nardwuar: It’s in Kurt’s journals, for you.

Steve Albini: Oh, well thank you.

Nardwuar: Was it fun recording Nirvana? Did you really light farts on fire?

Steve Albini: There was some fart lighting, but the band also got into this thing where they would spill alcohol on things and set it on fire. One of the things they spilled alcohol on was Dave Grohl, so there’s some polaroids of Dave Grohl with his ass on fire, things like that.

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Nardwuar vs. Corey Feldman (Part one)

Nardwuar vs. Corey Feldman (Part One !) Originally from June 4, 1999 !

Nardwuar: Who are you?
Corey Feldman: Mmm. Who am I? A very complex, diverse, strange kind of cat.

You are Corey Feldman!
That’s correct.

Corey, I was totally surprised to learn that music was in your blood. Like,
you, your dad was in the Strawberry Alarm Clock! That’s incredible!

Well, he was actually in like a second or third generation of the
Strawberry Alarm Clock. It wasn’t the actual Strawberry Alarm Clock that
had the hit. But it doesn’t matter; he was still a musician.

Did you steal any of his clothes out of the cupboard?
(laughs) No, I don’t think so.

Because your new CD has a very psychedelic feel to it. In fact, you
describe it as the Pink Floyd of the ’90s, and I just wondering, Corey
Feldman, if you like ever went into your dad’s cupboard and taken any of
his old incense and peppermints stuff, because the Strawberry Alarm Clock –
even if your dad was in a later version of it – were a pretty cool band!

Right, at their time, right, right. Well, you know, I’m into that whole
scene, you know, but unfortunately he didn’t dress like, you know, one of
those guys who was into the whole trippy scene, you know. It wasn’t like a
Lenny Kravitz or a Jimi Hendrix or, you know, that kind of a look. It was
more of like a Saturday Night Fever type look that he was into. He was more
into the disco look, I guess you would say.

Corey Feldman, are you related to Marty Feldman, you know, I-Gor from Young

Not at all.

Because that would have been cool! Marty Feldman, from those Mel Brooks movies!
Right. No, not in any way.

Now, your brand new CD, Corey Feldman’s Truth Movement “Still Searching for
Soul” is amazing!

Thank you.

It’s amazing, Corey. I was kind of scared what I learned about you!

Are you okay? Are you okay?
I’m doing just fine. What scared you exactly?

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Nardwuar vs. Snoop Doggy Dogg (2017)

Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Snoop Doggy Dogg (2017)

Nardwuar: Who are you?

Snoop Dogg: My name is big Snoop Dogg from the LBC.

Nardwuar: Welcome to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg: Thank you Nardwuar, a pleasure to see you again, mang.

Nardwuar: Right off the bat, Snoop, I have a gift for you and it is some Snoop bootleg chocolate. Have you seen this?

[Nardwuar give Snoop a chocolate bar]

Snoop Dogg: What the fuck? Choc Stars? Who made some candy with a dog that looked damn near like me with ponytails?

Nardwuar: And look on the back what it says, “Pets Rock”.

Snoop Dogg: (reading label) “Pets Rock. The well-known individuals have not had any involvement in the creation of images and they have not approved it nor has approval been sought.” Oh wow. It’s dope though. I like it though.

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Nardwuar vs. Leftöver Crack


Nardwuar vs. Leftöver Crack

Nardwuar: Who are you?

Stza Crack: I’m Scott Sturgeon, aka Stza Crack.

Nardwuar: From?

Stza Crack: New York City.

Nardwuar: From?

Stza Crack: New York State.

Nardwuar: From Leftöver?

Stza Crack: United States of America.

Nardwuar: Crack.

Stza Crack: Yes.

Nardwuar: And right beside you, who do you have?

Stza Crack: This is Mr Brad Logan.

Brad Logan: My name’s Brad Logan of California. And Leftöver Crack.

Nardwuar: Welcome to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Brad Logan: Thank you.

Stza Crack: Thank you, we never thought we’d make it.

Nardwuar: And right off the bat, I have a gift for you. And it is in this towel right here, if you could open it please right now, what do we have in this towel?

[Nardwuar hands Leftöver Crack a doll]

Brad Logan: Oh my God.

Stza Crack: Wendy O. Williams.

Brad Logan: That is so amazing. A Wendy O. Williams bobble head.

Nardwuar: A Wendy O. Williams bobble head.

Stza Crack: Cool.

Nardwuar: Who you’ve had t-shirted.

Stza Crack: I did have a Wendy O. Williams t-shirt.

Nardwuar: Was there a lot of good times associated with that t-shirt and with Wendy O. Williams?

Stza Crack: Well I never met Wendy O. Williams, though I’m a fan. Yeah, that shirt, you know, a lot of those good times I was pretty blacked out drunk, and then eventually I lost the shirt blacked out drunk.

Brad Logan: But that is a good time in itself, blacked out drunk.

Stza Crack: But I have seen that shirt a lot in photos of me.

Nardwuar: What can you say about Wendy O. Williams?

Brad Logan: Vegan, animal lover, chainsaw wielder.

Stza Crack: Pioneer of vegan and healthy eating in New York City and also pioneer of chain sawing televisions and blowing up cars at clubs.

Brad Logan: And early Mohawk pioneer as well.

Stza Crack: And a pioneer of some of the first famous fake breasts that were not porn related.

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Nardwuar vs. Psychic TV

Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Psychic TV

From his involvement and formation of COUM Transmissions in Britain in the late 60s, to Throbbing Gristle, to Psychic TV, Genesis P-Orridge has inspired many people to simply start making art. The first time I saw Genesis was on a Target Video VHS where he was sucking face with an audience member all while playing bass. With Genesis anything was possible! Genesis uses the word “we” when he refers to himself . A true superhero of the modern era, it was very exciting to talk to him and his longtime collaborator Edley ODowd.

Nardwuar the Human Serviette: Who are you?

Genesis P-Orridge: Yes, hello! Yes, hello!

Nardwuar: You are Genesis?

Genesis P-Orridge: That’s true. You want to know who we are? Yes, Genesis P-Orridge of Psychic TV and many other projects.

Nardwuar: And Gen, who do you have beside you?

Genesis P-Orridge: Good question, really. [Laughs] It’s Edley ODowd.

Edley ODowd: It’s Edley ODowd, that’s me.

Nardwuar: Welcome to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Genesis P-Orridge: Thank you.

Nardwuar: Right off the bat, Genesis, I have a gift for you. Brian, come back, you-

[Nardwuar hands a Rolling Stones Bootleg “Brian come back you Bastard!” 7inch to Genesis P-Orridge]

Genesis P-Orridge: All forgiven.

Nardwuar: Bastard!

Genesis P-Orridge: Don’t call me a bastard!

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Nardwuar vs. Chuck D


Nardwuar The Human Serviette vs Chuck D.

Nardwuar: Who are you?

Chuck D: My name is Chuck D and the name of my group is Public Enemy.

Nardwuar: Chuck D, welcome to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

Chuck D: Thank you.

Nardwuar: Right off the bat, Chuck, I have a gift for you.

Chuck D: Okay, thank you.

Nardwuar: Here it is right here.

Chuck D: I am not good at accepting gifts.

Nardwuar: What do we have right here?

[Nardwuar hands Chuck D a Blowfly Throbblehead]

Nardwuar: Is this Flavor? You know they’ve got a bunch of Flavors around. Aw, okay. Who’s this?

Nardwuar: Clarence “motherfucking” Reid.

Chuck D: Oh yeah, Blowfly. Right, right, that’s my man.

Nardwuar: And this is interesting because Blowfly’s ‘Rapp Dirty’, that influenced ‘Fight the Power’. How did that happen t?

Chuck D: Well, I mean, in 1980 we collected records, it was on the TK label which was known for a lot of different records in ’77, ’78, ’79 and ’80. ‘Dance to the Drummer’s Beat’ was one of them. You know, so Blowfly had one of the first rap records with ‘Blowfly Rapp’ and they had a sequence in there where he came up with this sequence about the KKK and Muhammad Ali, and so that stuck with me.

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Nardwuar vs. Flying Lotus


Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Flying Lotus

Nardwuar: Who are you?

Flying Lotus: I am Flying Lotus. Hey, what’s up, hey [laughs].

Nardwuar: Flying Lotus, welcome to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Flying Lotus: Why, thank you sir.

Nardwuar: And I got a poster for you here [Nardwuar hands Flying Lotus a Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers poster].

Flying Lotus: [Laughs] Nice, man. [Laughs] [Looks at poster] Motown, dude, there’s… yeah.

Nardwuar: Motown. Now, Motown is big with Flying Lotus, isn’t it?

Flying Lotus: It is, actually, it is, yeah. My family… it goes back to my grandma and so on, yeah.

Nardwuar:: Please, Flying Lotus, what can you tell me right here [laughs] about Freda Payne, “I Get High” ? [Nardwuar hands Flying Lotus a Freda Payne record]

Flying Lotus: Oh, yeah! Wow, this is awesome, yeah. My grandmother wrote the song for Freda Payne, “I Get High”. Wow.

Nardwuar: Marilyn McLeod.

Flying Lotus: Yeah, Marilyn McLeod, yeah. That’s awesome That’s good, dude, that’s good.

Read the whole interview!

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